Mirror friend

Introvert, loneliness, inferiority, no sense of existence… For such a person, friendship is probably a kind of luxury that has never been owned before?

So you will admire occasionally, envy the Daxiong in “Doraemon”, there is a robot cat that can do everything?

Maybe, there are also such friends around you.

Even if you can see “it” in the world.

Ling Ling has a friend who lives in the mirror.

The mirror is only as big as a palm, just in the pencil case. Most of the girls in the class have mirrors. They are the props that can’t help but daze in class. They are the helpers when trying to apply BB cream to their faces. They are the secret weapons of the boys who peek at the boys in the corridor when they are not in class.

But Ling Ling’s mirror is more useful.

“Tomorrow test, can you test it?” After studying in the evening, when there was only one person in the classroom, Ling Ling dared to ask in the mirror.

The mirror was still lying in her pencil case, and the girl with short hair inside smiled at her and nodded hard. Ling Ling was relieved and packed things out of the school. Mom is waiting for her at the door.

The mirror was given to her by her mother. When I first went to elementary school, my parents took her to the festival to see what children’s emotional intelligence was. In the classroom, the teacher asked each child to take turns to see the “confident friends” covered by the curtain. Ling Ling stretched her neck and hid behind her. She only saw the little girl with short hair in her mirror, and she also greeted her.

After returning, my mother bought her a small mirror.

“The teacher said.” Mom and Dad looked serious and took turns to ask.

“Look at how other students raise their hands!”

“Look, you see, other students are so good every time.”

At this time, friends in the mirror appeared. At first it was just the same face as myself, but then she found that this face was more beautiful than herself. Ling Ling suspects that this is just a confident placebo. Until one time, her fingertip touched the surface of the mirror, but there was no cold touch. The mirror is like a splash of water, with an equally white and thin index finger sticking out to hook her knuckles:

“Don’t doubt yourself, you have friends, like me.”

Ling Ling was shocked and pulled up the thin door to call her mother.

The girl in the mirror rushed to herself:

“Don’t tell mom.” The friend in the mirror comforted her and said that the hand in the mirror clenched her wrist and made her feel breathing.

The same is true today.

“Mom always says that other people’s children are better, but not necessarily? Don’t believe you ask the same table.”

Before the start of the quiz, Ling Ling saw the hand-painted pencil on the same table, and she had words in her mouth. The pencil was written with four huge red cinnabar characters – “Confucius in Confucius Temple”, which seemed to make the examinations simple.

That test, Ling Ling scored 138 points. However, the good score did not bring her the good luck expected, only the mother asked a question:

“Why did you deduct 12 points?”

“Do you believe that I can help you?” asked a friend in the mirror.

“I believe in you.” Ling Ling’s nose pointed to the small mirror, leaving the mirror into a fuzzy mist. She let herself fall into it and fall into the hazy mist. The girl who saw the short hair stood in front of herself. It would be nice if she could replace her, even if it was only one day, even if it was only the moment of the exam. She is much better than herself.

“When I take the exam tomorrow, I will shoot,” said the girl.

“Can you write the paper instead of me?” She stepped forward and wanted to embrace the girl who was as thin as herself and lacked blood.

The friend in the mirror did not answer her.

The last exam of the second year of high school arrived as soon as possible. Ling Ling sat in the first row and met the eyes of the invigilator and found that she could not write a word. She opened the pencil case and tapped on the small mirror in the gap, but the mirror was always cold like ice. She wrote a few strokes on the paper and crossed it out. The answer was so blurred, like the mist in the mirror.

Until the invigilator approached and opened the pen bag, Ling Ling was still trying to adjust the angle of the mirror.

“The angle of your mirror, is it quite boring?” The invigilator stood behind her and stretched the tone. “Can you still see the answer sheet in the back row?”

Ling Ling did not see any answer sheet. She only saw a pale, thin face floating out of the mirror, like a panic to her own. She grabbed the mirror and slammed it out of the examination room. The mirror surface has a warm illusion in the palm, like a hand, gently pushing behind her back –

In the exclamation of the classmates, she fell from the corridor, like falling into the fog of the mirror.