Mechanical white Australia buys a car

Before I went to Australia, I had some driving experience in China, but in most cases, an old driver was in the position of the driver. Therefore, I didn’t know anything about the car. The understanding of the car was limited to identifying the brand identity and color of the car.

After airborne in Australia, I spent a week in Sydney and then went to Tasmania, the southernmost island in Australia.

I remember the first day I arrived in Tasmania. After getting on the bus from the airport to the city, a Dutchman and two Americans were sharing their love for Tasmania. Today, I always remember the phrase “It’s the best part of Australia” that the Dutch lady said, especially when I recalled the car buying.

“Australian version of the market” sieve car
More than 40% of the entire island of Tasmania is listed as a World Natural Heritage Site, but public transport here is quite underdeveloped.

I am in Launceston, the second largest city in Tasmania. Although on the first day of arrival, I was fortunate enough to find a job in the winery, but the winery is more than 20 kilometers away from my place of residence, and public transportation can’t be reached. Even when I went to the winery, it was carried by the small partners in the Tasmanian WeChat group.

This made me realize that I was born and found that there must be a car in Tasmania.

Since I am a mechanical white, my domestic friend told me: “You have to find a friend who knows the car to show you.” So, I handed the task of “understanding the car” to “Gumtree” which is equivalent to China. The app of the market.

Before choosing a car, I first determined the demand for the car: automatic transmission, air conditioning (sweating back a day, I hope to blow the cool breeze), and not too expensive (after all, the first salary has not yet arrived).

He opened the door and rushed at my power to make a fascination, which made me instantly feel the illusion of “Ah! This is the car.”

Opening the Gumtree App, I did a series of screenings.

First, locate your location in the top right corner.

Then, select car&vehicles under the category and select “Car, Vans&Utes”.

Among them, Van corresponds to our domestic model is a van, many backpackers transformed it into a low-rated car with a bed and a lot of storage boxes; Ute is the abbreviation of Utility, the Australian called the pickup Ute. And I am looking for a regular car, there is not much demand for the brand, so the brand is not specified.

Finally, I specified my needs in the advanced search: the price does not exceed AU$2,000; Require Images (I want to have pictures), I chose Yes; Transmission (transmission) chooses automatic (of course, if you like to open manually Select Manual, no choice is manual and automatic); Air conditioning choose Yes, summer is so hot without air conditioning will be very painful; because the unregistered car can not get on the road, so Registered choose Yes.

As for the other configurations, I don’t care. Just choose Any.

Another point is to pay attention to whether there is Rego, that is, road rights. In Australia, cars with road rights can be on the road. It is also necessary to pay attention to the purchase of a car. How long does it take to renew the right of the road, usually paying the road right in half a year, or once a year. Buying a car whose road rights are about to expire is invisibly increasing the cost of buying a car.

During the time of sifting the car, I wanted to buy a car and I thought about getting rid of it. In addition to working hours, I used the Gumtree App to browse used cars when I had time. After reading the car introduction on the webpage, I feel that it is good. I immediately contacted the owner to test the car.

Pretending to know the car is seen
After the Gumtree App screened the car, I sent a text message to the owner or sent a letter to the station to start the test tour.

The first car I contacted was a sky blue Ford Falcon. I chose it because this car basically meets the requirements of air conditioning and automatic transmission, and is a sky blue with few female hearts.

Car inspection does not exist in Tasmania!

The owner is a bearded grandfather, called Jack. As a car outside the car, before I got on the train, I pretended to wrap around the car and then calmly open the hood.

Then… I can’t hold it anymore. I quickly let my father pick up the video remotely and ask him to help me see how the car is. Jack sees it all in his eyes. Although he couldn’t understand Chinese, my performance was enough for him to recognize—I didn’t know anything about the car. Next, I proposed to test the car for a while, and Jack also sat in the co-driver seat and let me drive this Ford.

The atmosphere was very awkward along the way, but after a long road, I suddenly found that the air conditioner was bad. Finally, I drove the car back to the original place, saying that I wanted to choose a car with an air conditioner that could work normally. I thanked Jack and went back to each other.

Unexpectedly, after I went home, I received a message from Jack, who expressed his willingness to help me choose a car. I am happy, I thought, “Okay, I got a friend who knows the car in Australia!”

Surprisingly, something similar happened to the owner of my second test drive.

The second test drive was also the owner of the car I contacted on the Gumtree App, called Xiao Dai. Xiao Dai’s car is a red Ford Falcon. This car basically meets my requirements for the car. The price is also good, but the door is a bit problematic – the door cannot be locked.

After understanding my demand for the car, Xiao Dai said that his car is a 6-cylinder and it is not suitable for me. It is enough to recommend that I choose a 4-cylinder car. It also means that I can choose a car if necessary. I had to sigh at the time that Tasmania was a place of human touch.

“Integrity flow” car
The third car I saw was a Saab. This brand of car was deeply in my mind when I watched the movie “A man named Vio decided to die.” It is a Swedish brand that has been discontinued. In the movie, it is the best choice for the hero’s life.

The owner of Saab is a black man. This time, Jack came with me to test the car. After the opening ceremony, the black car owner said that he was eager to go abroad, he wanted to sell the car, and showed us the maintenance record of the car. The car looks good and the patterns of the individual tires are clearly visible.

Next Jack helped me test the car. He drove the car to the high speed, accelerated to more than 100km/h, and then quickly decelerated, and the car actually turned off when decelerating. To this end, Jack repeated the operation twice, but unfortunately, it was turned off twice.

For this situation, we expect the owner to give us some explanations, but the black car owner said that he did not know, said that this is the first time this situation, and then said that he would find someone to repair the car, and then contact me after repair.

After three days, the black car owner informed me that the car had been repaired and asked if I would try again, but the price rose strangely. After discussions with Jack, we agreed that he was not sincere enough to give up the car.

The fourth car is a Mitsubishi Megna and the owner is a blonde German backpacker. He opened the door and rushed at my power to make a fascination, which made me instantly feel the illusion of “Ah! This is the car.”

After checking the condition of the car, it was found that there was a long crack in the center of the windshield. The owner said that this was there before he bought it and did not affect driving. Jack said after the test, the performance of the car is no problem. But unfortunately, the owner said that he still needs to use it for a few days before selling it. What’s more, after a few days, I told the car owner that he was going to pick the apples on the farm and still need to continue using the car. Let me wait another week.

In the week I waited for the German backpacker to reply, I didn’t sit still. On the contrary, with the help of Jack and Xiao Dai, I finally chose a Mitsubishi Lancer.

The owner of Mitsubishi Lancer is a German couple. When they handed in the car, they gave me the Kmart Auto battery and the two tires. Let me keep it.

It turns out that keeping these documents is very useful. Once, I drove to Cairns, Queensland, Australia, and returned to China for a while. When I went back to Cairns, I found that the battery in my car was no longer working.

When the RACQ (Royal Automobile Club of Queensland) was inspected, I would change the invoice for the battery to the other party. At that time, the battery was still under the two-year warranty period, so the car was taken to Kmart Auto for repair. . The staff did not say anything, I changed the battery for me.

The streets of Launceston

Looking back on these days in Australia, all the way to accompany this car. Although it has some flaws in its shape, it is because of these flaws that I gave him the name “Iron Bone” and the English name “Iron Backbone”.

Buy a car after the note
Let me talk about the additional services after buying a car.

In Tasmania, the procedure for buying a used car is simple. First, you go to Service Tasmania to submit a “Car Owner Change” application, show two bank cards with your name, and two letters that write your name, and then you will pay the car tax, which is basically over.

This is not like buying a car in another state to engage in RWC (car inspection), car inspection does not exist in Tasmania!

After buying a car, you should consider giving insurance to the car. Since my car itself can’t get all the insurance, I bought AAMI’s third-party insurance under the recommendation of Xiao Dai, which is almost 18 Australian dollars per month. I can buy it once a month. If I don’t drive back in the middle, I can Cancel, very flexible.

In addition, exotic wandering like me, if you want to travel long distances in Australia, “RACQ Road Rescue” can find out.

RACQ is a road rescue service throughout Australia, as well as insurance, banking and other services. With the RACQ membership card, some auto parts can be discounted, and some gas stations can enjoy a few cents per liter of oil.

This membership card has different package types. On its official website, you can check the membership of each level, as well as the corresponding rights and charges.

For example, the landlord I live in in Cairns is a loyal gold member of this organization. I have to pay more than 200 Australian dollars a year. The advantage is that no matter who my car is driving, if the car breaks down, you can call RACQ; repair time is over 24 In the hour, RACQ will also arrange accommodation for him.

In terms of refueling, Woolworths and Coles have their own gas stations. If you spend more than AU$30 in the store, you can get a coupon with a cashier receipt. But then I found out that the supermarket membership card can be offered a discount, so I simply let go of those cashier tickets.

After you have a car, you may use some tools to repair DIY. For example, my car was bought without a spare tire. Later, led by a friend, I went to the tire shop Bob Jane T-marts with a spare tire.

Another time, my Cairns landlord reversed the positive and negative terminals of the battery, causing the 100A fuse to burn. Although the car can still drive, all the dashboards are out of order, the air conditioner is not working, and the radio is also on strike. In order to repair the car, under the leadership of my friends, I went to Superauto, Burnings, Jay Jays and other repair shops, and finally bought a new fuse at the Repco repair shop. In fact, these Australian chain stores have car parts for sale.