Marina Vietnam: Tropical “back garden”

There are two famous seaside resorts in Vietnam: Nha Trang and Mui Ne. One of them is the rise of high-rise buildings, the rush to the modern city, and the other is the fishermen’s villages that stand tall and dominate the mountains and seas.

Fighting nation of Nha Trang
The coastal roads slammed up and turned sharply one after the other. The convex mirror in the corner was empty, and only the bus drove past and opened the silence.

The locals told me that the coastal roads aided by the Russians were broad and flat, and the mountain roads aided by the Japanese were narrow and fragile. Coupled with that bitter historical memory, in this land, the Japanese are not too much to be seen, and the fighting people are straight on the back, supporting the infrastructure and tourism.

This reminds me of my experience in Nha Trang. There are all Russians, Russians with complex pronunciation. At breakfast time, when Chinese tourists focus on exotic cheeses, croissants, fried potatoes and crispy bacon, the Russian tourists’ dishes are always the same: pineapple, mango, cantaloupe.

In January, the northern hemisphere was chilly in the high latitudes, and the Russians fled to the pleasant tropical “back garden”. The high-priced tropical fruit on weekdays can finally be eaten in the hustle and bustle; the blazing sun that is difficult to meet in the past three seasons has to be sunburned.

Chinese girls in the same industry always feel that the sun is too dry, the sand is too hot, the sea water is too sturdy, they are wrapped in sun protection clothes, and they are fully armed with sun hats, umbrellas, sunglasses and long-sleeved trousers; even in the water, they are all in one color. Wearing a one-piece diving swimsuit.

On the other hand, the Russians: shirtless, shorts, bikinis – just hate that the sun is not enthusiastic enough to fill the body with red marks.

The bus shuttles between the mountains and the sea. The blue sky, the green sea, and the palm blades against the light in the scorching sun, these landscapes gradually switch like old-fashioned slides. Driving for more than seven hours, the color of the day from the blue into the powder, from the powder into the orange, then from the orange into the red, and finally into the dark blue, gradually become dark, Mui Ne finally arrived.

Red sand dunes with ice and fire
In the tour guide, Mui Ne is very mysterious. In fact, the small Mina is run by a straight road: the small fishing port of the mountain from the aborigines, all the way south, past the Vietnamese restaurant, Russian bar, to the resort.

The locals said that the former Mui Ne was sea, sky, mountain and sand, and the four colors were connected; nowadays, because of the pace of tourism development, the sea has disappeared from the highway. The public areas on the beach are occupied by resorts and are now “private beaches”. Only those who live in the hotel can enjoy the beach scenery outside the fishing port.

The red sand dunes and white sand dunes are the signature landscape of Mui Ne. Drive along the village path and quickly reach the red sand dunes. No one can expect that nature will use the power of the gods to “move” a hundred meters high behemoth to the side of Bihu Lake, and will not bury the lake. The sand and the lake, one high and one low, one near one far, are adjacent to each other and do not invade each other.

We took the ATV and ran all the way to the highest point of the dune. The driver’s skin was dark and unsmiling, and there was a harsh explosion in the radio, and the cheekbones and the seat frantically hit each other. I licked my ass and climbed the car underground. The sun was roasting the sand dunes, facing the strongest wind at the top of the dunes. I took a mouthful of sand.

But my mood is very clear. Not far away, you can see the crystal clear bottom of the lake, the waters of the water emerges with delicate water grass, easy to wind and dagger, the lake surface layered with fine waves, in stark contrast with the sun, hot summer, strong wind, sandstorm at the top of the sand dunes.

At this moment, the drivers are the busiest. In addition to taking pictures of the tourists, the men and women who tried to climb the top of the car set the handles, but also had to compete with the strong winds – just to recover the pink sunhat for the careless girl.

The ATV was set off again, this time it was a desperate dive. The thin hands clenched the railings, and I tried not to let myself get out of the ATV. A sudden brake, finally to the lake. I am anxious and thirsty, and the sunburned skin is eager for the cold lake.

I only hate that the sunshine is not enthusiastic enough to fill the body with red marks.

Bihu waited quietly, and I stepped into it, and a cold touch came. The bottom of the lake is fine and dense sand, but wherever the footsteps are, the clearness of the lake is not diminished, and the grass is not entangled. It just gently strokes the instep and calls you to go deep.

I lie in the lake, let the sand and water cool the legs. Look up and look around, the lake between the dunes is not just this place. Looking into the distance, there are scattered green trees, which grow along one lake after another.

I don’t pay attention, I took a handful of water and tried to take a sip. Cold and sweet, this lake has been lifted, so that the bird’s nest water that you can enjoy after returning to the rest station has no taste.

The companions who were still rushing to the white sand dunes, I was a little tired, and I sat alone at the roadside restaurant to drink coconut milk. The old squatting shopkeeper took out a three-meter-long pointed stick and beat the coconut tree at the door of the store.

Soon, a blue twig was tied to the eight coconut greens and smashed to the ground. The coconut in Vietnam is not big, but it wins with sweetness. You can buy a coconut green with 15,000 VND (equivalent to RMB 4). If you prefer the coconut pudding with the taste of the pudding, the flavor of the roadside pusher is better.

Fairy creek looking for waterfall
Facing the strongest hot wind at the top of the dune,

I took a bite of sand in one mouth.

If the coastal roads are amazing, the sands and lakes of the red and white sand dunes are amazing, so the sands of the fairy river are the most amazing.

Fairy Creek is located in the sand dunes on the east side of Mui Ne, hidden in dense woods. The water in this stream is very shallow and the sand is very thin, especially suitable for walking barefoot into the stream. Tracing back to the source, you can let the smooth red sand press the sole of the foot, let the slow stream kiss the instep.

Taking the water forward, after a Z-turn, the stream widened from narrow to narrow, and the green plants on both sides receded outside the line of sight. The heavens and the earth were occupied by red and white landscapes. An uncle who walked along the sand dunes all the way up and went through the hardships to the top of the sand hill. He said that there can be seen the whole of Mui Ne, along the coast, roads and buildings.

It is said that there is a waterfall in the deepest part of the Fairy Stream, and people with adventurous spirits can wading through the water. Sure enough, the place where the turn was not more than two hundred meters, the stream suddenly became deeper, and the stream that had originally been to the ankle had not passed the knee. Several of our young people groped forward together, the water surface narrowed again, and the stone-topped hills filled with green plants replaced the sand dunes.

There was such an instant, there was a bamboo raft in front of my eyes. I mistakenly thought that I was in my hometown of Guilin, and there was a boat between the mountains and rivers. In fact, the bamboo pole is a “rest rest” provided by hawkers along the way. They have long expected that there will be a group of unscrupulous good deeds who venture into the air, panting and panting, and finally returning halfway, this set up a seat and earn a little money.

But in the end, I saw the waterfall as one of the three people who persisted in the end. Although this waterfall is not very eye-catching compared to the main body of Fairy Stream, it has a different meaning to me.

The first heavy, hidden waterfall is another surprise of the fairy creek landscape. The three elements of desert, stone mountain and stream are perfectly mixed together. Second, I have never give up when I am tired and tired, and the road ahead is difficult to predict. Perseverance and perseverance, and when the waterfall appeared in front of me, the previous hard work suddenly dissipated.

At this time, I remembered Wang Anshi’s “You Yu Chan Shan Ji”: “Wu Yi is close, then the tourists are public; the danger is far, then the few are few. And the world is wonderful, strange, very view, often in danger Far away, and people are rarely seen, so people who are not interested can not.”