Just think about it

Many young people, after thinking about one thing, still hesitate to do it; there are many people who are doing work that is not in their interest every day. They always say that their fate is not good, waiting for opportunities, to do it. The right thing. But they just said it in their mouths, but they didn’t do it. If a person has such inertia, what is the difference with suicide?

Young people, since you have a purpose, why not do it immediately? Why don’t you do the work you are doing right away? Since you have made up your mind, you should not hesitate any more. You should concentrate your energy on the work you have made up your mind. If you are going to be a lawyer, you will concentrate on the study of the law. After a certain period of time, your legal knowledge will naturally gradually deepen. If you go to court to defend people, you must be an excellent lawyer. Don’t make your own concessions in peacetime, don’t think that I am not worse than others, even if I am satisfied. You must study at any time and make progress everywhere. For the knowledge outside the law, you can leave it alone. You should not touch the instrument, move the animated pen, touch the knife and axe. Your purpose is only one, that is, the lawyer is your only business. You have to be a barrister who is brave and eloquent, not a three-legged cat with all the fur!

A waste of time, a stupid person who specializes in slumbering life, wake up soon!

You live a life of debauchery and luxury, and ruin your energy and time. It is really a fool in society!

People who don’t have a certain idea when they hit the west and turn left and right, they will never achieve success, and they will never make progress. He not only stopped himself, but also often hindered others. When he saw that others were doing it, he boasted that he could do it too; according to his words, it seems that there is nothing in the world, and there is nothing in it. In fact, he does not have anything, and nothing can be done! It is harder for such a person to succeed in a career than to go to heaven; because they only want to take time out to be happy all day, but they don’t know how to cultivate themselves.

“Time is gone,” this is the best warning. When you first came to the community to serve, you always have full of energy, you should instill all the spirit into your career. No matter whether your career is farming, work, or business, don’t let time slip away invisibly.

Goethe said: “Where are you standing, you should stand there.” What do you think of the two-minded person who read this sentence? This is to warn you, don’t bump into the West, depending on your personality, decide your career quickly, and think about it immediately.

Some people work hard, but because they don’t concentrate, they spend a little bit of energy on intangible losses. Like leaking sluices, they want to block the water, but the water seeps out in the loopholes.

No matter how clever you are, no matter how talented you are, let you think that you have great great skills. If you don’t concentrate on your work, don’t want to do your best according to the original goal, no endurance, then your Skill, genius, and cleverness will be useless.

Do you know why an experienced horticulturist wants to cut off the buds of a plant?

To tell you honestly, in order for the trees to grow fast and the fruits to be large, it is necessary to do so. Because the buds of a plant are nutrients that can disperse and absorb the roots, so that their energy cannot be concentrated on the trunk and the fruit. If it were not for doing so, his loss in harvest would not know how many times he would lose beyond the branches.

Those knowledgeable gardeners often cut off the flower buds, leaving only one or two on the branches. Isn’t the flower buds that he cut off open beautiful flowers? No, it is not like this. Their purpose is to concentrate on nourishing materials, one or two remaining buds, so that when the future is open, extraordinarily beautiful and extraordinarily beautiful.

Why are we growing like flowers and trees? If we can concentrate on a certain business, then this business will certainly achieve very satisfactory results.

Those who are willing to concentrate and work hard, their future, I really don’t know how bright. Don’t think about it, think that a person can accomplish a variety of careers at the same time, no matter how great people, you can never do it!

You have to succeed in a great cause. You immediately eliminate all the hopes of being small, ordinary, unsure, and not suitable for you. You need to use scissors to boldly distract everything from your energy. Tired, completely cut. Even if you have done something that has achieved considerable results, you have to sacrifice it. Otherwise, the future loss will be several times larger than it is now.

Thousands of losers in the world are not because they have no talent, nor because they are not determined; but because they refuse to concentrate, because they do not do it immediately after deciding their ideas. They hit the west and hit it. This one, try to do it. Since they are learning music, they want to know sports knowledge. At the same time, they want to do real estate business and hope to be an industrialist. This is not enough. I will study the law, write some articles to contribute, and learn to be literary writers. At the same time, I am also a teacher, and I want to be a poet. They try to spread their energy. They are not aware of it. If they can make up their minds and concentrate on a certain cause, the results will surprise him.

A person has a special skill, and he does not know how many times he is bigger than the success of ten skills.

Because he only pays attention to a skill, he is working hard in this area everywhere. But if he pays attention to many aspects, then what are the achievements of his results? He has ten skills, he will be too busy, his energy, do not know how to dominate. In fact, one’s energy is limited, and it is impossible to cover everything. Later, he can only perfuse him like this. It will be a little bit, and later achievements, what hope is there?

The current society is an era of superiority and defeat. The situation of competition is fierce day by day, and it is tense day by day. Everything is only able to be grasped by specialized talents. The three-legged cats will be eliminated by the times.

I really do warn you now: If a modern youth wants to succeed in his career, he only has to work hard in one cause and concentrate all his energy on one cause; he must be in a career. The greatest determination is to work hard; he must be determined to be a professional, he must always seek progress in this cause; experience is accumulated knowledge, but also gradual, you can not change the subject because it is impossible to achieve immediately.

There is no such thing as a special person. Anyone who is a little bit of a person will only live with an ordinary and vulgar life. He will never win the respect and praise of people. He will concentrate on a cause. After he decides his career, he has nothing to do with everything. Enticement, you can use your will to reject, and move toward his goal.