Is it true that mosquitoes prefer people with specific blood types?

Summer is here, and the mosquito army has begun to launch a large-scale attack on humans. But the strange thing is that every time a few classmates play together, the mosquito attack targets only one or two specific students, and any occasion is no exception. If one of these two students happens to be absent, other students will suffer. At this time, “experienced” people concluded that: XX blood type people are particularly love to recruit mosquitoes.

According to opinion polls, there are many people who think that their blood type recruits mosquitoes. So, what kind of blood type does the mosquito prefer? Is there really a so-called “human mosquito coil”?

The combination of amino acids and lactic acid in human blood produces a complex mixture of amino acids that combines with the slightly sweet amines in sweat to form trimethylamine, which has a strong odor. When the temperature rises, the body’s capillaries expand, and the production of trimethylamine increases accordingly. Under natural conditions, plant and animal decay will produce trimethylamine gas, and the stench of spoiled fish, the stench of infected wounds, etc. are usually caused by it.

Regarding the relationship between mosquito preference and blood type, a scientist named Thornton in the United States made an experiment. In the experiment, he examined the effects of blood type, sweating, skin color and body hair on mosquito bites. The results showed that no mosquitoes were found. The bite is inextricably linked to the blood type, and the skin color and body hair have no effect. In other words, in fact, each blood type has the potential to become a mosquito dish.

However, everyone may be very puzzled. Why do some people like mosquitoes like them, but some people are left out? There are three main ways in which mosquitoes can track hunting objects: smell, vision, and temperature. The first is the sense of smell, the body can produce about 500 kinds of volatile chemicals, which can form a feather-like small airflow (plume) through the external wind direction, human body movement and respiratory airflow. The study found that the mosquito’s sputum can sense the plume formed by the body’s exhaled carbon dioxide through the receptor, so as to accurately locate the target position (the mosquito’s search ability is extremely powerful, the longest distance can reach 60 kilometers). Therefore, people after intense sports are the favorite of mosquitoes, because they exhale more carbon dioxide and more sweat than ordinary people. Secondly, due to the characteristics of mosquitoes, they are more likely to attack dark objects through visual perception. If you happen to wear a black short sleeve today, then you will enter the mosquitoes today’s menu. In addition, from the temperature, mosquitoes attack toward objects that have the characteristics of heat and humidity (features of warm-blooded animals). This is because there is a heated body in the antennae of the mosquito, which is very sensitive to temperature and can be immediately detected as soon as there is a slight temperature difference. People who sweat can dissipate heat quickly and become attractive to mosquitoes. Therefore, the people after the exercise unfortunately recruited again.

In summary, those who can act as “human mosquito coils” are those with strong metabolism. This skill is not born, and students no longer have to worry too much about their blood type.