Hidden in the dark, play the strategy

Game production: Klei Entertainment

Time to market: 2015

Unexpectedly, Invisible, Inc.. Whether it’s an opening animation or an NPC confession task, all character dubbing is a very pure American pronunciation, and each game is an auditory feast!

Invisible, Inc. is a turn-based strategy game where players select their favorite characters and, with the help of the Al system, sneak into the enemy’s area for missions. The enemies in the game will patrol according to the fixed plan. If they are found, then your character is basically finished, because they are all shotguns with a hit rate of 100%.

So it’s crucial that the player manipulate the character to quickly understand other valuable information such as safes, cameras, etc., then quickly crack the encryption system, obtain confidential data, and finally evacuate.

Invisible, Inc. is a test of the player’s ability to detect, each time the character moves step by step, and a slight misstep can be lost by the enemy seconds! What’s even more cruel is that Invisible, Inc. is taking the “one stop to the end” mode, which means that a task can be played by the player and it can’t be repeated! If the character you control is unfortunately killed, then you will never see him again.

Compared with the ordinary strategy game, the high point of Invisible, Inc. is that there is no set-up of guns, mutual enthusiasm, firepower, etc., but it has been going to “sneak wind”, let you get everything in the dark!

The soul of the film’s warmth in the shell – “The Machine Manager”

Director: Chris Columbus

Release time: 1999

Andrew Andrew is the steward of Neil’s four generations. The original Neil family just used it as a machine, but by coincidence, Neil could no longer treat him as a cold machine because of his ability. Far beyond the ability of the housekeeper. He loves music, knows design, makes root carvings, and of course fears others’ injuries.

This coincidence happened from the seaside.

Andrew and Neil’s second lady walked by the sea, piles of dead wood scattered on the beach, the sea breeze bursting, the waves surged. The two purest characters are integrated into nature, and the whole picture is simple and poetic. Their trip was to find the material for the root carving, and the dead wood on the beach became alive in Andrew’s hands. This surprised Miss Two, a robot with a steel appearance that could create art.

After that, Andrew released the spider and pointed at the puppy and said “He is my friend”. Isn’t that the goodwill that human beings have? However, Andrew, who longed for life, was clearly told by the judge that “the robot of eternal life cannot be a human being.” If you are uncomfortable, you can’t cry, you can’t laugh, how cruel it is.

At the end of the film, Andrew finally got the recognition of the society and integrated into the group with the highest wisdom. The man, Martin, sadly said to Andrew: “They will leave me in the end.” And Andrew said to the owner: “You still have me.”