Future car, not just fantasy

What kind of car will we drive in the future? Is Batman’s chariot? Still omnipotent, talking ket (KITT)? Or is it the submarine car (Lotus Esprit) in the 007 series “Underwater City”? With the development of technology, some of the futuristic future cars in early movies are gradually becoming a reality. Perhaps more cool movie cars will be more than just fantasy.

Batman’s partner is not only Robin

More than a hundred years ago, the invention of automobiles allowed us to enter the era of electric energy driving from the steam era, and the technology in many movies has gradually become a reality. The Bat Chariot is a future chariot designed specifically for movies in Hollywood, USA. It does not exist in reality. However, there are some Batman fans at home and abroad who have modified the same chariots as the movies, but they can only be displayed as works of art at home or in private places.

The Batman trilogy of The Tumbler in 2005, designed by Nathan Crowley, whose concept was originally proposed by director Christopher Nolan, who believes that the Batmobile is a symbol of Batman. Sexual equipment, he hopes that the new Batmobile has the armor and weight of the tank, and at the same time has the low body and speed of Lamborghini, then Nolan squeezes out the general shape with clay, and then repairs by Nathan Crowley. The modification, Nolan’s team produced a real Batmobile, and eventually Warner Bros. accepted the redesigned Batmobile.

Although the appearance of this version of the chariot is not common in reality, the powertrain can be realized by using the current car structure. The bat chariot adopts the V8 engine of the US General Motors Group, and the maximum horsepower can reach 340, O~ The acceleration of 100km/h takes only 5.8 seconds. The engine has a good performance on GM’s high-end sports car brand Corvette.

“Back to the future” car

If the bat chariot can’t be bought in the real world, then consider this time-traveling timecar. The time car in the movie “Back to the Future” is actually the car product of the 1970s. Perhaps everyone is not familiar with its manufacturer, DeLorean Motor Company, because the company has a short life span of seven years. In 1975, the model produced and sold by Dronin Automobile Company was only DMC-12. However, history is not measured by the number. With DMC-12, this car manufacturer named Deronin is enough. In the annals of history, it is remembered by people.

Although it went bankrupt in 1982, Deronin Motors was known for its 1985, 1989, and 1990 American sci-fi movies, “Back to the Future.” At first, the director of “Back to the Future” had a strict screening of many models, and finally adopted this DMC-12 model. The car was very advanced in design at the time and had a completely different style from ordinary vehicles.

Unlike the bat chariot, the DMC-12 is offered to consumers as a production model. The 12 in the DMC-12 means that the car was priced at $120,000 at the time, which was really expensive at the time. However, with the official filing of bankruptcy protection by the German company Dronin, the DMC-12, which the company thought was done, was officially discontinued in early 1983, ending its short sales career.

Voice Ranger

Let’s talk about examples of people and cars interacting. The black car KITT in the American TV series “Ranger Ranger” is a red-eyed high-tech powerful and talkative thinking supercar. Its appearance is exactly the same as that of the ordinary Pontiac Firebird. In the New Ranger, the KITT is played by the Ford Mustang.

The appearance of KITT is not much different from that of real vehicles. However, the built-in intelligent function has a configuration that transcends the times. Simply speaking, in addition to the appearance of a cool sports car, the interior also adds a living body. Of course, it does not refer to the deformable alien life in Transformers, but the intelligent design that the vehicle can interact with and complete the instructions given by the driver.

However, this kind of intelligent design appeared in the science fiction dramas of the 1980s. Whoever thought that one day in the future, this function can be realized in reality. Nowadays, this function has been realized in ordinary cars. The human-computer interaction system has not only appeared in many foreign automobile brands, but also in many domestic cars. From turning on the air conditioner, turning on the sunroof, navigating to the gestures, the driver not only allows the driver to drive the vehicle more conveniently, but also interacts with the car.

With the development of modern technology, some technologies that were once only seen on the screen have gradually entered our lives. Many interesting imaginations in science fiction work have brought infinite enlightenment to our technological innovation.


Driving unmanned into life

Unmanned driving is divided into 6 levels of LO-L5, and the current level of technology can basically reach L3. L0 is a traditional manual driving. L1 has more intelligent technologies, such as automatic cruise and automatic braking system. The L2 is partially self-driving, and this configuration is basically applicable to many medium and high-end family cars. L3 is currently mainly used in the Tesla car brand. One of the most distinctive features of the car is automatic driving. After the mode is turned on, the car can be over-ridden by speed control, but only if the hand still cannot leave the steering wheel for a long time. . Artificial intelligence is still unable to fully cope with the road surface to this extent, so the driver still needs to observe it at any time. As for the more advanced L4 and L5, there are currently no manufacturers that can achieve it.