Don’t question easily

For a while, I paid attention to the female host of a radio station on Weibo. Once she sent a Weibo, questioning why the sprinkler was still sprinkling water on the rainy day, the water of the white flower was so wasted, and said sanitation The department is “brushing the sense of existence.” When I saw this Weibo, I felt very wrong, because I saw it on TV before. The sanitation department explained the matter of “watering in the rain”: the sand carried by the vehicle on rainy days will be with the rain. If mud is formed, if it is not washed in time, the soil will adhere to the road surface after the mud is dried, making it more difficult to clean. Therefore, it is not necessary to wash the road surface with water in rainy days, but it is necessary.

On the rainy day, I saw the sprinkler operation on the road. I believe everyone will have a question mark in their hearts. This is normal. However, as a public figure, it is not appropriate to easily question other people’s motives on social platforms without deep understanding. Sanitation workers are working seriously, and public figures are casually questioning, and they will be burdened with many misunderstandings. If the sprinkler driver saw the Weibo, should he feel aggrieved?

I have also encountered things that have been questioned by others. At that time, I was an internship guide at a travel agency. One time a foreign tour group ended the trip and I sent them to the airport. I came to the entrance hall of the airport and just met two colleagues from the travel agency. When they saw me, they shouted: “Yeah, this is all the time, why come so late?” “You, this child, is too unreliable!” I was busy greeting foreigners, no care. I have to explain to my colleagues, but the more I want to get angry, the more I want to be angry. In fact, I didn’t arrive late. It happened to be the first day when Europe switched from summer time to winter time. The airline adopted a new timetable and I took the guests to arrive. The time at the airport is just right. Which one is not reliable?

You must know that as a newcomer to the workplace, the most worrying thing is that others are not professional enough. However, it is more difficult to be questioned and unprofessional in the part that I think is very professional. But what is even more irritating is that the two colleagues fell in the face of the driver, the porter and the guests, and posted a “not reliable” label for no reason, not only making me very faceless, but also letting me At the time, I was very worried about my career prospects.

The change and development of the educational concept encourages people not to blindly follow the authority and to have doubts. Therefore, on the social network, the audience can often be seen to question the question level of the sports reporters, the parents question the teacher’s teaching methods, the patients question the doctor’s treatment plan, the owner questions the traffic police management measures… Especially now, our access to knowledge channels More and more, even if you don’t understand the field, you can find some relevant knowledge by taking out your mobile phone search. The “threshold” between professions seems to be getting lower and lower, which creates a illusion for many people, thinking that they know everything and “deceive” themselves. Therefore, when questioning others, it will inevitably happen too sloppy.