Don’t give up, hope forever

Dear friends,

Don’t give up, hope is always there. Since I was 6 years old, my father taught me how to use my toes to enter text into my computer. Today, I can already play 43 letters per minute. My mother told me to smile in any environment. This world is fair to everyone. Although I have no arms and legs, God will never take my beautiful eyes.

My parents taught me not to be angry because I didn’t have it, but to be grateful for the past. I don’t have any hands or feet, but I am very grateful to have this “chicken leg” (left foot and two connected toes), my puppy. I mistakenly thought that the chicken leg almost ate it. I can do a lot of things with these two precious toes, walking, typing, kicking, swimming, playing percussion, etc. I can float in the water because 80% of my body is lungs, “Chicken legs “It’s like a propeller. Because of these two toes, I can still make a V. I will tilt it up every time I take a picture.”

I like all kinds of new challenges, such as brushing my teeth. I put the toothbrush on the shelf and then brushed it by moving my mouth. Sometimes it was really difficult and frustrating, but I finally overcame this problem.

It is easy for us to give up after the first failure. There are many obstacles in my life that I can’t change, but I learned to take a positive look. Try again and again, never give up!

If someone else has not given you a miracle, you will become a miracle. So don’t complain about what you don’t have, learn to thank yourself for what you have.

At the age of 17, I found myself particularly able to say that I had the idea of ​​being a speaker. But for the first speech, my phone call to 52 schools was rejected. But I never gave up and made my first speech when I called the 53rd school.

What if a person falls? stand up! If I try it 100 times, but I can’t stand up, does it mean that I am a loser? No! If I don’t give up, I can still stand up.

Look, if you fall, you can stand up. If you can’t do it, you can try again. You will face choices every day, you can choose to give up, you can also choose to stand up! Don’t let shame kill you, don’t let apology kill you, let love help you.

No friends, go find friends; no miracles, to create miracles. You can fall, but you can’t be a loser!

My optimism stems from my constant attempts. In the constant failure, I continue to absorb nutrients and finally discover the potential of my own success!

The meaning of life is to exert the greatest potential and present the most beautiful things to the world. To be alive, you must face up to setbacks, but setbacks are challenges, opportunities, failures are opportunities for learning and thinking, and opportunities for training. Therefore, the principle of treating life is to establish a correct outlook on life, establish a correct life purpose, and establish a correct life outcome!

In life, love and gratitude are the most important. We must believe that love is the most important thing. We must be grateful and grateful for everything we have. Life is short-lived, but love can make a short life last forever. We must love ourselves, love others, love the world!

Life is a process of continuous maturity. Some people are dominant disabilities, others are hidden disabilities. We have to believe that we can go forward a little step forward every day.

What I want to say is, please don’t give up on yourself, and ask your parents not to give up, just like my parents are to me. So I want to tell the parents and friends of the disabled, you must encourage them, praise them, affirm them, give them love and strength. Just like you plant flowers, you have to water, you have good soil and sunshine, and the seeds will naturally sprout out of the soil.

As long as you don’t give up, hope is always there.