Cabbage rose

When Ying was off work, the sun was almost falling.

“Auntie, I am going to buy food and come back!” Ying shouted briskly and pushed the door open.

“My grandson is coming back, grandson!” Auntie said vaguely. Ying opened the door and saw her leaning forward on the wicker chair, her face revealing joy.

“Auntie, guess what dish I bought?” Ying put down the big bag and tied it with a floral apron.

“Cabbage, um, pork, cabbage.” Auntie repeatedly answered.

“Well, guess the cabbage, eat fish tonight, and tofu, okay?” She rubbed her head and touched her awkward face with her hand.

“Choose cabbage, choose cabbage.” Auntie raised a hand and was anxious to help.

“Auntie is good, help choose cabbage.” Ying put a small cabbage into the basket, suddenly remembered something, turned back and smashed a red rose from the bag.

She smiled and asked, “Auntie, don’t you?”

“Well, oh.”

“It’s okay, don’t believe it.”

“You pick the flowers of the park.”

“Others sent me, Auntie.” Ying slightly red face, looking for an empty bottle to insert the flowers, read it several times, and smiled and touched the face of the aunt.

Ying put the table in front of the aunt, and had a good meal. I thought about taking the flower and setting it up.

“Auntie, do you know what it means to give people a rose?” Ying still doesn’t take chopsticks, and after a while, two black eyes sparkle.

She couldn’t wait for Auntie to swallow the meal, and she smiled and answered: “It means that people are interested in you.”

Auntie also laughed with Ying Ying, Ying was embarrassed, spit out his tongue: “I don’t know how to be ashamed, yes, aunt.”

The man who sent her the rose, called A Feng, read the university and looks very rich. He works in the computer city upstairs, often comes to the store to copy, sometimes he copies a large amount of information, have to wait a long time. Yingying is good, will give him a cup of tea, let him sit, sometimes he will also help Ying, binding, change ink, and also download her good music. Ying likes to talk to him, he is also, the information is printed and not eager to go, a little bit can talk for a long time, then he brings a rose, gently inserted into her pen holder, she asked where Come, he is a little shy to say that it is embarrassing.

Even Auntie knows how to be funny. The next time Ying Ying goes home and asks: “Auntie, guess what food I buy?” She will respond, although it is a bit vague: “Cabbage, um, pork, cabbage, and roses. flower.”

Ying always smiles back and touches the aunt’s face and says, “Well, wow, guess.”

The day is like this. She chasing the sun home every day, bringing back fresh cabbage, fish, pork, and roses. She smiles and cooks as usual, chatting with the aunt, but it is inevitable that she will be distracted and suddenly think of Afeng.

This evening, the aunt was clean and comfortable, lying on the bed. Ying held the electric mosquito swatter and patted it in the account. Just about to put down the account, Aunt reached out and stopped.

“Auntie, are you going to the toilet?”

“No, just look at my grandson.”

“What’s wrong, aunt?”

“I am so old, I always wonder why I haven’t died yet, dragging you down.” Auntie took Ying’s hand. “It’s so scary that people are dead, and I can’t see my grandson again.”

“Auntie, think again, you know, you have to live to be a hundred and twenty years old, until your grandson is also aunt!” Ying pinched her hand, “Good sleep, get up early tomorrow, we go to the park Take a walk.”

Bringing the door out, Ying sighed and almost thought that the aunt knew what, she would not know anything. Look at the phone, no A Feng text message, this is sitting in a daze.

Afeng is going to Zhuhai, and she wants to go with her. He said, “Go with me to Zhuhai for one floor, you can see the sea, let’s get married.”

“But aunt…”

“Auntie is you alone? You have the right to live your own life, aren’t you?”

In the night when the aunts slept very well, she sat in a daze and stayed for a long time.

She had called the uncle, and the uncle was an acute child. When she heard it, she immediately said, “What happened to the aunt?”

“Auntie is very good.”

“Frighten me, you will take care of your aunt too hard, and don’t let her take you big. If you need money, you will say that your aunt’s body is not very good, I am busy, I haven’t had time to see her recently, I am working hard. “”


Sangu has a good temper and is good to talk. Ying is willing to talk to her. Haven’t sat down yet, Sangu has packed up a lot of bags, have food, have clothes, and ask her to bring it back to the aunt.

“You are getting married, now the house is so expensive, so I have to go home first, everyone squeezed it.” Sangu groaned. “You should also look for a boyfriend, right, you have no male.” Oh my friend?”

“I am…” She didn’t know what to say.

She and the recreation hall were her last considerations. She went to see it twice. The yard was very large. There were flowers, trees and birds. The nursing lady was very gentle. The old people sat together watching TV. They were very happy.

She said to the aunt: “Auntie, I have to go on a business trip, I have to go for a long time.” Auntie will understand, she sighed, then went on, “I will send you to a fun place, wait for me to come back. Pick you up again, okay?”

“Okay.” Auntie should be very clear.

Sometimes Aunt seems to understand everything. When she packs her bags, she remembers which shoes and which cups to bring.

“Fushou clothes are put in.” Auntie confessed. In the early years, she prepared a whole set of Fushou clothes, wrapped in red cloth and placed on the top of the wardrobe.

“Do not bring those.” Ying is somewhat uncomfortable.

Who knows that on the day of going out, Aunt asked again: “Is there any of my Fushou clothes put in?”

That morning, Auntie put on her clothes, combed her hair, and hung her small cloth bag on her neck. After a while, she took it off and took the contents of it. I had a little money, a phone book, and a small bag. Album.

It can be seen that Auntie is nervous and grabs the cloth bag tightly along the way. When she arrived at the recreation hall, she was asked to wait on the bench in the lobby. Ying went to the formalities. She raised her hand and said, “bye bye, bye.”

Ying smiled and said: “Auntie, I haven’t left yet.”

Regarding the problem of cabbage, Ying and the director of the company had a quarrel.

“But my aunt only eats cabbage, and other vegetables don’t eat it.”

“Then she can try other varieties, or choose not to eat.”

“Don’t eat cabbage, she is easy to get blood.”

“What do you want?”

“Can you open a small stove for her and cook a little cabbage every day?”

“So expensive, why should you send her here?”

Ying is angry, and the heart wants to not ask the dean for a complaint. If he hasn’t come to the attitude, it’s so bad. How can he trust him to be entrusted to him? Walking out of the front porch, I saw the aunt far away, solitary on the chair, squatting shoulders, jaws hanging down on the chest, clutching the hands of the bag with dark spots. I have never tried such a distance to see Auntie. She is so small and weak that anyone can pick her up. The ceiling fan rotates on the roof and slightly blows her gray and sparse hair. It turns out that the aunt is so old.

Don’t lie to yourself, she can still live for a few years, can really live to be one hundred and twenty years old. Put her here, what should I do if she is gone for half a year? What should I do next time I don’t see her? Where to find? Who can pay? What can make up for? When I think of my childhood, my parents died early. The aunt is like a mother-in-law. She walks for more than ten kilometers on a typhoon night to find milk for her. She has a cold, her nose is out of breath, and she is sucking her nose with her mouth. She sleeps at night. The face was placed on the aunt’s chest, looking for the dry nipple; wherever she took the aunt’s hand, she was holding it, from very small to very large, there is only one such aunt in the world.

She rubbed her eyes and hid in the corner and wiped it over and over again.

“Auntie.” Ying supported the shoulders of the old man.

Aunt woke up and thought she was leaving, and quickly raised her hand and said, “bye.”

Ying took her hand and said: “It’s not fun here, let’s go home together.”

A Feng is still gone.

Ying also knows that there is always a sad, maybe more than one. It doesn’t matter, there is no man in the world, but there is only one aunt.

When she could go home, she couldn’t help but shed tears in the car. She couldn’t stop it, and the paper towels were wet one after another.

Fortunately, I can put a smile in front of the aunt. “Auntie, I am going to buy food and come back!”

“My grandson is coming back, grandson!”

“Guess what I bought?”

“Cabbage, um, pork, cabbage, and roses.”

“Oh, half right.” She was a naughty and relaxed look, “No roses!”

It was so hard to cook. When cooking, the range hood rumbling, she took a long time to smoke her nose, pretending to wipe the tears, and never dared to look back.

When eating, Auntie took a dish from her side and said, “When I was a child, I said something to you, “I have a good thing for you to see.” She is vague and incomparably gentle. “No need to shed tears.” Auntie gave a lot of ‘meaning you, a lot better.”

Ying looked down, white porcelain dish, full of small cabbage roots on the face of a blossoming head, the roots of the cabbage cut, you must never find, from the front, a layer of crystal white The petals are twisted and twisted, and the green leaves are clustered with a little green. It looks like a small rose.

She called “Auntie” and cried out loud.