anti-Jewish shadow in the Western world

Due to the recent alleged anti-Semitic remarks by Newcomer MP Ilhan Omar, the US House of Representatives passed a resolution on March 7 calling for abandoning racism and condemning all hate speech.

Omar is a Muslim born in Somalia. He moved to the United States as a refugee when he was a teenager, and later grew into a political star of the Democratic Party. In the fight for universal health insurance, reduction of college students’ credit burden, raising the minimum wage standard, and gay rights, Omar is working very hard and is the standard “21st century leftist.”

Omar also has a special feature. He is very dissatisfied with the support of the US political circles and the whole society for Israel. Recently, he has repeatedly said that American politicians support Israel as “double loyalty” and “purchased by Israel.”

Critics believe that Omar apparently implies that Jewish funds control American politics and are consistent with the anti-Semitic conspiracy theory for a long time; it is unacceptable for a member to publicly make such statements, so it needs to be condemned. Trump even said that the Democratic Party did not explicitly condemn Omar and has become an anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli political party.

Anti-Semitism has a history of more than two thousand years, dating back to the period of Assyria, Persia and the Roman Empire. In the Middle Ages, Catholics mistakenly believed that “Jews killed Jesus”; many European countries prohibited Jews from owning land and holding public positions, indirectly urging them to engage in unscrupulous industries such as usury; plus in the Muslim rule of the Iberian Peninsula. For centuries, the Jews worked intensively with the occupiers, causing Catholics to hate the Jews.

In modern times, humanism has risen and theology has lost momentum. European Jews only occasionally enjoy rational treatment, and more often because of nationalism and racism, they are enemies and even atrocities. The highest tide is of course that Nazi Germany slaughtered 6 million Jews in six years.

After World War II, although Western society has always had a conspiracy theory about the Jewish consortium controlling the world, on the whole, it seems that the large-scale blatant anti-Semitism has not been seen. And given the tragic history of the Jews, the Western powers supported the Jews to build their own country, Israel, in the Palestinian territories.

In history, Arabs and Jews could not talk about goodwill, but the anti-Semitic forces in the Arab world were not strong. However, for decades, the tragic life of Palestine refugees and the Arab world’s repeated defeats in Israel have led to a surge in hostility. This hostility to Israel has also spread to many Islamic countries around the world.

As a large number of Muslim refugees moved to Europe and the United States, this “new prejudice” against Israel and Jews also entered the West. Western leftists (liberals) have always had the tradition of “sympathizing with the weak” and “respecting ethnic minorities”, but in recent years liberals have become increasingly dissatisfied with Israel and sometimes blur the lines against Israeli policy and anti-Semitism.

Some historians have argued that in the anti-Jewish history of the West, English-speaking countries (British, American, Australian, New, etc.) are the exceptions, and they are relatively tolerant and kind to Jews. This is related to factors such as the Protestantism, the implementation of constitutionalism, the equality of religion, and the importance of business in English-speaking countries.

However, in recent years, there have been new phenomena in the Anglo-American political arena. The United States has Ilhan Omar suspected of anti-Semitism. The British Labour Party member Naz Sha, who has lived in Pakistan, has publicly claimed that the Israelis should be moved to the United States. Also supported by former London Mayor Livingstone. Although the two were quickly suspended by the Labor Party, the anti-Semitic tendency within the Labor Party also attracted people’s attention. Recently, some Members have accused the Labour Party leader Corbin of condoning the anti-Semitic sentiments within the party and announcing his withdrawal from the Labour Party. The data also shows that in recent years, both in the United Kingdom and the United States, attacks against Jews have increased.

It seems that the anti-Semitic shadows of the West are not only difficult to go, but new variables may appear.