A girl who is not paying attention

Seeking attention and belonging is the deepest psychological need of human beings and a necessary condition for our healthy growth. Not being concerned, there is no sense of belonging is very sad. How to make yourself no longer the one that is easily overlooked, follow the dream and you will get the answer. DREAM

Female, junior

I dreamed that the school organized everyone to go to a lake to play, the students had a good time, but I felt a little bored. So I climbed a cliff without purpose, and the lake was under the cliff. At this time, I met a boy who likes me in reality. He seems to be a little excited. I saw him, and my heart was inexplicably happy. But still nervously let him not come over. But he didn’t listen, I jumped into the lake in a hurry. But no one noticed me in such a big movement, because a friend of mine didn’t know why I was injured at this time. Everyone was concerned about her. I feel very uncomfortable, I am dying (because it is my own dream), but I can still climb out of the lake, and walk to the crowd in a “lost” way. All the talents are ashamed to notice me. But in a few moments, their attention shifted away. Ps is actually not a person who is really unknown in life. It may just be because of his personality, so it is not a “brother in the five lakes.”

This is really a frustrating dream. This dream reflects that you are very eager to pay attention to and sense of belonging. “The students have a lot of fun, but I feel a little bored.” This may have something to do with your preferences and personality. It also reflects that you are not very quick to integrate into the group or have not yet experienced a strong sense of belonging. . Of course, climbing up the cliff yourself has the meaning of being away from the group (don’t pay attention), and there is also the possibility to attract everyone’s attention. Guess, there are some small senses of loss in the process of climbing. Of course, you can also see your inner courage, tenacity and tenacity from your dreams.

It is gratifying to see that the boys who like themselves have seen themselves and experienced the feeling of being noticed, as if they saw a ray of sunshine in the dark. Think back to the feelings in your dreams. What was your feeling when he came to you? You don’t like him, so don’t want him to be close? Or you don’t know how to get along with him, don’t know how to develop and maintain (or not get used to) a closer relationship? This is a question you need to think about, and it is also a good opportunity for you to understand your heart deeply.

The feeling of loss jumped into the lake in a “poor situation… but in a short while, their attention shifted away”. This paragraph is even more vivid. When I jumped into the lake and drowned, I didn’t get much attention. My friend was only hurt and got so much attention. This kind of contrast is what the word “lost” can describe. This kind of strong contrast makes your heart more confusing. It’s like hearing a little girl telling you to yourself, I just don’t like it, I can’t get care. Before going to sleep, you can imagine this girl in the heart, hug her and tell her: you deserve to be liked, you deserve to be loved, you deserve to be concerned.

As you said, in reality you are not like this. But why is there such a dream? Just as literary works use exaggerated rhetoric to express the author’s thoughts, dreams have such a role. What it wants to express to you is that you need someone else’s attention and a sense of belonging, or more accurately, that you don’t need attention and a sense of belonging without the appearance of the surface. A sense of belonging refers to the emotional need to be accepted as part of a relationship or group, and people are eager to be affirmed and valued as a true self in a relationship or group. At the same time, this age is also a period of self-identity. The sense of belonging is an important pillar of self-identity. The need to be concerned and the sense of belonging to the community are the deepest psychological needs in our hearts and a necessary condition for our healthy growth.

This dream is also reminding you to learn to use a better way to gain attention and belonging. Based on this dream, I will give you some suggestions for enhancing your sense of belonging:

1. Actively participate in activities, try to actively communicate with people around you, and find those who can get in touch with you in the interaction. Maybe there are many people around you looking forward to making friends with you! Prepare for psychologically appropriate exposure and openness. The locked heart not only makes it difficult for others to come in, but also prevents them from entering the world of others. Only the little secrets you know can make your relationship closer, which is one of the reasons why girlfriends are so sweet.

2. There are no two identical leaves in the world, and there are no two identical people. Everyone has different ideas and concepts. In many cases, there is no distinction between good and bad, and some are just different. At the beginning of the interaction, it is very important to let go of our prejudice and presupposition and maintain a mindset of seeking common ground while reserving differences. Similar people are attracted to each other, and people are different for a long time.

3. If there are no friends around you who want to make deep friends, or if you are not currently suitable for the outside world, tell yourself that this is not your fault. Love yourself, pay attention to your inner needs, and care for your little girl. The true sense of belonging is to accept and identify with what they are. Loyal to your heart, don’t succumb to yourself in order to belong to a certain group. I believe that one day you will find your own position and sense of belonging.