20 “confidential” of “Big Bang”

The American drama “Big Bang” was launched in September 2007, and has been broadcast for 12 seasons on May 17 this year. In other words, the audience who was 18 years old when the show was aired in the first season has now entered the age of standing.

The performance of the series, with its outstanding performances over the years, not only made the image of the nerd scientists in “Big Bang” deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but also gradually turned them into friends and family members of the audience. Now, when it’s time to say goodbye to them, hardcore fans are inevitably reluctant.

The distance between the characters and the audience in the play is gradually narrowed, which is the original intention of the masters to make the series. They want to tell the general public that scientists are also ordinary people, with everyday life and colorful personality traits; the only difference is that their IQ is a bit “superior”, and their manners are more iconic.

The reason why the starring role of a scientist can be vividly displayed, according to the information revealed by the scriptwriter, this is not the actors are born, but are carefully arranged. In the same way, all seemingly “coincidence” events are also planned by the behind-the-scenes team.

In order to make the series better presented, the stars have to strictly follow the “rules” set by the writer and the director. Their performance is equivalent to “wearing a dance with a donkey.” Since these rules were made at the beginning, they have become the “second nature” of the starring people. When they face the camera and enter the role, they will be involuntarily revealed.

But some of the “rules” seem ridiculous, and the actors are still difficult to digest. Then, at the end of the final season of “Big Bang”, let’s take a look at what are the tough “rules” and let the actors who are ordinary people become qualified scientists.

Confidential 20: Cannot discuss the trial set
The pilot episode of “Big Bang” is easily overlooked. In the pilot episode, Sheldon and Leonard are the only two protagonists, and their personality is different from the drama. Penny, who was “occupied”, was not so young and beautiful in the pilot episode. The actress was Leslie, the female scientist in the first season.

In addition to the two male stars, other actors did not understand the pilot episode, and when they were asked, they were silent and correct. Producer Chuck Lorre is also not talking about the pilot episode. After all, the viewers who have seen it know that it is a failed idea, and the bad goods are sinking.

Confidential 19: Come to a flash dance
In recent years, “flash dance” has become the tradition of the “Big Bang” crew.

Imagine that when you sit in the audience and watch the performances on the stage, you will be lucky to witness the “flash dance.” All members of the crew will join the flash dance, which lasts for four or five minutes. This means you can spend twice as much on a wonderful show!

Confidential 18: Kaley, Johnny and Jim always get the highest appearance fee
In the first season, the main line of the story revolves around Sheldon, Leonard, and Penny. Although Raj and Howard are also starring, there is hardly any story about their independence. This is because the crew spent the most money on the top three stars. Therefore, when the audience hears the word “protagonist”, the first thing they associate with is the SLP.

In the recording of “Big Bang”, the laughter came from the real audience.

An interesting detail: the first quarter of the DVD version of the cover only printed the big head of the SLP three, and neither Raj nor Howard appeared.

Confidential 17: Be sure to speak with “baby sound”
Bernadette’s voice is distinctive in the play, and her doll sound is penetrating in Howard’s two-story home. But in reality, the voice of the actor Melissa is normal. This is because, after the casting, the crew found that Melissa and Kaley, who played Penny, were too similar, and the story was originally the waiter of the hamburger fast food restaurant. In order to distinguish it, Melissa had to use sharp points. The doll sounds to speak, which in turn becomes a character.

Confidential 16: Kevin Sussman only appeared on the cast when he starred
The role of Stuart, as early as the sixth season, has been the main character in the play (the owner of the comic shop). His identity as the main character is only determined later than Bernadette and Amy. However, Stuart is not a member of the protagonist circle.

Unlike Mayim, other actors can rely on rote memorization to deal with scientific terms.

Only when Stuart appeared in the set, his and the actor’s name (Kevin Sussman) will appear in the ending of the collection. It can be said that Stuart is the only person who has the starring role and positioning (and he also takes the appearance fee similar to the secondary starring), but is treated as a guest character. This is consistent with his identity as “extra person” in the story.

Confidential 15: Upgrading to the main character is also difficult to escape the fate
If you think Stuart has been treated unfairly, then the following two roles are even more tragic.

Leslie Winkle (a female scientist at Leonard’s research institute, two of whom have been associated with) and Raj’s ex-girlfriend Emily (red-haired veterinarian, who likes horror), the two are the starring of the second and ninth seasons respectively, but they follow Almost none of them played. The funny thing is that before Leslie and Emily were upgraded to “main cards”, they played much more frequently than after the upgrade. Therefore, no one understands the meaning of the so-called “upgrade”.

Confidential 14: Before the 10th season, the three stars had the highest pay
In 2014, the performance of each of the three starring performances was as high as $1 million. You are not mistaken, $1 million! Anyone feels unbelievable, and the crew will be willing to pay for a starring episode of only 20 minutes (not to mention the “bazinga” repeated in the episode one episode). However, it is undeniable that the starring in return for the long-term ratings is also an “equivalent exchange.”

Confidential 13: After the 10th season, the five stars will be paid flat
Raj and Howard’s appearance fees, until the eleventh season, finally tied the three stars.

Nowadays, the pay per star of each episode is $900,000, and the pay of the SLP trio does not rise and fall. 1/10 doesn’t sound much, but in the 24th episode, everyone will lose $2.4 million. Most people will not earn the money they lost in a lifetime.

Confidential 12: Melissa (Bernadette) and Mayim (Amy) have the lowest payouts in the starring group
Both Amy and Bernadette were identified as the main characters in the fourth quarter, and they were only expected to be featured in the fifth season. Therefore, the presets of these two characters are not as much as the audience now sees. At the same time, it also means that their pay is relatively low, and their initial pay per episode is less than 1/10 of the three starring performances of the same period. In the eleventh season, the actor’s contract was updated, and the five stars were negotiated and voluntarily lowered their pay. Finally, Mayim and Melissa’s pay was raised to $500,000 per episode.

Confidential 11: Actors must agree to the terms of the contract
Although the actors who played Raj and Howard now get the same pay as the three stars, Raj and Howard once faced a crisis of being replaced.

When their lawyers tried to increase the income of the actors, the two men had been working hard to get a good relationship with the film company. Things once fell into freezing point, and once they talked about collapse, the writers were all prepared to not write two characters into the script. In the end, they re-provisioned the contract and the two actors were willing to renew their performances.

Confidential 10: Master the method of shuttle in the set
On the YouTube video site, there is a video released by the “Big Bang” star: they used a handheld camera to bring viewers through the show set room. Just watching this video, the audience can imagine the complexity of the entire stage.

Since sitcoms are live performances, actors must keep in mind the location of each scene. Although there are many outdoor scenes and other venues in the final presentation, they are actually scenes in the studio; for the actors, these scenes are within reach, but I want to “shuttle” from Leonard’s 4A. Howard’s backyard bath still needs a good memory, and the complicated studio structure is very unfriendly to the road idiot.

Confidential 9: Be sure to use the talk show to increase ratings
If someone gives you a $1 million episode, you must also run a variety of announcements without complaint. For several starring roles, regardless of the theme of the announcement, whether it is “Allen Show” or Jimmy’s “Tonight Show”, the result is to bring attention to the “Big Bang” series. One of the benefits of the talk show is that the audience can truly understand the actor itself, not just the character he or she plays.

Confidential 8: Do not openly discuss their appointments
As the saying goes: Art imitates life. But life occasionally mimics art. When the story of the “Big Bang” progressed to the date of Leonard and Penny, the two actors actually did date in private; and when the story of Leonard and Penny came to an end, the two actors happened to break up. The two kept a low profile during the interaction, until the real breakup, only someone in the crew knew the romance of the story and the story.

Confidential 7: Be sure to perform live
Some trendy people often claim that they don’t like multi-shot sitcoms because they don’t want to be told when to laugh—a sarcasm for sitcoms that use “smile tracks”. However, in the recording of “Big Bang”, the laughter came from the real audience. Like other sitcoms, the “Big Bang” was recorded live in front of the audience, no matter what happened during the recording, the audience could see it clearly. Therefore, any performance of the actor can not escape the eyes of the audience.

Confidential 6: Risk of being forced to leave the role
As mentioned earlier, both Emily and Leslie’s plays are reduced after being upgraded to a resident role. Why Emily’s exit is still unknown, but Leslie’s exit reason is very simple and rude: the main creatives racked their brains and couldn’t think of a signature “personal setting”. Leslie, who has no personality traits, naturally has no chance to play.

Confidential 5: Either compromise or exit
In the third season, Raj found Lucy, the “true goddess”, but the relationship between the two ended in Lucy’s unilateral announcement of the breakup. The story looks particularly awkward, and the hidden secret behind it is that actress Kate Micucci will star in another American drama “Cool Girl Doubles.” Although the American drama was cut after the first season, Lucy had already been written “out” by the “big bang” screenwriter, and there was no chance to appear.

Confidential 4: Be sure to dress as needed

In addition to Penny, other characters have a pre-determined type of costume. This means that the actor must wear the same type of clothing for a few years or even ten years in full accordance with the director’s intention.

Among the other six stars, only Raj was spared, because Raj experienced the “liberation” of character in the plot: in the eleventh season, his dress was more fashionable and matched with the background of his Indian son. The change of fashion taste symbolizes the change of character.

Confidential 3: The day the protagonist withdraws, at the end of the episode
Unlike the protagonists such as “The Walking Dead”, the protagonist is no longer playing, and the plot is still advancing. 2019 is the end of the “Big Bang”, most of which is attributed to the willingness of Jim Parsons.

It is undeniable that Sheldon’s role is one of the magic weapons of the “Big Bang” viewing of Evergreen, and Jim clearly stated that “no longer appear in the thirteenth season.” The crew said that not only Sheldon, but the exit of any of the three stars will lead to the end of the series.

Confidential 2: Mayim must help
The audience has reason to believe that Mayim should get the most pay, because she is not only the only actor who won the Emmy nomination in the role of Amy, except for Galecki and Jim. She is also the only real one in the starring role. the scientist.

Mayim holds a Ph.D. in neuroscience. Although the scientific advisors hired by the “Big Bang” crew are among the best in the industry, they also ask Mayim for questions in the field of neurology.

Confidential 1: Keep in mind the scientific terminology
Unlike Mayim, other actors can rely on rote memorization to deal with scientific terms, so they don’t know anything about the meaning of lines. When Jim played Shelodn, his words were amazing, but he relied on muscle memory and practiced repeatedly to seem to “naturally” blurt out the vocabulary of the mouth.

In “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” Jim was asked to write a scientific formula on the spot. Sheldon’s masterpiece in the play is very torturous to the “Sheldon” in the real world.