Villagers outside the window

One weekend in summer, I took my son to rest at home. Suddenly I felt the light in the room was dim. Turning to look around, I saw a worker sitting on a rope and slowly sliding down to my window. Recently, our community is repainting its walls. Workers often work high above the building.

At this time, the four-year-old son also saw the workers outside the window. He was very excited and immediately cried, “Dad, look, Uncle Spider-Man, Uncle Spider-Man has come to my house!” The son shouted and ran to the window, jumping and waving out of the window. I stepped forward and picked up my son. The busy workers outside the window saw me and my son and smiled and waved at us.

I didn’t think much, stretched out my hand and opened the window. As soon as the window opened, I felt a huge heat wave pouring into the room. Now it’s midsummer, it’s noon again, the room has been open air conditioning didn’t feel, open the window just feel hot outside. I couldn’t help but frown. Only then did I see clearly the worker outside. He was about 30 or 40 years old. His face was a little red and scary. beadsofsweat kept dripping down from his forehead. His vest was already completely wet.

When his son saw the window open, he held out his hand to the window and opened his mouth and cried, “Uncle Spider-Man!” I was a little embarrassed and clapped my son’s ass: “What nonsense!” The worker was not angry at all and said with mirth: “It’s all right, it’s all right!”

Hearing his accent, I couldn’t help asking, “Are you from Henan?” The worker laughed, “Yes, from Xinxiang, Henan.” I was happy: “I am from Henan, Kaifeng, Henan, and I am next to you in Xinxiang.”

“Oh, it’s my hometown!” The workers cried affectionately. Apart from calling my hometown a month ago, I haven’t spoken my hometown dialect for a long time. At this time, my hometown dialect couldn’t help blurting out, quipping: “Our hometown in Henan is really everywhere!” The worker smiled and said, “Yes, brother, is this your own room?” I nodded and said, “I bought it the year before last.” The worker asked, “Is Shanghai’s house very expensive?” I laughed, “More than 20,000 yuan per square meter.”

“Good, good!” The fellow townsman outside the window gave me a thumbs-up sign, “Brother, you’re doing really well.” When he spoke to me, his feet instinctively stamped on the windowsill of my house. Two black footprints were immediately printed on the snow-white windowsill. I was a little unhappy and was about to close the window when this fellow townsman seemed addicted to chatting and asked me, “Brother, what do you do in Shanghai?” Sorry for being too cold, I had to answer, “I started a shipping company with my friends.”

“Ship what …” Villagers are obviously very strange to this industry. Indeed, we are in the plain area of Henan. On weekdays, no one in inside touches anything about ships. I had to explain it to him simply. Villagers listened carefully and nodded in response from time to time. At last, he saw me stop talking and asked, “Then your company must be making a lot of money?”

“This ……” I was shocked and laughed. “Generally.” In our hometown, especially in the countryside, many people do not know the concept of “privacy”. Seeing this fellow townsman talking endlessly, I wanted to close the window again, when the fellow townsman suddenly asked again, “Brother, how old are you?” I said a little impatiently, “I’ve been there for 80 years.” One leng, fellow townsman smiled and said: “you are older than me, I belong to pig in 83, you can maintain it in the city, you can’t refuse!” I didn’t expect this fellow townsman to be three years younger than me. I thought he was almost forty. Seeing that the villagers were going to ask questions again, I rushed ahead of him and said, “I’ve been talking for a long time, and I’m keeping you busy. I have closed the window, you must pay attention to safety when working high above the ground! ”

Villagers nodded and said: “This job is introduced by my wife’s cousin. My income is high in physical labor in inside. It doesn’t matter. I can’t get it yet! Well, let’s not talk. I’ve already dropped one piece and can’t finish the task any more. ” As he said this, he took the sling and left my window. I immediately felt relieved and could not help but smile: this fellow townsman loves chatting too much.

Only after he got down did I find that the air conditioner in the room had run out of cold air during the chat. I quickly closed the window and turned down the temperature of the air conditioner. Soon, the room inside was cool again.

I had a rest for an afternoon. In the evening, I remembered that I had an appointment with my friends today. In the evening, I was going to have a dinner party and took my son out of the door. At this time it was already over six o’clock in the afternoon, but when I got out of the corridor, I still felt sweltering. I took my son to the car and drove out of the gate of the community. I saw the fellow townsman squatting on the side of the road with several workmates eating watermelons. It seemed that they had just finished their work.

I think it is a little impolite to drive just like this. After all, I talked for so long a few hours ago, so I opened the window and shouted at the villagers: “Hey, villagers, I’m out on business, goodbye!”

When the villagers saw me, they were stunned. They immediately picked up half a watermelon cut on the ground and walked towards me. He said with mirth: “Come on, come on, have some watermelon!” Said the watermelon straight toward my car. Before I could refuse, my son reached for the watermelon and held it in his arms. I also want to refuse, villagers seem to see what I mean, will head into the car, two elbows on the window glass, whispered: “villagers, you take it, I have to thank you! You don’t know, you helped me a lot today! ”

What did he say that helped a lot? I saw the villagers staring at me and said mysteriously, “You don’t know, today is the first time I have done this kind of work. By the time I got out of your window, I was dizzy, everything was flashing white light, and I was going to faint at any moment. I was gnashing my teeth and holding on. At that time, you opened the window, the chill in your room burst, my eyes saw things clearly, chatting with you, the chill in your room blew in a burst, my mind slowly wake up … ”

After hearing this, I understood: No wonder fellow townsman inside talked with me for so long this afternoon. It turned out that he wanted to use the chat to blow the air conditioner in my room for a while so as to relieve the symptoms of heatstroke.

I didn’t hear what the villagers said later. When I recovered, the villagers had already stood outside the car and waved goodbye to me. As I slowly drove the car, my mind could not be calm: I didn’t expect that a little kindness would be a great help to people who live hard …