Those who disappeared into the darkness


  In the morning, he got up, took a cold water and drank it. Then, took two wolf heads and ate a plate of cold sauerkraut.

  The wife is asleep in bed, and her son is making a small squeak, everything is quiet. The son was born only a few months, loves to quarrel, crying at night, crying that he and his wife can not sleep. The wife is distressed by him. He is afraid that he will go down to the mine during the day and not enough to sleep at night. He will hold the child alone and go to the outer house separated by a curtain. Until the son did not quarrel, the wife quietly went to bed, this time the chicken has been called again.

  With a sly, every morning, he will be light-handed, try not to quarrel with his wife – he has nothing else to give to his wife, the only thing that can be given is only one heart. After breakfast, he gently lifted the curtain and listened to the sound of his son’s milky breath. A sense of happiness spread throughout his body. He quietly opened his quilt and kissed his son’s petal lips. The wife opened her eyes and stared at him and said, “Go and buy a bowl of soy milk, don’t save money.” He nodded. After the wife came to the mine with him, once he bought a few fritters and a bag of soy milk, he took it back and let his wife taste it. From then on, the wife remembered that soy milk is the best drink. Every time, when he goes to work, she always swears like this. However, he has always been reluctant to buy a bowl of soy milk, 5 cents a bowl of soy milk, not as good as a few mouthfuls of water to quench their thirst.


  His name is Li Gen, a miner who has been working for five years. Living next door is Wang Shan. Their hometown is in the mountains of the Qinling Mountains, where there is no production, only poor and backward.
  Coal mines are bitter, coal mines are dangerous, and coal mines can come in. One day is a hundred. This mountain people can earn more than 2,000 yuan a month, more than a year in rural areas.
  Wang Shan came with him. It was more bitter than his situation. There was a blind mother, a wife with rheumatism and three children. In order to save money, under normal circumstances, Wang Shan does not eat breakfast, can save a meal to save a meal.
  Li Gen pulled up the door and called Wang Shan. Wang Shan came out, carrying a bottle of drink from where he did not know where it was, with a bottle of water inside. When you are hungry, drink two and pad.
  In the footsteps of two people, the sky slowly lit up.


  There was still a while left in the well, and everyone was kneeling in the well. Li Gen took out a cigarette and took two. At the same time thrown to Wang Shan, Liu Liang next to the pump, so did not give him.
  Liu Liang was only 18 years old this year. He has been in the mine for two years and was brought by Li Gen. Li Gen, Liu Liang and Wang Shan are a village. Liu Liang’s family had only an old mother. The child had a hard time. When he was 14 years old, he was in the coal mine and an urn was taken home. Although he took the first place every time, but the family was too poor to support, he dropped out of school. At that time, Li Gen just returned to the home from the mine, and Liu Liang came to the door and asked Li Gen to bring himself down the well. Li Gen shook his head, not because of anything else, but that he was too young and the coal mine was too dangerous. Liu Liang is anxious: “Please, uncle, I will not drag you down, you can rest assured. I earned money, come back to study.”
  ”Hey…” Li Gen sighed.
  A few days later, Liu Liang carried a bag and left with Li Gen.
  Liu Liang, the kid, started to go down to the mine, his hands were full of bubbles, his shoulders were swollen, and he often cried his nose. At this time, Li Gen and Wang Shan will come to help. A distant relative is not as close as a neighbor. Does the child follow what he is? Isn’t it just for a photo?
  However, now that it is better, Liu Liang has adapted and become a local miner.
  ”Give your mother money?” Li Gen spit a cigarette and asked.
  ”Remitted.” Liu Liang knows to ask himself, busy agreeing.
  Li Gen nodded, threw the cigarette butts, picked up the house and walked to the mine. Wang Shan and Liu Liang are behind, they are a class.


  Dark tunnels, dim lights, people’s coughing and the sound of hard-working coal shovel. They have to stay in the mine for 10 hours a day before they can go out.
  The ground suddenly moved, and Li Gen and Wang Shan clearly felt it. The time inside the cave was dark, and Liu Liang trembled and asked: “Uncle, what happened?” The
  coal mine collapsed!
  After clarifying the situation, Liu Liang snorted, after all, he was only 18 years old.
  Wang Shan sighed: “Don’t cry, hehe…” He is a dull person, don’t know what to say, not to mention that he even wants to cry at this time – if he really goes this way, how can a family size? Live.
  Li Gen said with a sullen voice: “Let him cry. Hey, you shouldn’t let him come, regret it!”
  After a long time, Li Gen climbed up, lifted the coal, and moved backwards one by one. Wang Shan asked: “What are you doing?” Li Gen did not stop, while moving hard to move the coal, he said: “You can’t wait like this.” In
  one sentence, it brought strength to the other two. There was no crying, and Wang Shan and Liu Liang also joined in. 3 people did not speak, just moved forward and dug forward.
  As time went on, they began to feel strong hunger and thirst, and they began to sweat and put Venus in their eyes. Later, even the intestines were twisted into strands, and the stomach seemed to stick together. Nothing to say, Li Gen said: “Eat cinder, fill your stomach and say.” After that, he pinched a piece of coal into his mouth and swallowed hard. Wang Shan and Liu Liang met and learned his appearance and swallowed cinder.

  Cinder can barely plug the stomach, and delicious thirst is more difficult than hunger. Wang Shan’s drink in the bottle was only half of it. Three people were reluctant to drink. When they were too thirsty, they put their mouths in the bottle. However, the water is slowly getting smaller, half a bottle, no bottle bottom… finally no more.

  Wang Shan sighed and prepared to throw away the bottle and was stopped by Li Gen. Li Gen took the water bottle, untied the belt and sprinkled the urine in the bottle. After that, the other two people had urine and they all accumulated in the bottle. Gradually, the urine is also scarce, and three people are lying on the ground, unable to move, panting one by one, like the fish being thrown on the shore.
  The first thing that fell down was Wang Shan. He was weak in his body, and he was always lacking in nutrition. He finally fell to the ground. Li Gen hurriedly hugged him and stuffed the cinders into his mouth. He chewed hard, but he couldn’t swallow. Li Gen was busy pouring the urination from the bottle into his mouth. He shook his hand and stopped, so he stretched his hand and never let go. Li Gen was busy turning on the miner’s lamp. Under the faint light, he had closed his eyes and had no breathing, but his eyes were bleeding with two drops of tears. When Li Gen gently turned off the light, Liu Liang’s sock was heard in the dark.
  Li Gen didn’t talk, picked up the iron shovel, and dug it up, as if suddenly there was infinite power. Liu Liang also followed the busyness in silence. The hole was extended again, and it was much faster than in the past. When Liu Liang’s heart gave birth to a glimmer of hope, suddenly Li Gen stunned and held the iron shovel and sat down slowly.
  He called Liu Liang to the front and pointed the water bottle to him. He said, “Don’t do it, just lie here,
  wait– ” “Wait, huh?” Liu Liang asked.
  ”Outsiders – to save, can’t stand it, just – take a drink.” Li Genwei.
  ”You can also take a sip, uncle.” Liu Liang handed the water bottle, Li Gen blocked it, and told him: “It looks like it is difficult for both of them to go out. You drink – good effort. Uncle said, let You go back well.” In the
  darkness, the words slowly weakened, and then there was no more, leaving only Liu Liang to perceive the world. He wants to cry, wants to shout, but has no strength.
  Liu Liang was rescued. It was already seven days later. Two bodies were also carried out together. One was Wang Shan and the other was Li Gen.
  The compensation for the two companies was quickly released. Li Gen’s daughter-in-law received the compensation and fell to the ground and cried: “I don’t want money, I want my man…” The bed is a child who has just been a hundred days old. At Wang Shan’s home, two older children were surrounded by an urn, and the woman of Wang Shan cried a mess. The little contracted in her mother’s arms and arched her head like a lamb.
  Half a month later, Liu Liang was discharged from the hospital and left the place with Li Gen and Wang Shan’s family. Here is where he loves and hates. He knows that he can’t get out of this place in this life.