The whip is beyond the reach

  At the end of last year, I received a phone call from a friend. Unlike the usual calm chat, the phone was in a hurry.

  She said that you have worked in the media for many years. Does Xinhua News have a relationship? I said that the branch has a little bit.

  What about the head office? No. Does the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have a relationship? No.

  Oops, you are dead. It is a good thing to ask the original committee. Her child graduated from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and received an interview notice. After applying for the Xinhua News Agency, she also received an interview notice. I said congratulations, my daughter is so good, and my parents are too late to envy.

  She said what envy, the next interview, probation period, the proportion of elimination is still very high, the people who go up must have a hard relationship, the children of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the children of Xinhua News Agency, the children of the central leadership… Hey, Beijing, a little I can’t reach it, my relatives and friends are acquainted with a phone call. Also, you estimate to see where to grasp the bigger, we focus on doing the work, sticking to one end, but not both ends.

  In January of this year, when the New Year was over, the worrying phone call of the friend came again: Xinhua News Agency had a little hope, but it could not be finalized; the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had no information, and the relationship could not be found. What do you think? It seems that she has not been good this year, and I am desperate to use it. Friends are working hard. Her daughter’s learning from small to big is her heart. When her daughter went to kindergarten, she helped the teacher’s child to weave a sweater. For this reason, she specially learned the unique pattern. When her daughter goes to elementary school, promotes middle school, and includes the college entrance examination, she conducts all-round inspections, selects schools and classes in advance, and asks relevant people to establish good relations.

  It’s a pediatrics to send something to the festival. She is very hard-working. She helped the teacher to run a passport, filed a lawsuit, and renovated a house… so she did it in the field.

  Her daughter really went well, her academics were excellent, and she was excellent in all aspects. She felt that everything was the result of her own preparations. Now, she always feels that she should do something, and she can’t listen to her life, but this time it’s beyond her reach. Shortly after the Spring Festival, her daughter called: Auntie, both sides accepted, I am going to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  Also said: Fortunately, this time the mother did not trust the relationship, in fact, every time I told her not to do so, she never meant to go. I finally have a chance to prove myself.