Sinking the ice and fire in the market

The emergence of a lot of fun and interesting headlines in these two years has made people full of imagination for third- and fourth-tier cities, including more remote markets. For the Internet practitioners, whether it is milk or honey or a sneak peek is also causing our curiosity.

The background of this matter is obvious: online traffic is exhausted and more expensive, and the vast rural market, although Taobao and Jingdong have been in the countryside for many years, there is no application based on such groups. The success of a lot of fun and interesting headlines provides a new reference.

We went to Henan specifically. This is a typical province with a sinking market. It has a large population and a clear urban stratification. User portraits have several characteristics: time is abundant, acquaintance society and relatively white. Obviously, artificial intelligence, blockchain, 5G and other partial technologies are not suitable for growth in these places, but the partial operation is a rather large existence.

Here, rather than the mobile Internet, it is better to say WeChat Internet. As a national application, WeChat has occupied the majority of people’s time, so many entrepreneurial projects are based on the spread and fission of WeChat before they finally grow up, including a lot of competition.

Entrepreneur Zhang Hongtao has tried hard to move the users of WeChat to the app, but the effect is very bad. He found that in this market, the optical transmission of the verification code will kill 80% of the users, and eventually have to use WeChat login.

In the midst of a wild growth in chaos, the first to benefit are those who know the rules of WeChat, or play simple and rude. For example, some people specialize in developing local versions of mahjong, providing entertainment to people in specific areas through online entertainment, while the platform provides online room charges and earns a lot of money.

Many people have also acquired the first pot of gold through the operation of WeChat group. They harvested the first wave of dividends through the rubbish and plagiarism, even through the station number (using nearby people, simulating site addresses), group control (one computer controls hundreds of mobile phones), and malicious tampering with WeChat architecture. Behavior captures traffic.

These games, which are in the gray zone, sneak in the sinking market in the 3rd and 4th lines. With the improvement of WeChat rules and the evolution of users, more and more projects have turned to innovation in operational methods to acquire users.

Here, time is money that can be quantified, and the price is clearly marked. The reward mechanism is almost a common practice for all projects. For example, in the headline of interest, 1600 gold coins can be exchanged for 1 yuan, and users can only get 10 gold coins for reading a piece of information. The speed of reading one message per minute can earn up to 600 in one hour. Gold coins, converted to less than 5 cents. Today, today’s headlines have also developed the Extreme Edition app, which attracts users by reading rewards. However, the current situation is that once the red envelope subsidy is stopped, the activity of the app will drop rapidly. How to meet the needs of their “money making” is still being explored.

The preference for these people, coupled with the heavy operation of localization, has become the key to gold mining in the sinking market.

The Jasmine community is a fast-paced version of the voice, and most of them are third- and fourth-line women. Through three minutes or so of voice, they told strangers about emotions and emotions, such as “Who can understand my mood?” “A man who refuses to marry you is not enough to love you” “Derailment should be forgiven?” Content can be seen everywhere, and the geographical location of users is mostly in Liupanshui, Zhangzhou, Baoding and other cities. However, this product re-enactment does not work every time, and it also encounters problems such as the lack of ability to continuously produce content.

Prior to this, many people mentioned the third- and fourth-line markets. The first reaction was to advertise the wall. The effect of this approach is not so clear, it is more like a means for Internet companies to do public relations. The preference for these people, coupled with the heavy operation of localization, has become the key to gold mining in the sinking market.

Some people may say that products such as WeChat and Vibrato have already crossed the region and class, and have a broad user base in the sinking crowd. However, how many masses can we do with WeChat and Vibrato? From this perspective, there is still room in the market outside the five rings, and the decisive battle of the giants has not yet begun.

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