Silent Nobel Prize

  Every morning, you will see a sly old man appearing on time at the European Brain Institute on the outskirts of Rome. In the afternoon, her figure will appear in the center of the African Women’s Education Foundation.

  You can’t think of it. This old man is an American Italian female cytologist and Rita Levi Montalcini, a 1986 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Today, she is 101 years old, and despite her age, Levi Montalcini still insists on working hard every day.

  Let’s take a look at the life of another old man. One day in October 2009, the weather was as good as usual. The 76-year-old Indiana University professor Eleanor Ostrom came to his office calmly, at 9 am, and did not work yesterday. difference. Next, she began to work on her own job today – teaching the students for two hours, but she couldn’t find time to pay attention to the media reporters who were holding the “long guns and short guns” against her. The reason why journalists are coming is because Elinor Ostrom has just been awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize in Economics. She is also the only woman to win this award in decades. .

  Time has been reversed for 12 years. In October 1997, American Chinese scientist Zhu Yuwen was announced to win the Nobel Prize in Physics for inventing the method of laser cooling and trapping atoms. On the day of winning the prize, Zhu Xiwen still went to class for the students as usual. He said: “When I think that there are more outstanding scientists, especially those who are better than me, I haven’t really seen this award. I just have better luck.”

  There is no such thing. In 1973, Patrick White was announced to win the Nobel Prize in Literature, becoming the first and only Nobel Prize winner in Australian history. When he learned the news on his own farm, White just smiled. Then he waved his hand and said, “The Nobel Prize in Literature will not make any change in my life.” Then I went fishing with a fishing rod. And left a bunch of reporters to stand in the spotlight.

  At this point, we can’t help but think of the lady in the great science home of the beginning of the last century. She is the only female scientist who has won the Nobel Prize twice. However, even after holding the Nobel medal for the second time, she was still so calm, still engaged in the work at hand, she even gave her gold medal to the children as a toy. Einstein said: “In all the celebrities I know, Mrs. Curie is the only one who is not upside down for the sake of fame.” “She is a statue that is not corrupted by honor, standing on the square of time, showing the public heart.” .

  We finally understand that the garland and applause are vain, and the honor and wealth are nothing. The Nobel Prize is actually so quiet.