Selling fruit

Liu Xia is the owner of a bookstore. She lives in a hutong in the northwest of the county. There are hundreds of families living in this long, large alley. There are always some countrymen selling some fruits and vegetables on weekdays.

This afternoon, after a thunderstorm, the rain stopped and Liu Xia quickly went out to work nearby. Going to the alley, Liu Xia met a boy of ten years old, wet, and carrying a big bamboo basket that was not commensurate with his head.

Seeing Liu Xia watching him, the boy asked: “Auntie, do you buy Yamanashi? Just picked it, it is delicious.”

Liu Xia didn’t really like the sour taste of Yamanashi. She just wanted to say no to buy. She could see the boy’s eyes full of expectations, as well as the wet hair and soaked clothes. When the heart was soft, I asked a question. : “This basket of pears is your own back?”

The boy immediately nodded with excitement: “Well, I came from Shannan Town, more than 30 miles, and there was heavy rain on the road, and it was all wet.”

Liu Xia carefully looked at the basket of Yamanashi, and said that there are also 20 pounds. If you look at this child, it is not easy to carry such a large basket of pears. Liu Xia asks: “Your pear How to sell?”

Seeing Liu Xia asking the price, the boy is more happy: “Auntie, you have to buy two yuan a pound, this is the knot on our tree, not expensive and delicious.”

Liu Xia listened to this and followed the smile: “You will speak very well. If Auntie buys your pears, how much do you want?”

When the boy heard it, he asked with surprise: “Auntie, are you really talking? Auntie, I have said it at home, a total of twenty-two pounds. If you buy it, you will not have a fraction. Give me forty.” “”

The little boy’s “Auntie” made Liu Xia feel warm in his heart. Liu Xia’s life was very good, and she didn’t care about the forty dollars. She immediately handed over forty yuan to the boy. The boy pulled out a woven bag from the bottom of the basket and poured the pear into it. I gave Liu Xia.

Liu Xia took the pear and asked: “How do you sell pears, other fruits don’t sell?”

The boy grinned and said: “Auntie, we have a pear tree in our house. There are not many pears in this year. My parents are going out to work. Grandparents are at home. They say that this pear tree is under my control. I picked up a basket and sold it. The money I sold was spent on me, leaving a little pear for my grandparents to eat.” After that, the boy carried the empty bamboo basket and walked happily.

Liu Xia looked at a bag of pears in her hand, thinking that it seemed that she could only return home and put the pears back.

Ten minutes later, Liu Xia came out from home and went to the alley. At this moment, she accidentally saw a scene in front of her eyes: the little boy who sold pears to her, and now a basket of fruit appeared. A middle-aged man stood beside the boy and appeared to be preparing to buy his fruit.

Liu Xia suddenly realized that she had been deceived. She had already heard that many fruit dealers now sell fruits from other places, and then find some local farmers to carry the streets and lanes, making them from the parents, the knots, and the species. Look, so that the people can buy with confidence, think of this, Liu Xia quickly stepped forward, cold and asked: “What fruit are you selling this time?”

The little boy couldn’t help but see Liu Xia, and he couldn’t help but see his face immediately reddened. He stuttered and said: “Auntie, it is a grape…”

Liu Xia squinted and asked: “Don’t you say that there is only one pear tree in your family? Can this pear tree also bear grapes?”

The little boy bowed his head and whispered, “This grape… I sold it for others.”

The middle-aged man who was just preparing to pay for the grapes was not happy when he heard this. He said, “Don’t you say that this grape is grown by yourself? It’s not like a little girl at a young age!” I turned away and screamed.

Then, Liu Xia also counted down the little boy, and then he went to do his own thing. After going far away, Liu Xia couldn’t help but look back and saw that the boy was sitting on a stone by the road, tearing his tears sadly. . Liu Xia’s heart was sour and thought: “It seems that I’ve just said something a bit heavy.” I thought again, “Now the people are really, for a few dollars, let the children sell the fruit, this crime Later, I have to call on the people in the alley to boycott this behavior.”

When Liu Xia finished the matter, it was already more than five in the afternoon. On the way home, she accidentally met the little boy again. It seems that his business is not good. The basket of grapes is still full, his look. It was also very frustrating. When Liu Xi came over, the boy quietly stood by the wall and lowered his head. He did not dare to see Liu Xia.

Taking advantage of the expression of the little boy, Liu Xia was very upset. According to her usual character, she took out some money and bought the little boy’s grapes. But today, Liu Xia can’t help. She can’t encourage this kind of ethos. If the little boy’s grapes are sold, tomorrow he will It is possible to sell it with oranges, apples and bananas.

When I got home and cooked, Liu Xia washed two clothes and went to the balcony to prepare for the clothes. At this moment, she inadvertently looked downstairs and saw that the little boy was carrying a basket of grapes. Ghostly walked behind the building of Liu Xia’s house, it was a small piece of undeveloped land, very remote, full of half a person high grass.

What is he doing? Liu Xia quickly put down her clothes and looked down. She saw the little boy coming to the grass, looked around and saw no one. Then he knelt down and carefully took the grapes out of the basket. The boy stood up in the grass until only half a basket was left. Then, he took out the forty dollars that he had just sold pears from his pocket and carefully counted them. There were four ten pieces in total. The boy seemed to have made a great deal of determination and took out two of them. Roll into the palm of your hand, then look back at the grapes in the grass from time to time, a look of reluctance. Finally, he carried the remaining half of the basket of grapes, walked out of the grass, walked through the narrow alley, and walked out…

Liu Xia was smashed by the scene in front of him. What kind of play did the child play? Why did he want to hide half a basket of grapes into the wild grass? This fact is too embarrassing, let Liu Xia curiosity, she refused to dry clothes, and quickly chased out, she wants to see what the child is selling in the gourd.

Out of the door, Liu Xia saw the little boy walking toward the outside of the alley. She followed the far side and followed the Xijiao Park. At this time, Liu Xia saw a girl sitting on the stone bench. She was also in her teens. She had an empty basket in front of her, and she looked around and seemed to be waiting. The girl saw the little boy coming back and stood up happily.

Just behind the stone bench is a wall, Liu Xia walked quickly, walking sideways to the wall, just heard the little boy said: “Xu Li, I am sorry, I only sold half a basket of grapes, two dollars a pound, A total of twenty dollars, this is the money to sell grapes, for you.”

The little girl named Xu Li said happily: “Li Long, thank you. If you want to sell it for me, you can’t sell it in half a basket. Who would have thought that I would put my ankle?”

The little boy was a little sad and said: “In fact, at first, there was an uncle who wanted to buy the whole basket. But then I misunderstood me, I didn’t buy it, and the result would not be sold…”

The little girl said, “Why do you misunderstand you?”

The little boy said: “There was a kind-hearted aunt who bought my pear first. Later I saw that I was selling grapes. I thought I was a fruit seller and lied to her. When she said, no one else would buy it.”

Hearing here, Liu Xia’s heart was tight. It seems that she really misunderstood the child. When she thought of it, she quickly came out from behind the wall. The little boy saw Liu Xia coldly, his mouth was wide open, and he said a word. Not coming out.

Liu Xia squinted and said, “You have to talk to me well, what is the matter? What can be said? I can’t tell you the bag of pears I just bought.”

When the little boy heard it, his face was so red that he was too nervous. He said that the little girl was fangs and said, “You are the kindhearted aunt who bought pears? Auntie, it is like this, we are Neighbors, they have a pear tree in their house. There are two vines in our house. They are all cooked. We want to go to the city to sell fruit. Then he buys an idiom dictionary. I buy a modern Chinese dictionary. “We are going to junior high school soon. The teacher said that these tools are all necessary. On the way, who knows that there was heavy rain, I twisted my feet in the mud, I want to go back, Li Long does not Agree, he will carry a piece of fruit – a basket of grapes and a basket of pears, then come back and help me to walk for a while, finally got here, he let me rest here, and then sell it myself…”

Hearing this, Liu Xia’s heart seems to have been poked with a knife. She blamed herself: “I have lived for decades, and the boy in front of me knows that it is a good boy. What did you think of him?” Thinking of this, Liu Xia smiled and said to the little boy: “Why did you just tell me clearly, let Auntie blame you, and the rest of the grapes, the aunts bought.” ”

The little boy and the little girl said in unison: “Really?”

Liu Xia nodded.

The little girl is straightforward: “Auntie, this basket of grapes originally had more than 20 kilograms, sold half of it, and the rest of you gave twenty lines.”

Liu Xia took out forty yuan from her pocket and handed it to the little girl twenty. She turned and handed it to the boy who stood on the side. The boy looked at Liu Xia strangely: “Auntie, you give more, twenty will do. It is.”

Liu Xia said with a smile: “Is there more to give, Auntie is clear, but to buy your grapes, I have a condition, that is, you have to go back with me.”

The little girl asked inexplicably: “Why?”

Liu Xia said: “There are two things. The first thing, Auntie is a book seller. You can go back with me. The “Idiom Dictionary” and the “Modern Chinese Dictionary” can be given to you. The second thing, I I have to take you back to criticize a wasted child…”

The little girl is even more puzzled: “wasted child?”

Liu Xia looked at the boy and said, “Yes, a wasteful child, he dumped the half-basket grapes of others’ good end into the haystack. You said that he was wasting no waste? We have to help him bring the grapes back!”

When the little boy heard this, he suddenly understood it and quickly lowered his head. This little face was red again after the sunset.