Say your identity

Xiangyang County is a famous revolutionary old district. In order to let future generations remember the deeds of the martyrs, the local government specially built a memorial hall behind the martyrs cemetery, which is free to visitors.

At two o’clock this afternoon, a 60-year-old man from the memorial hall was asked to visit. Several people in the guard room were chatting and laughing. When they saw a visitor, they had to stop playing. One of the men in their forties who had a black hair on their face frowned and asked, “Is there an ID card?” The old man said “with”, and even after groping for a while in his pocket, he finally pulled out his ID card and two train tickets. He handed the ID card into the window of the guard room with a little prudence and asked: “Comrade, now I am Can you go in?”

“A bristles” glanced at the train ticket, knowing that the old man came from afar, and the black hair on his face immediately jumped up. He did not scream a “li Xiao registration”, then he closed his hand and complained: ” It’s not the Ching Ming Festival. I’m running around to see these broken shots. Who knows how to learn advanced? I said that you have to be faster, we have to play cards for a while, who has time to wait for you!”

The old man was very upset, but he didn’t want to argue with him. He had to “hmm” and took the ID card and went to the exhibition hall in the hall. let Xiao Li turn on the lights with the past, he was afraid that the old man could not hear, and deliberately shouted: “Don’t turn on the headlights, power consumption! Grandma’s, tickets are not money, Waste resources for you alone, you are mys!”

Xiao Li felt that the words “a hairy hair” were a bit heavy. When he looked at the old man and saw that his beard was trembled, he persuaded him: “The director of Huo is broken, don’t mind, look at it, almost. You will come out, save the outsiders in his bad playing cards, and my heart is not happy.” Said, Xiao Li went back to the guard room.

The old man screamed, he didn’t say anything, just spoke in the direction of the guard room, then squinted and saw it through the less bright lights. The old man looked very focused. When he saw the last “Introduction to the life of the revolutionary martyrs of Xiangyang County”, his eyes brightened, and he could not wait to put his eyes on it to look carefully. But at this time, the small places around him The lights suddenly went out, hey, it’s time to close the museum so soon?

The old man walked out of the exhibition hall with his sore eyes and found that the outside sun was still very bright. He looked at the old-fashioned watch on his wrist with a puzzled look. It was only three o’clock. What kind of name is this guy doing? He dissatisfiedly said a few words to the staff not far away: “How do you turn off the lights? I haven’t finished reading yet!”

The two girls are sitting in the shade of the tree and chatting on their own, as if they did not hear the old man. At this moment, “a mane” came out and sneered and said to the old man: “You still have a face to ask? Do you know what time it is? You have been staying in our library for more than an hour, and you are not conscious. ?”

The old man was so angry that he snorted and asked loudly: “Even if I have been in your library for more than an hour, how can I become a detainee?”

Did not expect the old man to dare to refute him, and immediately said with a bad voice: “I said that Huo Yimao is a rule, not convinced to sue me!” After that, he disdainfully glanced at the old man, turned and teased Thrush bird in a bamboo cage under the eaves. The old man was not too angry, and he was going to look for the curator to judge, or Xiao Li’s heart was good. He was afraid that the old man would be so good that he would pull him to the side to sit down and let him suffocate. : “Old man, I am not talking about you. You entered and entered. I also read it. Is it bad to go back early? Why are you angry with our director Huo? Tell you, don’t say that our curator is not here today, even if he In the end, I will not know what Director Huo will do.”

“Oh?” The old man laughed with a sigh of relief. “Don’t you, Director Huo and the curator are worshipping the brothers?”

Xiao Li said that although they are not worshipping their brothers, they are similar. It turned out that Huo Yimao’s grandfather Huo Xingyun was a revolutionary hero. When the insurgents retreated to Jiangxi, they stood up and covered the main force to retreat, but they sacrificed. He has many fellow countrymen and comrades who have returned to his hometown of Xiangyang County as cadres after liberation. They are deeply impressed by Huo Xingyun’s heroism and special care for his descendants. Now the curator of the memorial hall is the grandson of Huo Xingyun’s comrades, from childhood and Huo Yimao. The brothers said that he would punish Hu Yimao for a strange old man from a foreign country.

Xiao Li thought that when he talked about this, the old man should be more comfortable. Who knows that the old man listened to him like this, but he was even more excited. He yelled at Xiao Li’s clothes and shouted: “Impossible, absolutely impossible! You say Once again, who is his grandson?”

At this time, “a mane” stood aside and saw the old man asking questions. He suddenly straightened his waist and said: “Huo Xingyun, how?”

The old man let go and rushed to “a hairy man”: “Huo Xingyun was only fifteen years old. How can he leave his children and grandchildren?” After that, the old man stared at “a mane” as if he was watching a A total of enemies like heaven. Xiao Li was afraid that both of them would make trouble again and quickly explained: “The old man, he is really the grandson of Huo Hero. Although Huo Xingyun died at the age of fifteen, even the bones were not found, but the folks did not forget him, in liberation. After that, he not only gave him a dress, but also gave him a child to inherit the incense for him. The child is the father of Director Huo!”

“A mane” proudly said: “Have you heard? I am a descendant of the martyrs. In the heroic township of Xiangyang County, who is not looking at our Huo family? What can you do with the bad old man from this field?”

“What’s wrong? Not very good!” The old man laughed twice and suddenly went forward, raised his hand, and slammed the slap in the face of “a mane.” Because it was too sudden, “a mane” could not be evasive, and he was beaten with two eyes. In front of a few subordinates to eat such a big loss, “a mane” gas violently thunderous, the face of the mane is erected, he stood up to wipe the blood of the mouth, frantically pounced on the elderly… …

Several staff members were afraid of “a slap in the face” and angered, and quickly stopped him. A timid female employee also took out his cell phone to call the police.

The old man was not nervous at all. He grinned and said: “Alarm? Hey, it’s useless to call the Emperor Laozi, Lao Tzu hits his son, it’s natural!”

what? This old man is too much, is it so cheap? Everyone is worrying, “a hair” rushes to the old man and raises a fist to fight. At this critical juncture, the old man screamed: “Huo Yimao, do you know who I am?”

“A mane” was stunned by the momentum of the old man, and then he taunted and asked: “Who are you? Can you still see me if you are so poor?” The old man stared at him and took out his ID card from his pocket. Word by word: “You are right, I am called Huo Mingyi. According to your current identity, you have to call me a ‘爹’ because I am a Huo-Star-Cloud!”

The people present were scared a lot. “One mane” is 10,000 and I don’t believe it. Didn’t Huo Xingyun have already sacrificed it? How can I get a son?

In the face of the people’s doubts, Huo Mingyi smiled a bit. He put his hand into the clothes and pulled out a layer of cloth wrapped in a layer and opened it solemnly. When everyone saw it, the eyes immediately went straight, and the bag was actually more than 20 eucalyptus maiden amulets! What is the eucalyptus girl amulet? Before the liberation, there was a custom in Xiangyang County. When the child was full moon, the family went to the temple to ask for a eucalyptus brand with the child’s name and birth character. I hope the child will live as long as the banyan tree. This “amulet” is like a human life. It can’t be separated from the body for a while. After the death, it is put together with the tablet and is worshipped by the incense of future generations.

Xiao Li carefully took a few pieces and identified the above name: “Qin A dog, Zhu Sandi, Chen Hanqi… Hey, are the names of the martyrs. These imitations are really similar, and they are exactly the same as our collection. ”

Huo Mingyi said coldly: “There is still the blood of the martyrs, how can it be ‘imitation’? This is what I personally took from the body of my comrades, and I have been enshrined in my house for more than 60 years. Can find experts to identify!”

Listening to the old man is so arrogant, everyone can’t help but believe that eight or nine points, but what is the relationship between these “amulets” and Huo Xingyun’s life and death?

At this moment, Huo Mingyi sighed for a long time and slowly said a dusty history: It turned out that Huo Xingyun participated in the insurrection army at the age of fourteen. In that year, the insurgents were at a disadvantage and had to When Jiangxi retreated, Huo Xingyun took the initiative to ask him to stay as a sniper to drag the enemy. Later, the enemy quickly caught up. Huo Xingyun was young and had no actual combat experience. He was shot in a coma at the beginning of the battle. He woke up late at night, and there was no one around him. He was surrounded by a bloody body. . He couldn’t cry when he was so scared, and he fled after picking up the amulets of his comrades.

Huo Xingyun’s injury was not very heavy, but at the time he was only fifteen years old, he was scared by the bloody scene of the battlefield. After he was wounded, he did not pursue the troops, but he was exiled all the way, and finally he was thousands of miles away. A small city settled down, learned craftsmanship in a kind-hearted barber, married and had children, and lived a quiet, poor life.

After liberation, Huo Xingyun once sneaked back to Xiangyang County. He felt that he had no face to face his father and relatives, so he went to worship his comrades. Unexpectedly, he unexpectedly found his name and deeds on the martyrs’ monument. The original comrades thought he was killed. Then he was recognized as a hero. Huo Xingyun left Yunyang County with a lost soul and never returned. Before he died, he took his son Huo Mingyi’s hand and shed tears. He wanted Huo Mingyi to return home for him after he left, to burn the incense for the comrades in the original, and then went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to tell the truth and put his name from To erase the monument… Huo Mingyi, in order to realize the wish of the father, went to Xiangyang County by car as soon as possible, and was ready to visit the Martyrs Cemetery and Memorial Hall. He went to the Civil Affairs Bureau the next day. He did not expect this visit to let him I met the grandson of my father’s hometown unexpectedly!

Huo Mingyi screamed “a hairy man” and said angrily: “Our brothers and sisters are many, I will only shave my head and will not grow the land. My family will rely on my mother to support me. I have been bitter in my childhood! My mother advised me.” It is said that it is good to have done the revolution. According to the policy, you can go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to receive subsidies, but he just refuses. He said that he did not make any contribution, and later he threw down the troops and ran away. He was treated as a hero by his hometown, and did not come out to admit his mistake. Already a loss of conscience, how can I still have a face to take care of the country? If he is told by his elderly people in Xiangyang County, someone in his name can easily become a martyr orphan and enjoy the care, but also confidently chat during working hours. Playing cards, it’s difficult for us to visit people everywhere, I don’t know if I will be vomiting blood!”

Listening to the words of the old man, “a hairy hair” hangs for a long time, but can’t say a word, the black hair on his face is completely soft like a surrender…