Samaranch, Spanish temperament, Picasso

  ”Humans have five common languages, money, war, art, sex, and sports.” Samaranch said this before his death. Under the face of art, passion, and jealousy, this old man has the distinctive features of the Spaniards, maybe In heaven, he can talk to his fellow Picasso.

  After Samaranch’s death on April 21, the local media claimed that he was the most internationally influential person in Spain in the past 50 years. When it comes to the influential Spaniards, Picasso’s name is probably unknown. One of the most influential artists in the West in the 20th century has a common memory with Samaranch – Barcelona.

  Rebellious art youth

  Barcelona, ​​Spain is a world-famous art capital. The city advocates freedom and creativity, nourishes genius and inspiration, and has nurtured modern art leaders such as Picasso, Miro and Dali, and became a world-famous art acropolis of realism. Picasso also spent the most important life in this place. year. In such a city, Samaranch, an elegant and artistic temperament, has also been cultivated.

  As the eldest son of the Spanish textile industry’s richest family, Francisco, Samaranch is rich in life. Later, he recalled that his home was so expressed. “The house is like the palace in “One Thousand and One Nights”, the medieval architecture, the Chinese ancient living room, and a small study. The collection is very rich, which introduces British classical. The artist’s monograph, especially I am so intoxicated.” In this house, Little Samaranch and five brothers and sisters live happily. The children each have their own room and they have their own expenses.

  The father did not set strict requirements for the lives of his children, in order to let them cultivate their hobbies from an early age. In middle school, Samaranch has a wide range of interests, versatile, and keen on all kinds of sports. Football, boxing, and hockey can reach the level of quasi-professionalism. He is the winger of the school football team, the violinist who received the certificate of the Royal Academy of Music in Barcelona, ​​and the music of Debussy and Tchaikovsky.

  When he was in his early 18s, the school was completely suspended due to the civil war in Spain. For the first time, Samaranch knew that the world was not as beautiful as a fairy tale world. At a time of puberty and nothing to do, he chose to use rebellion to vent his helplessness and boredom. Samaranch and some of his nephews fell in love with a sport that only the rich could ask. The endless tarmac flew toward him, and the lush forest arrows generally shot backwards. Samaranch, who is driving the Godia brand sports car, tastes a crazy chic and speed magic. The thrill of madness, excitement, weightlessness, and conquest fills the atrium of this young man. He feels like he is floating in the clouds. From Barcelona to Madrid, 700 kilometers away, he can run the full course in 3 hours and 30 minutes.

  One day, Samaranch drove a sports car. From the rearview mirror, he saw his friend Sevalos catching up. The good Ferrari caught up with him like a red cloud. Sevalos waved his hand at the moment he passed him, passed a kiss, and drifted forward like a strong wind. At this time, a large truck came on the scene, and a jeep suddenly appeared behind him. I never thought that the opposite Ferrari could have such a magical speed, and a red light flashed in the blink of an eye. The jeep driver did not have time to make a scream and slammed into it.

  The Samaranch souls that witnessed the entire accident process were scattered, in a pile of twisted metal gaps, sandwiching the bloody bodies of good friend Sevalos. Just a minute ago, Sevalos gave him a kiss. The blood flowed out of the body that Svalos gradually lost heat, and fell on the black tarmac, as if reminding him: “Hurry and leave this death springboard, leave!”

  Since then, Samaranch has given up the death campaign and started to enter and exit the social center of various celebrities in Barcelona. Pursue fashion and become the main content of his life.

  After graduating from the graduate school in Barcelona and entering his father’s textile company, Samaranch showed an amazing talent in business. What he is best at is negotiating. Others can’t talk about business, but he can negotiate in a short time. He firmly grasps the measure and insists on the principle of always changing and always changing — flexible. He is good at telling the words that the other party wants to hear at the most appropriate time, the most appropriate place, and the most natural occasion. It not only makes the other party feel that they are not catering, but also does not have the compliment, and there is no awkward annoyance. When he doesn’t need to talk, his eyes reveal the other side of the mind. The eyes are both sincere and meaningfully looking directly at the other side. There is no hesitation, only passion and frankness.

  He gave birth to a kind of self-confidence from the trial and error success. This kind of self-confidence for young people has added new charm to him. But he did not satisfy, but used the business knowledge he had learned in the graduate school to mobilize the youthful thinking with exuberant vitality and to expand his eyes to the ready-to-wear field outside Samaranch’s business. From recruiting designers to buying raw materials, Samaranch is a must. Finally, after three months, his team based on the traditions of the Catalan nation, drawing on the modern European style, combined with Barcelona’s unique maritime climate characteristics, designed a texture and style of windbreaker. Samaranch personally named the trench coat “TOP”. Since then, the Siberian cold that lasted for a month has swept the Iberian Peninsula. Barcelona people rushed to the top of the major shopping malls to buy warm and stylish TOP trench coat. In the cold winds of Barcelona, ​​the citizens of Barcelona wrapped their bodies tightly in the windswept coats, and felt the warmth from the Samaranch Textile Company.

  Who can think of Savon in his 20s is still the trend of fashion front.

  What the sexy star has to say

  A healthy posture, a good family, when young, the Samaranch, known as the “Young Master of Juan”, is always surrounded by a group of beautiful women. His favorite girls are Carmen Drerio and Katia Loritz. Lale Monti and so on. He is dating these charming girls, dancing, watching movies, listening to opera, and going to nightclubs.

  Samaranch’s work has always been meticulous, as well as the contact with the girls. If the same girl has a longer contact, he creates a card that records the girl’s birthday, name, hobby, number of appointments, gifts that have been given, and so on. Such a card, Samaranch had 40 at the age of 21. Samaranch especially likes a blonde’s Carmen Drerio. In his card, from the number of appointments, Carmen surpassed all other girls.

  For this, Samaranch did not shy away. On August 22, 1988, the reporter of the Spanish Tribune had asked Samaranch straight away: “Please tell me, have you really had a relationship with the sexy star Carmen Drerio in the 1950s?” I have had a relationship with Carmen. I admit it and I am happy about it. I still miss her. In addition, I have something to do with her…” Samaranch is still unfinished. “Please tell me.” The reporter followed suit. Savon had to say, “I don’t want to open this up. The youth of the past is wonderful, but it is a long time ago.” “Another thing” may be just what Samaranch kept in his dreams. A small oasis.

  The beautiful time of the feasting, the left and the right will always pass. The massive outbreak of tuberculosis in Europe has forced Samaranch to stop the game of wind. Both his brother and Augusto have contracted this terrible disease. Augusto died and Samaranch escaped. At this time, Samaranch, 34, began to think about what he wanted and what he wanted.

  Maria is the true goddess of the romantic son Samaranch, a beautiful woman who was a socialite in Barcelona. She is a native of 5 languages ​​and specializes in piano and painting. At that time, Maria, who had yet to wait for the word, had noticed the young and promising Samaranch. Finally, Samaranch asked the people to match the line and shot the “Cupid Arrow” to Maria. Maria has been looking forward to this day, the two soon met and fell in love at first sight.

  At the age of 23, Maria combined with Samaranch, 35. After marriage, she often cooks Samaranch for three meals a day: breakfast sandwiches with low-fat milk, lunch with fish and rice, dinner with broth, yogurt and fruit. Maria believes that the most ideal summer dress is a white top with gray trousers, and a beige suit is equally chic. It can be noticed that Samaranch wears beige suits on many important occasions.

  One day in 1958, Samaranch was on his way home. The aircraft engine had an abnormal situation. If the plane crashed, he could not leave the world silently. At this time, Samaranch only thought of his wife, Maria. He took out the pen and paper and hurriedly wrote: “Maria, my dear, I love you. No power can separate us.” Then he silently waited for the moment of disaster, I don’t know if Samaranch’s belief is still present. The priest’s prayers worked, and the plane landed on a farmland in an emergency, and Samaranch was safe and sound.

  Savon, who has had a big storm in his life, always has a good time. He has revealed the secret of good luck: that is, the chestnut from the hometown of his wife, Maria. As long as he goes out, Savon habitually puts a chestnut in his pocket. The Barcelona Olympic Museum has set up a counter that displays dozens of chestnuts in the pockets of Savon.

  At the opening ceremony of the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Samaranch’s first word was “Hello” in Spanish. Only Maria, who was lying on a bed in Barcelona, ​​knew that this is an 80-year-old, well-known old man who is using his own energy. The most direct way to choose is to say hello to your lover. Unfortunately, the deepest love did not stop the pace of death. In the journey after the opening ceremony, Samaranch learned that Maria had passed away and had no time to let Samaranch see the last side. 800 VIPs, including Queen Sofia of Spain, attended the funeral of Maria. At the funeral, Samaranch’s eyes were full of tears, his left hand on his chest, where it was closest to the heart, and he kept saying: “She is a good woman, I love her very much, love her very much…”

  Samaranch and Maria have a son and daughter. Her daughter Maria Theresa is a Ph.D. in economics. She is currently the president of the Spanish Ice Sports Association. Her son Samaranch is an MBA and a master of mechanical engineering. Vice chairman of the meeting. At the 2001 Olympic Committee of the International Olympic Committee, Little Samaranch was elected as a member of the International Olympic Committee. Samaranch hopes that his son will become an executive member of the International Olympic Committee and even a higher position. Now at the International Olympic Committee, Little Samaranch is mainly responsible for the coordination and market development of the Winter Olympics.

  In 2008, Samaranch led a Spanish off-road team to explore the northwest of China. At the time, when a Chinese reporter interviewed Samaranch, he told him about his son’s expedition in China. The old man listened and couldn’t help but laugh…

  Working under the watchful eyes of Picasso

  In 1977, Samaranch boarded a flight to Moscow, and he will hold an important position — the first Spanish ambassador to the Soviet Union. October 12th was the National Day of Spain. According to the usual practice, Samaranch held a reception at the embassy. Later, he went to the TV station and delivered a brief courtesy speech to the Soviet people through television. Unlike other ambassadors, Samaranch speaks in Russian. He speaks for three minutes and does not read the manuscript. This move left a deep impression on the Soviets and won their goodwill.

  As a diplomat, Samaranch is good at mediation. To some extent, he is not only a Spanish ambassador, but also an Olympic ambassador. Many of his activities in Moscow were aimed at seeking support from the President of the International Olympic Committee. To this end, he went to most parts of the Soviet Union and its allies. In 1980, Samaranch was elected president of the International Olympic Committee. Before, he dredged the relationship between the Soviet Union. At least when the president of the International Olympic Committee was running, the representatives of the Soviet Union and its allies would vote for themselves.

  In the 21 years that Samaranch served as the president of the International Olympic Committee, if he was not on a business trip or had other things, he usually went back to Barcelona for the weekend. At 4:05 on Sunday afternoon, he boarded the plane in Barcelona. An hour and a half later, the plane landed at the Kwantlan Airport in Geneva. A bullet-proof Mercedes-Benz Mercedes car is waiting at the airport. This luxury car was loaned to the IOC by Mercedes-Benz Mercedes. It is updated every two years and is driven by experienced drivers. It is extremely comfortable. After 40 minutes, Samaranch was sent to the International Olympic Committee headquarters in Lausanne.

  Lausanne is located in the southwestern part of Switzerland. There is a lake in Lake Geneva. The lake is full of smoke, the lake is blue and the white water lily is dotted with pale lake. There is a dark brown glass building on the shores of Lake Geneva, and the five-ring logo is inlaid on the threshold of the front white marble arch. On the four glass doors in the arch, the words “International Olympic Committee members” are printed on the hot stamp.

  Samaranch’s office is not big, a light beige desk, two file baskets on the table, two phones, a walkie-talkie that can talk directly to the secretary, a door button, if the owner does not press the door button, Guests will not be able to open the door. On the wall behind the seat is a portrait of Samaranch’s sitting posture, the background is a five-ring flag that swings in the wind in the wilderness. There are several filing cabinets at the desk. There are many souvenirs on the wall, some are commemorative gifts from the heads of state, as well as medals, medals and pictures. The most amazing thing is that a Picasso’s original hangs on the wall.

  Samaranch gets up at 7 o’clock every day, first in the room for an hour of aerobics, 9:00 to the office, read the briefings prepared by the secretary for him in all aspects of the world, and then start a day’s work. Usually before the 10 and 30 working meetings, meet with government officials from all over the world, no less than 8 every day, each meeting time is very short, no more than 15 minutes. If there is no banquet for entertainment at noon, eat at the fast food restaurant at the headquarters. Continue to work after lunch, dinner in the hotel room, then watch TV, read some books, then rest. Samaranch works about 13 hours a day.

  Samaranch is the only IOC president to stay at the headquarters after Coubertin. However, his residence is not in the headquarters building. If so, a group of service personnel will be needed, which will increase the expenses of the International Olympic Committee. He lives in Room 310 of the Lausanne Palace Hotel. This only needs one driver and one waiter. 310 is a three-bedroom suite. The room on the right is the bedroom, and the room on the left is used for meeting or eating. If Samaranch is on a business trip, the hotel still keeps his room, but does not charge rent. Although Samaranch has been out for half a year, it also brings customers and considerable benefits to the hotel. Many people have heard that Samaranch has a room here and has come to stay. Those who go to the International Olympic Committee must pass through this place, and they will stay here, and there are many outstanding officials. Samaranch also often held a banquet or reception at the hotel. Later, the Palace Hotel simply hoisted the five-ring flag at the door.

  Samaranch, who served as president of the International Olympic Committee for 21 years, stepped down in 2001, but the workload was only relatively reduced, because he also held other positions, traveling almost every week, often flying from Barcelona and Madrid to Geneva or Beijing. .

  At the end of 2007, Savon suffered a heart attack when he participated in a charity fundraising event organized by Casillas and Nadal. His son said on the way to the hospital: “When the 80-year-old man lives like a 40-year-old man This will happen.”

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