Revenge of the big tree

Lu Dingshan is a businessman. On this day, he finished a single business in the field. When he was late, he was ready to find a place to stay. Walking to a secluded alley, a woman wearing a cheongsam stopped him. The woman is about twenty years old and looks very handsome. She said to Lu Dingshan: “I know that you are from Dingyuan County. I am a fellow countryman. I want you to give me a man to pick up something to go home.”

Lu Dingshan strangely asked: “How do you know me?”

The woman said: “I heard an acquaintance say. My family lives in the south slope of the mountain village. My man is Wang Xingyin. It is a disabled person with a broken left arm. I am working in the city. I want to go back to my home during this time, but the boss does not. I have to ask you for leave.”

When Lu Dingshan was unwilling to take things, he pleaded: “Oh, I have to do business during this time, but I am busy.”

The woman thought about it and said, “I won’t let you be busy. I have two gold earrings here. It is a reward for you.” After that, the woman took a pair of gold earrings from her ear and handed it to Lu Dingshan. Hands.

Lu Dingshan sees the pair of earrings like two small fans, and the workmanship is very fine. Of course, he does not believe that this is made of gold, but when the woman says this, it is not good to refuse. He said to the woman, “Well, what do you want to bring? I am too big, I can’t bring it.”

The woman took out a large pocket of slap and handed it to Lu Dingshan and said, “I am bothering you. Please be sure to hand it over to my husband.”

Lu Dingshan rubbed the bag with his hand and felt that it was all round and round of glass beads. He didn’t sink, so he put his pocket in his carrying bag. When Lu Dingshan raised his head again, the woman had disappeared.

The next day, Lu Dingshan was ready to go home, walked down the street and saw a gold shop. He suddenly remembered the golden earrings that the woman gave him, and walked into the gold shop. There is a master in the gold shop. Lu Jinshan took out the golden earrings and said to the master: “This is the ancestral home of my wife, but she doesn’t know if it is real gold. I don’t like it. I want to play a new pair. You can refer to it for help.”

The master took the gold earrings, rubbed it with his hand, and took a look at it with a magnifying glass. He said to Lu Dingshan: “It’s true gold. It’s a pity that it’s so good to work hard.

Lu Dingshan listened and couldn’t help but look out. Sitting in the car home, he thought to himself: The woman would use a pair of gold earrings to let me back in a pocket, indicating that the contents of the pocket are much more expensive than the gold earrings. He couldn’t help but take out the pocket and wanted to open it. I didn’t expect the opening of the cloth pocket to be fastened with a rope. Lu Dingshan pulled it again and again, and he couldn’t solve it. He had to give up.

After Lu Dingshan came home, he was still unwilling to cut the rope with scissors. The rope seemed to be made of special materials. No matter how it was cut, there was no trace of breakage on the rope. Lu Dingshan felt very strange and had to give up and planned to send the bag to the woman’s husband, Wang Xingyin.

According to the woman, Lu Dingshan came to the village to find a local villager and asked: “Do you know where the southern slope is?”

The villagers glanced at him with a vigilant look and asked: “What are you going to do on the South Slope?”

Lu Dingshan casually said: “Oh, I am looking for someone.”

The villagers nodded and pointed their hand to a hillside in the south. When Lu Dingshan saw it, the place that the villagers pointed out seemed to have been there before. He remembered that there was no house except the dense woods. Maybe I didn’t know it last time? Lu Dingshan thought about it, but decided to go.

Lu Dingshan came to the south slope, somehow, there was a thick fog floating in the flat, like milk is thick. Lu Dingshan lost his way, turned around in the woods for a while, and finally saw a thatched cottage. Lu Dingshan stepped forward and saw the door open and the inside was dark. Lu Dingshan went to the door and cried, “Is there anyone in the house?”

“Who are you looking for?” A man’s voice came from the darkness.

Lu Dingshan said: “Excuse me, is Wang Xingyin living here? I am looking for him.”

“You come in,” the man said.

Lu Dingshan entered the house and saw the light in the darkness slowly light up. It turned out that the man lit a kerosene lamp. After adapting to the darkness, Lu Dingshan saw that the man was about forty years old, and the sleeve of the left arm was empty. The man said to Lu Dingshan: “What are you looking for?”

Lu Dingshan was busy taking out the cloth pocket from the bag and said to the man: “Your wife asked me to bring something to you.”

The man took his pocket with his right hand and his face was ecstatic. He covered his pocket with his mouth, and his right hand expertly solved the knot on the open bag. The way he saw Lu Dingshan was dazzled. After untiring the rope, the man poured the contents of his pocket on the table. Lu Dingshan was busy picking up it. He saw a pile of round things on the table. When you look closely, it is all the fruit of ginkgo. The man pulled the ginkgo fruit with his right hand and carefully counted it in one grain. Finally, he said to Lu Dingshan: “Yes, exactly one hundred.”

Lu Dingshan felt strange and asked: “Why is your wife giving you 100 ginkgo nuts?”

The man did not answer, only said to Lu Dingshan: “Thank you, wait a minute, I will pay you.” After that, he will explore the body under the bed, remove a jar from under the bed, open the lid of the jar, and Lu Dingshan only feels a piece in the altar. Dazzling golden light. The man put his hand into the jar and took out two small pieces of fan-shaped things and handed them to Lu Dingshan.

When Lu Dingshan saw it, the two things were exactly the same as the women’s gold earrings last time. Lu Dingshan took things and hurried down the mountain.

When I got home, Lu Dingshan found a man named Xunzi and said to him: “I have a way to make a fortune. Can you do it?”

The scorpion is a thief. He just released it from the prison. Lu Dingshan said to the scorpion: “In the thatched cottage on the south slope of the mountain village, there is a broken arm man. There is a jar under his bed, filled with a small gold fan. We both I’m going to take the jar away and I can’t finish it for a lifetime.”

The blind man did not believe, saying: “There are so many gold in the family, why do you still live in the thatched cottage?”

Lu Dingshan took out the four small gold fans and said the story of the matter. When the blind man saw gold, his eyes were burned red and he immediately agreed.

On the night of the night, two people covered the night to cover the south slope of the village. The scorpion opened the door of the thatched cottage, and the two sneaked into the house to see, the man was not at home, no one in the house. Lu Dingshan said “just right”, and he climbed under the bed with the donkey. The two men picked up the jar and ran out of the thatched cottage.

The two men were happily running down the hill, but unexpectedly they did not go far, they were stopped by a group of people holding sticks. These people are relying on the villagers of the mountain village. A villager said: “Listen to people, there are a few thieves to steal gold plaques tonight, but it is not true.”

Lu Dingshan listened, his face was scared. It turned out that there was a custom in the local area. After the ancestors were cremated, the ashes were in a jar called “Golden Dragonfly”. Then they found a place with good feng shui, and it is said that this can be shaded. .

Lu Dingshan and Xunzi are stupid: I have stolen the jar of gold fan, how did it become the ashes? They explained in a variety of ways, but the villagers did not listen at all. It was a madness to them. Lu Dingshan repeatedly said: “We really didn’t steal gold. If you don’t believe it, you can go and ask Wang Xingyin to ask.”

A villager listened and sneered, saying: “The southern slope is a barren hill, no one lives, and no one has ever heard of someone called Wang Xingyin. You just want to steal the golden dragonfly and make money!” Another villager wanted I thought about it and said, “Look at him so sure, if you want to see it?”

So Lu Dingshan took the villagers to the south slope. When I arrived at the place, I saw a ginkgo tree standing there, and there was no thatched house.

Lu Dingshan was dumbfounded. The villagers said: “There has never been a person here, only a hundred-year-old tree.” It turned out that this ginkgo tree is more than one hundred years old and has been standing alone here. The locals call it ” Ginkgo King.” In order to make the Ginkgo tree have a “wife”, the villagers planted a female ginkgo tree here more than 20 years ago. Until this year, the mother ginkgo tree matured and opened the first flower.

Lu Dingshan stared at the big tree. At this moment, a small golden fan slowly fell in his hand. Lu Dingshan took a closer look and found that it was a golden ginkgo leaf.

For a moment, Lu Dingshan seemed to understand what it was. It turns out that Lu Dingshan is doing business in selling trees. He often searches for precious wild trees in the countryside, then steals and scuttles and traffic to the city to obtain high profits. A few months ago, Lu Dingshan took a fancy to the two ginkgo trees, one male and one female, and quietly took the workers to steal the trees. The public, because the workers made mistakes, broke the branch on the left, broke the phase, Lu Dingshan did not dig, only dug the mother ginkgo tree and sold it to the city.

Lu Dingshan remembered that when the mother ginkgo tree was stolen, the tree was making the first fruit; he also remembered that the woman wearing the cheongsam had told him that the man with the broken arm was called Wang Xingyin, and in turn, wasn’t it the “Ginkgo King”? ? It turned out that she had dismantled the pair of ginkgo couples, and the one hundred ginkgo nuts that the woman had brought back were the children of her and the “Ginkgo King”.

Lu Dingshan looked up and saw that there were some small ginkgo seedlings scattered around the “Ginkgo King”. They were carefully counted, not much more, and a whole hundred…