Plundered dreams and life

  Yesterday, I went to a sea in Beijing and found that it was different from the images in memory.

  The shallow water of this bay in memory, Zhong Ling Xiu Xiu. That was in 2004, with the gentleman walking outside the railing, the slanting sun was faint, blending into the ancient lake, Su Shi title West Lake, “water is bright and sunny,” but this taste. Pedestrians are sparse, windy, free to sway, very quiet, and extremely indifferent.

  In 2010, the rivers and lakes have changed.

  On the west side is the bustling area, and the large and small bars are busy with renovations. The flow of people is like a weaving, and the rickshaws that read “Hutong Tour” are also like weaving. All kinds of cars, walking through the deep lanes, forced the visitors to nowhere. I walked into the snack bar, hoping to taste the legendary food, but the waiter was sad.

  Today, there are coordinates of “culture”, totems of “culture”, and hallmarks marked “culture” everywhere. The deep love of the culture of the bone marrow and the enjoyment of the heart from the heart are still like.

  ”Sister, you can’t sing high-key here. There is no place for the cone. How do you ask everyone to pursue the white snow?”

  He Kaifeng, I know… a young man with knowledge and not culture. He said that the grand auditorium of his school is a high plaque, “the humanity is new.” There have been many famous articles, Zhu Ziqing’s “Hollywood Moonlight”, Wang Guowei’s “Fifty Years, Only One Death” farewell book; there, “the mountains outside the mountains, the spring, summer, autumn and winter are all extraordinary”; There, “the cloud shadow in the window is the thing to go north and south to go to the ripples.”

  However, He Kaifeng in the painting environment can not be a person outside the world.

  At the time of enrollment, he applied for the Department of Physics, but soon he transferred to the Department of Finance. The reason is that the seniors of the finance department have high incomes after graduation. There is no shortage of three or four hundred thousand yuan. The brother of Merrill Lynch will return to the speech. By the way, he bought a second suite in Guangzhou and his wife was born in Hong Kong. Second child…

  ”Opening, you really have no ideals. I remember that you were facing the atomic collision since junior high school! To study the mystery of words.”

  ”That is still my ideal. I can think of a child who will squeeze the house with me in the future, or buy a 50 square meter small one. I have to prepare more than 1 million, and I will collapse!”

  Yan Xiyang, a 28-year-old publisher, also said that it was not an ideal life.

  The lucky thing about Xi Xiyang than He Kaifeng is that he did not completely abandon his profession. He has worked in the field of “big culture” and has also contacted many cultural people. But there is still a distance between the rice bowl and the interest. The slogan of the leader is: “Do a good job, do a valuable book, and do a market-recognized book.” Planning a topic is inseparable from a hot spot; looking for an author, it is inseparable from selling points: I tried to pay attention to the niche, but blood. The facts tell him that more than 100,000 books can be sold, mostly in finance, health care, or Kai-fu Lee, Du Lala.

  People have not reached 30, Xiyang has a young and old feeling. Young, because he can finally buy two houses in Tongzhou, not to laugh, now Tongzhou’s house prices also went straight to 30,000 yuan, where to buy a house, is definitely a proof of “elite.” Old age, because the years are rushing, doing things every day, but there are a few things that really want to be done? What he dreams of is the popularization of Chinese traditional culture. The author of the thirst, there is a insight into human nature in the past month, and there is a kind of peace of mind, such as “If life is just like the first sight”, there is Milan Lady’s control over the text, so the paper pile is magical…

  Now, how can you get it?

  What is caught is another crisis. A woman like her seems to be destined to be alone.

  She likes the world of leisure, the sky and the clouds, the waves are not shocked. In the morning, take a morning meal calmly, calmly go to work, lead the red envelope, don’t give it, just rely on the heart; weekend, go to the museum to see the exhibition, or go to Zhongshan Park to see the orchid.

  Therefore, she became a stranger and was often “anxious.” They are holding her for her, God, you are here to buy clothes! You are not actually buying clothes there! Oh, I really envy you, and I have time to sleep late. Our time is used to keep hands and feet. Silly! Your man, no down payment, it is better to find a Song Siming.

  They don’t ask, big house, can make her happy? Who can live with her like this?

  Even if she is willing, they are as tired as Haiping in “Dwelling House” and are busy with “owning” as the highest ideal.

  He Kaifeng, Xiyang, and Yan are all university graduates. The elites are still like this, the weaker, more helpless people, where to go?

  What does high housing bring? In the past, we only considered from the perspective of economics, worried about bank bad debts, corporate bankruptcy… It can stand at the height of “generational taste” of a generation and a nation, and the result is shocking.

  What is plundered is dreams and life.

  As the spirit of all things, unlike insects, birds, and beasts, there are places beyond the flesh and immortal souls. We hope that we are clean, elegant, sincere, beautiful, generous, and polite; I hope that the cups and utensils used will have beautiful inscriptions; I hope that the clothes on the body will have embroidered embroidery; I hope to be outside the concrete casting. The head of each building has a special ingenuity; I hope that the light can be truly genuine, like Zu Qianqiu in “Swordsman”, drinking wine with a luminous cup, drinking sorghum with bronze wine, ancient meaning Thick…

  The above various subtleties are summarized in two words: culture.

  But now many young friends, voluntarily and voluntarily, are far from culture. Or take a housing in Tongzhou as an example, the small two homes, the owner originally opened the price of 800,000 yuan. A friend, after rushing to hear the news, found that the intermediary had already been laid out. All the buyers were arranged at the same time, and the team went from the fourth floor to the first floor. When the friend entered the door, he found that the house price had been raised from 800,000 yuan to 1.3 million yuan.

  So hurried, what is it shaped? Not the opening price of the moment, nor the amazing rental-to-sale ratio, it eventually distort the soul of a generation.

  It is full of impetuous air. Those beautiful, slow, lyrical art, go on! In terms of paper wealth, you have no meaning. It may take a month for you to make a clumsy handwork. In the case of the real estate speculators, how many “maximum stops” are wasted!

  It tells young people that a quiet, peaceful, divine world should be abandoned. You can only step into the torrent. Don’t speculate today, you will surrender tomorrow!

  It is a little separated from the context that has been proud of the millennium. When the houses that have been weathered by storms have been “demolition”, I saw the Japanese separated by a water on the manhole cover of the sewers, remembering the culture of the nation. On the manhole cover of Nara, temples and shrines are the theme; on the manhole cover of Osaka, cherry blossoms are in full bloom; on the manhole cover of Daiei-cho, “Detective Conan” is jumping.

  The most worrying result, and the cruelest consequence, is that it will form a sad value in the hearts of young people: everything is not worthy of attachment, time, emotion, health, conscience can be switched into a symbol – housing!

  For a time, the secluded was destroyed and replaced with endless embarrassment.

  ”For the high housing prices, the smart Chinese people are certainly not happy. They also know intuitively that using life to pursue a colorful life is their life goal. They can’t put their entire life in a house, but people pursue it. Others are kicked out by the rising house prices. This frustration is simply unbearable.” Shi Kang, the screenwriter of the hit TV series “Struggle.”

  I don’t worry about myself. I am worried about the 80s and 90s younger than us, and the 00 after the current flower garden. We always hope that they will live better than us, and they will bloom in the world, and they will be proud of the world.

  Can they freely wing? When they spend 100 yuan to listen to “Peony Pavilion”, they feel expensive, and spend 1 million to buy back a square of dragon view, but feel “value.”