Ping An Road

At noon on this day, Wang, director of the town police station, received a call to report the case. A woman named Caiyun in Hedong village said that she had just finished her work in the field and returned home when she found that a thief had come to her home and stolen a jade bracelet. Wang Suochang knew that it was not easy for these cultivators to live. How could he not feel distressed if he lost something? So he rode to Hedong village.

Wang Suochang thought as he walked along, how could thieves have broken out for no reason since the security in this area has always been very good? Moreover, the thief was too bold to steal in broad daylight. Just then, Hedong village arrived. Wang Suochang went into the village and looked at Caiyun’s home. He could not help secretly wondering: Caiyun’s family is really ordinary. A red brick house has been built for many years and its doors and windows look old. There are also many rich families in inside. Why is it that her family was targeted by thieves alone? Then, Wang Suochang surveyed the scene and saw signs of broken doors, a mess in the house and debris thrown all over the floor.

At this moment Caiyun came up and pointed to the interlayer of a drawer and said, “That jade bracelet was hidden here. Unexpectedly, it was also found by the thief.” She said gloomily, “This bracelet is a relic of my mother. I have always treasured it … Alas, this thief is disgusting!”

Wang Suochang thought, bracelet hidden so hidden have been found, indicating that the thief stay here for a long time is not short, when committing crimes without fear, who is the case?

At this moment, Caiyun suddenly said aside, “Wang Suochang, I am sure that this thief is out of our village! My neighbor Xiuzhi is the most suspect. ”

Wang Suochang was shocked and asked, “Do you have any evidence?”

Caiyun said bitterly, “It has to be started last year. That day, her cat slipped into my house and knocked over a good jar of mine. I knocked on the cat’s stick in anger. I didn’t expect the cat to die soon. Xiuzhi dropped harsh words at that time, saying that the cat was closer than her family, and she would not let it go. I think she must have stolen my bracelet to offset her dead cat. She didn’t go to the fields today. She has been at home all the time and has the opportunity to commit crimes. I propose to search her home immediately. ”

Wang Suochang listened, frowned, and said: “It is not enough to rely on suspicion alone. Everything must be based on evidence.” He paused and added: “However, you can go to her house to find out about the situation. Your two houses are close together. Maybe she can provide some useful clues.” Say that finish, Wang Suochang walked out of Xiang Xiu branch home. Xiuzhi’s family and Caiyun’s family are separated by a vacant lot 70 to 80 feet away. They are the closest in the village of inside. Wang Suochang walked into Xiuzhi’s house. Xiuzhi obviously heard the wind and assumed a posture of “Best Defense, having means to resist”.

Wang Suochang asked Xiu Zhi, “Have you been at home today?” Xiu zhi replied, “at home, I haven’t been outside.” “Do you see anyone suspicious nearby?”

Xiu zhi smiled, “if you haven’t been outside the door, you can’t see anyone.” Just then, she suddenly saw caiyun standing at the door of her house. she looked into the room with her probe. suddenly, she was furious and shouted at caiyun at the door, “where are you looking at your eyeballs? If you doubt it, come in and search it. ”

This sentence hit Caiyun’s heart. She said, “This is what you said,” and went into the house to rummage through the boxes. However, after a long time of trouble, she could not see the bracelet. At this moment, xiuzhi said coldly, “do you understand this? Don’t mistreat good people in the future. ” Caiyun, however, disdained to say, “I think you’ve hidden your things somewhere else before, or why would you ask me to search?”

“You …” Xiu Zhi was speechless with anger. Seeing that the two were about to choke up again, Wang Suochang went up to him and urged, “Alas, all say Better is a neighbor, why are you behaving like enemies? All right, let’s stop arguing. I’ll go to the village of inside to find out about the situation, and when the case is solved, the truth will come out. ”

Next, Director Wang visited several villagers one after another. They all said that although Xiuzhi was a little narrow-minded, he was very honest and couldn’t really do petty theft. Finally, a villager said unintentionally that a strange man with a scar on his eyebrow came to inside this morning. Wang Suochang listened to the spirit, wrote down this clue.

Back in inside, Wang Suochang printed several anti-theft notices and posted them to the villages. He also sent two more policemen to patrol the villages. However, the thieves were cunning and could not be prevented. In the following period of time, several other families were stolen one after another.

After Wang Suochang visited, he summed up some strange phenomena from these cases: the thief was not timid and did not steal at night, but he liked to disguise himself as a knife sharpener or a mountain products collector and walked into the village of inside in broad daylight. He was a little fearless. Foreign burglaries are usually started by prominent rich families in the village of inside, but most of the owners “patronized” by this thief are the same as Caiyun and their families are not rich. What is even more strange is that after these owners were stolen, their reaction was similar to that of Caiyun. They always claimed to suspect their neighbors first. On several occasions, Wang Suochang has explained to the owner that it was a habitual thief from other places, but the owner still insisted on his own point of view. Some quarreled with neighbors on the spot and even nearly started the operation.

After the investigation, Wang Suochang felt very big: it seems that the thief is really strange. The reason for this is probably only when the thief is caught.

One day half a month later, the police station received a phone call from the owner of a jewelry store in the town, saying that a man wanted to sell a jade bracelet in the store. He was very nervous and suspicious. Wang Suochang rushed over and saw that the man’s appearance was exactly the same as that described by the villagers. He took him down at one stroke and then found out many stolen goods from his residence that had no time to change hands.

Returning to the police station, Wang Suochang informed the villagers to claim the lost property while interrogating the suspect with police officer Xiao Zhu. The suspect was indeed a habitual thief. sparrows on the Yangtze river had seen many storms, so he gave an account of which villages and families he stole without much confrontation. It turns out that this thief was responsible for many cases in inside during this period.

At last, Wang Suochang remembered the doubts in his mind for days and asked the thief, “Since you stole, why didn’t you choose the rich family? Is there any plot?”

Hearing this, the thief grinned without blushing: “what plot is there? This is my principle of doing things, not stealing the richest, but stealing the safest. ”

Stealing only the safest? Wang Suochang did not understand, and the thieves explained that they were most afraid of being discovered by the neighbor of the head of the household, so stealing those families with bad neighborhood relations was the safest. Because these people will not go out to look at their neighbors even if they notice abnormal conditions. Some will turn a blind eye even if they see them.

Wang Suochang think carefully, isn’t it? When he entered the village to investigate, some neighbors of the stolen villagers hesitantly refused to say more. Unexpectedly, the thief was so Treacherous.

At this moment, the police officer nearby, Xiao Zhu, asked the thief doubtfully: “You are a foreigner and not from inside. How do you know if the neighbors are at odds?”

Hearing this, the thief seemed to be somewhat satisfied. He shook his head and said, “Well, it’s a necessary quality in our business. There are many things to be paid attention to here. There is a formula called: look at The Wall and look at the road. I entered the village during the day to see these clearly. The wall separating the two courtyards of a family with good neighborhood relations is low. People standing in the courtyard of inside can see the neighbors on the other side of The Wall. It is convenient to talk to each other and pass things. If the partition wall is high and thick, then most of the neighborhood relationships will not be good. This is “looking at The Wall”. If you have a single house, you have to look at the road. ”

It turns out that in many villages in this area, there is only one main road to enter and exit. Some people’s houses are not on the road. When the villagers walk around each other, they have to cross the ridge or the Vegetable bed. If they walk more often, they will step on a dirt road. Those with good neighborhood relations, the dirt road connecting the two houses is flat and clear. However, if the neighborhood is tense, the road will be overgrown with weeds, blurred or no road at all.

In the end, the thief said that he was judging by these situations, and so far, he has never passed the eye ….

Wang Suochang and Xiao Zhu suddenly realized when they heard this. Turning to look around, they found several people standing at the door. They were all villagers who had found the lost property to attend the meeting. Caiyun also stood with red face. Obviously, everyone heard the thief and became tongue-tied. Wang Suochang walked over and said to them, “Did you hear me just now? What are you still doing? Hurry back and repair the roads leading to the neighbor’s house. “