Love is the premise of civilization

  During the Spring Festival of 2010, I went to see an elder who lived in the East Third Ring Road and listened to him about one of his personal experiences.

  During the Spring Festival, on the third day of the Lunar New Year, the elders and their companions went shopping together. After passing through a newly completed building, they saw a large group of people and saw some banner ribbons hanging on the building. The promotion activities of the merchants, together with the look of the lively mentality. When I approached, I found a group of people looking up and looking up. I saw a young man standing on the height of a dozen floors. He only knew that he had encountered an incident in which someone wanted to commit suicide.

  The ear of the elders is not so good. He can’t understand what the above people are doing. He hasn’t asked the people around him about the original committee. The 110 police car has pulled the siren, and then quickly spread the air cushion and went upstairs to persuade the rescue. . As the police arrived, the people standing on the side were more emotional, and they waved their arms and shouted as they walked back and forth, not allowing the rescuers to get close. Some people underneath showed impatientness. Some people shouted: “If you have a kind of thing, jump quickly, and scare people here!” Some shouted: “I am still busy with the New Year, don’t delay everyone’s time!” Some arguments: “He didn’t dare to jump down, but it was scary, it was really boring.”

  The elder stood silently for more than an hour in the cold wind until the light-hearted person was safely rescued before leaving. The scene that made him sting before leaving was that he heard some people’s dissatisfaction with the result: “I already knew that it was a show, scaring people, no power!”

  The suicide was not able to satisfy the appetite of the spectator, but a woman in Liuzhou jumped off the tall building in the ridicule of the onlookers and ended her young life. The frustrated woman stood on the balcony of the high building and wanted to end her life. There were hundreds of people on the downstairs. At this time, the woman has had the idea of ​​retreating. Surprisingly, a woman stood up and shouted: “Jump down, I will give you 5000 pieces!” Several men also echoed: “Fast jump, jump down and hold you!” The woman was stimulated by words and leaped down. Can be imagined.

  In recent years, indifference to the suicide of the inch of the road has often seen the newspapers, there are rumors, there are rumors, there are calls to call friends to call friends to “watch the show”, and some hawkers actually sell telescopes on the spot, so that the spectators “enjoy to the full”.

  We all know the reason why Lu Xun abandoned the doctor’s article in the past. During his studies in Japan, he saw a Chinese person being killed in the movie screen, while the onlookers were numb. Thus, he began a lonely spiritual salvation. He resolutely abandoned the medical literature, and in the post-collection writing, he even slammed the numb soul with “human blood.”

  Our country is now vigorously developing a civilized society. The symbol of civilization is that most people have high qualities. The mind is awakened, wisdom is accessible, and a truly civilized society can be established. Civilization cannot be separated from morality, morality, righteousness, love, and happiness. Among them, love should be the premise. The psychology of civilization first has a broad love. Nowadays, the material desires are lost, the human heart is lost, the loss of morality and then the loss of the benevolence, and the loss of the same kind of love and care for the same kind, which is far away from the civilized society.

  Suicide is the most stupid act, and the rule of law does not advocate such extreme behavior. However, in the face of such weak people, when they are in danger, life is about to wither, sympathy and help is the minimum emotion of human beings. With the rapid growth of China’s economy, how to establish a big country image has become a popular topic. A big country, not only has beautiful streets and high-rise buildings, it must reflect the mentality of civilization everywhere. The embodiment of civilization needs to be based on love.

  I hope that everyone can care for and care for their own kind. This is a direct manifestation of one’s civilization.