Learn the “three noes” of Shanxi merchants

  Jin Merchants is an old business gang. It pays attention to integrity and management innovation. Even today, there are still many places to learn. In the movie “Silver Empire”, the characteristics of the Shanxi merchants are very full.

  Lens Playback 1: In the movie, Master Kang always looks at finding the right successor from his son, but in terms of using the “clewer”, he is definitely looking out from the outside and looking for it from outsiders. This well-defined concept of the personnel system is still in use today.

  Interpretation: The first priority of the Jinshang management ticket number is “one is not used”, that is, non-Shanxi people do not need to use “Sanye (Young Master, Grandfather, Grandpa)”. This is the original model of the modern enterprise system in which ownership and management rights are separated. Many of the current family businesses do not have the old method of Shanxi merchants. If the family business does not separate the management rights and ownership, it is easy to form a chaotic situation of multi-head management, and the way to circumvent this management is that only the “three masters (young master, grandfather, grandfather)” are not needed.

  Lens playback 2: In the “Silver Empire”, the old head and his three sons have differences in management philosophy. The old head likes to use people with more loyalty than professionalism, because he wants to leave the most professional magic In his own hands, his three sons insist on using the most professional people.

  Interpretation: In fact, both the father and the son are thinking about the development of the enterprise. Their talent criteria are both loyalty and professionalism. So where do the people with both ability and political integrity choose? The Jin Merchants adopted the internal training model of the enterprise, which is the principle of “two nos”: the apprenticeship has a trial period of three years, and it is not allowed to change jobs for the rest of his life.

  Lens playback three: long abacus, accounting dividends, a happy scene, this is a scene in the “Silver Empire” left a deep impression. Among them, there is a detail, the family that made the mistake, although it has been held accountable and has been punished as it should, but the dividends that are due, the whole group still pays a lot of money, which is exactly “fair and fair” Interpretation of principles.

  Interpretation: This detail is the “three do not” rule of Jin Merchants, that is, Caidong does not interfere in management, does not intervene in the operation, settle accounts at the end of the year, loses the owner’s, and earns everyone’s money. This is the original operating system of Shanxi Merchants. In doing so, it is to better motivate professional managers. Now it seems a bit “stupid”, but this stupidity reveals the ancient business wisdom, and it is also relying on this kind of The stupid system has made Jinshang have a lasting influence in the history of Chinese business.