Mentality and emotion determine how far you go.

Lao Zi’s Wisdom

Three treasures

Lao Tzu said, I have three treasures. I hold them and treasure them. The first is kindness, the second is frugality, and the third is not daring to be in front of everyone.

Lao Zi thinks that it is kindness that makes one brave and fearless. It is precisely because of thrift that the ruler’s ruling position can last for a long time. It is because of humility and concession that one can become the elder of all things.

The three treasures of ” kindness”, ” frugality” and ” not daring to be the first in the world” have incalculable strength and value. ” Kindness” includes softness and love, that is, love plus compassion. ” Kindness” is not only to be kind to others, but also not to do harm to others, not to say harm to others. ” Kindness” is the first principle of the Three Treasures.

The connotation of ” frugality” is frugality and convergence. Lao Zi requires people not only to save manpower and material resources, but also to gather their spirit, accumulate energy and wait for the right moment. ” Thrift” is not only used for property, everything can be economized.

” Dare not to be the first in the world” also has two meanings: one is to be unassailable and humble; The second is to retreat and stay. Lao Zi is in troubled times and deeply feels that running the country and bringing peace cannot be separated from these three treasures.

Abandon false name

Lao Tzu said that gorgeous colors are easy to hurt people’s eyes. Beautiful music is easy to anaesthetize one’s ears. Fragrant and beautiful food tends to make people’s tastes picky. Indulge in hunting, easy to make people’s heart is not stable; Rare valuables can lead to theft and corrupt people’s moral character. Therefore, sage people only want to be able to satisfy themselves, not to pursue external beauty.

Lao Zi believed that eyes are used to distinguish truth from falsehood. Once blinded by gorgeous colors, they will lose their ability to distinguish truth from falsehood. Ears are used to accept the teachings of sages. Once disturbed by decadent music, they will lose their specificity. One’s mouth and tongue have the ability to sense various tastes. However, if one eats too much delicious food, one’s mouth and tongue will become numb and lose the ability to distinguish tastes. However, rare treasures such as gold, silver, jewelry, Chinese clothing and delicacies have aroused the greedy desire of human nature, driving people to intrigue, cheat and even disregard for human life.

Lao Zi does not object to people enjoying life. He just reminds us to resist the temptation of various desires and keep our hearts clean so as to live a comfortable and happy life.

Soft words win hard heart.

Lao Tzu believes that water is the weakest of all things in the world. However, there is nothing better than water to attack hard and strong things. Therefore, water is really strong and nothing can replace it. Weak can overcome strong, weak can overcome strong, this is the world knows the truth, but no one can really do it. All the people in the world still have to compete for strength and will never show weakness.

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