Innocent friendship surpasses life and death

  Past partners no longer travel with her

  The 11-year-old girl, Passy, ​​got a strange disease, afraid of seeing the sun, keeping her hair falling and her teeth starting to loosen. The doctor said that this is a blood disease with unknown cause, and there is no right medicine for the time being. The danger is that this blood disease can also infect others.

  To this end, Passy had to leave school and stay at home. Her parents saw sadly that Passi’s past partners no longer communicated with her.

  One day, Passi’s parents heard someone whispering in the corner behind the room. They went to the back balcony and looked down: a little girl was kneeling on the grass, reaching into the window of the semi-basement, holding the black A hand sticking out of the window in the curtain blocked the conversation in the basement. The hand that protruded from the window was Paxi’s hand, her fingernails began to fall off, and her hands were covered with bandages.

  Paxi’s parents recognized the Chinese girl named Lin Jie who was talking to Paxi on the grass. Three years ago, they listened to Passi’s teacher and said that Lin Jiegang came to Paxi’s class. She didn’t speak English very much. She never asked questions in class. The teacher asked her to answer questions. She shook her head in anxiousness and asked her more questions. Tears fell, and the classmates thought she was weird. No one wanted to be friends with her. Only Passy is always with her, teaching her English and correcting her pronunciation. At that time, Passi’s parents disapproved of Passy and a friend who was not confident, but Passi had been carrying his parents and Lin Jie.

  Passi’s parents watched the two children on the back balcony and talked for a long time through the window. I was very touched and didn’t bother them. However, afterwards, considering that Passy’s illness may be transmitted to Lin Jie, it is necessary to visit Lin Jie’s parents. One is to express gratitude. The second is to tell Lin Jie’s parents to pay attention to Lin Jie’s not being infected. As a result, Lin Jie’s parents no longer allowed Lin Jie to go to Parsi.

  Keep secret

  In order not to let Passy feel lonely, Passi’s parents raised a small poodle and a Passi companion for Pasay. One evening, Passi’s parents bathed the poodle on the balcony, and the poodle suddenly stood up alertly from the bathtub. Passi’s parents looked at the poodle’s gaze, only to see Lin Jie dragging a bag, coming in from the backyard bushes, creeping into the window in the semi-basement. The black curtain of the window glimpsed and couldn’t wait to reach out a bandaged hand. Lin Jie saw it and quickly extended his hand and held it tightly. Passi and Lin Jie talked warmly through the window. About an hour later, Lin Jie took out his previous day’s homework from the bag and handed it to Passi. Paxi returned the other homework to Lin Jie.

  Since then, Passi’s parents have noticed that Lin Jie has quietly visited Passi almost every afternoon. In addition to exchanging homework, Lin Jie often brings fresh strawberries and tomatoes that she picked from her backyard. Violet is shared with Passy, ​​and she tells Passy that as long as they smell the fruits, they can feel the taste of the sun.

  Passi’s parents were moved by the pure friendship between the two children, who decided to not interrupt their association and keep the secret for both of them.

  One day, Passi listened to Lin Jie to tell her about the folklore of China on the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl, and sprouted the idea of ​​coming out to see the Galaxy in the night sky at night. Lin Jie told Passy that she could help Parsi achieve this wish. “I am going to sleep now. I can sleep at home during the day. When my parents are asleep at night, I will creep out from the back window of my house.” Then come to pick you up. You just don’t alarm your parents.” Lin Jie encouraged Parsi.

  That night, Lin Jie helped Paxi climb out of the window in the semi-basement and rushed to the wilderness. The two first went to the grape rack next to the school orchard to hear if the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl were talking across the Milky Way, and then went to the small river leading to the sea in the forest. The river was full of colorful flowers. Through the moonlight, they picked up a lot of flowers, then sprinkled the petals into a stream in the tributary of the river, and then put their feet into the stream, letting the little fish under their feet play their doubles. Feet, the two laughed happily. Lin Jie told Passy that the water flowing through the petals must be very aura and can cure everyone’s illness. By that time, Passy will be able to live as happily as anyone else.

  When two people came home, they passed by a convenience store in the town. People who bought things in the store looked at Passy strangely. Lin Jie and Passi, who were happy with their faces, suddenly noticed this and quickly left the store hand in hand.

  Since then, Passy often recalls Lin Jie’s beauty of that night, but never mentions going out again. Lin Jie knows that it must have been the eyes of people in the store that night stabbed Passy.

  Police secretly escorted

  One afternoon, Lin Jie climbed from the grass to the window of the basement like a soil hedgehog. As soon as she took Paxi’s hand, she eagerly told Passy that she had cut her hair today. Through the curtains, Passy saw Lin Jie’s hair cut as short as a boy. Lin Jie said with a smile, I just want my hair to be as long as your hair. In the eyes of others, the trick is no different. .

  That night, Passi and Lin Jie came to the creek in the forest, and the two played with the stream and laughed and said, I don’t know how long. Later, the patrolling police car found them. The police got off and told them that it was illegal to stay in public places after midnight. Therefore, they were taken to the police station to investigate and then notify their guardians. Come and take them home.

  Passy cried. Lin Jie had to tell the police about the secrets of her, and said that if her father and mother knew that she had contact with Paxi, she would never see Paxi again. The police listened, hesitated, and said softly: “I can’t take you to the police station, but I still have to send you home. You are still minors and must be protected by adults.”

  Passy still cried and refused to leave. The police said: “Children, of course I know what I should do. I mean, you two will go first, I will watch you go.”

  So Lin Jie and Paxi held hands and walked through the woods in the direction of the town. The police drove the car, did not turn on the headlights, and followed them far away.

  Eternal smile

  The secrets of Lin Jie and Passy are kept by more and more residents in the town. Every night when they sneaked out quietly, somewhere behind them, there was always a car that didn’t turn on the headlights quietly followed. There are more and more residents in the town council who are obliged to register for the night guards.

  On a good night, Lin Jie and Passy came to the grape rack of the school and watched the moon in the sky silent. In order to make Paxi happy, Lin Jie told Paxi that today is the Mid-Autumn Festival in China. It is a festival to eat moon cakes. For this reason, she also brought Chinese moon cakes to let Paxi taste. Then, she told Paxi about the folklore of China about flying to the moon.

  Paxi clung to the moon cake that Lin Jie gave her, kept smelling, but could not eat, her teeth had all fallen off. She looked up at the beautiful moon and listened happily to the beautiful legends of Lin Jiewei. She gradually leaned back in Lin Jie’s arms with a eternal smile on her face.

  Passi’s funeral was carried out at night. To this end, the town council passed a special decree: during the night funeral, the town implemented traffic control. That night, Lin Jie was accompanied by Paxi’s parents, holding Paxi’s ashes to the cemetery, not far behind them, silently following countless cars, all cars did not turn on the headlights.