If the grass can talk

Once, people used bicycles to register, wear red flowers to go home, and then it was a storm. But now, do you want to love someone or a house? With a grass ring, you can try out the gold content of your love!

The difference between a lie and an oath is that one is the person who listens to be true, and the other is the person who said it is true. Between men and women, what is a lie, what is an oath, jumping after experiencing such a thing, can really understand.

The jumping husband called Binzi, jumping for a birthday, Bin said, to send her a gift that saves money and romance. Jumping and thinking: Bin is a stingy, what gift will he give?

On this day, I jumped off work and went home. When I entered the door, I saw the room full of red candles. The swaying candle held up a warm candle. On the table in the candlelight, a birthday cake was placed.

Jumping and picking up a small mouth, pretending to be angry said: “Small sample, do the mood to want to get away with it? Birthday gift?” Binzi smiled and cut out a piece of cake, said: “Heart gold is difficult to buy, affectionate silver No change, even if I lose the world, it is enough to have you! Happy birthday, wife!”

“Mom, sour, cold!” Jump and pretend to sneak, then start eating cake. Suddenly, she ate a “heart”-shaped small box and opened it. “Yeah, Binzi, you have a ring in the cake!” At this moment, the joy of jumping and jumping is suddenly Made an anger, it turned out that the box was actually a grass ring! Without waiting for the jump, the son was sour: “In this city where gold and silver jewelry are flooding, a simple grass ring is more and more precious. This is what I personally do for you. It is my heart.” , wife…”

This ring, although made of grass, but the shape is fresh and elegant, fine workmanship, but the face of jumping is getting more and more ugly, she smashed the ears of the bin and said: “You tell me the truth, this Is the ring really what you do?”

Binzi vowed to swear, saying that he liked to play these little things when he was young, but he has been hidden. Jumping in the nose, he snorted and said, “That line, I will take you to see someone.”

The person who jumped with Bin to see him was called Xiao Cui. She was a close friend of the jumping. At the home of Xiao Cui, Xiao Cui looked at the straw ring and her eyes were straight! She rummaged through the cabinet and emptied a wooden raft, which was quietly placed with a grass ring, exactly the same as the one they brought. Xiao Cui tears and asks: “Where is he? Tell me where he is…”

It turns out that Xiao Cui has always treasured a grass ring. This thing is the clearest thing to jump, because the real owner of this ring is Dong Zi, he is a fellow countryman who jumps and is also the first love lover of Xiao Cui. Three years ago, Dongzi and Xiaocui came to the city to see the world. At that time, they jumped for the rented house they were looking for. After some hard work, Dongzi took a position in a courier company, and Xiao Cui found a home economics job. Although the days are bitter, they are full of embarrassment about the future. On Xiao Cui’s birthday, Dongzi took out a grass ring and put it on her affectionately: “Cui Er, this ring is made of the moon grass of our hometown. It is like the moon in the sky, representing my heart. When you have money, buy a diamond ring…”

But life is not as clear as the moon, Xiao Cui is pregnant, and Dongzi is thinking about changing jobs, insisting that Xiao Cui be a crowd. When she came out of the hospital, Xiao Cui cried, her heart was a bit cold: a man who even dared not accept his own child, can you fulfill the promise of a grass ring? That night, Xiao Cui ran to drink wine, always drinking, tears, and suddenly, a man’s hand was placed on Xiao Cui’s shoulder, the man called Afa, Xiao Cui once worked in his house.

“How do you drink this way?” Afa saw the ring on Xiao Cui’s hand. “Are you wearing a grass ring? Go, I will buy you a diamond ring!”

That night, Xiaocui wine was stunned, followed by Afa, and walked into the hotel room… I woke up the next morning, Xiao Cui looked around at the screaming Afa, she was annoyed and repented, pushing hard Woke up the man, threw the diamond ring back to him and said, “You want me to be your little three, right? You don’t have a wife?” Ahfa said with a smile on his hippie: “My wife died of lung cancer last year.” Now, I can marry you immediately!”

A month later, Xiao Cui and Dong Zi showed up, and quickly got married with Afa. The winter son was ignorant, no longer lingering in the city, and soon went home to farm. Since then, Xiao Cui has never seen Dongzi, and Afa is a medicinal material business, but all the medicines he manages are fakes. In less than half a year, Afa has been killed because of fake medicine incidents and was sentenced. No time. In desperation, Xiao Cui filed a divorce lawsuit with the court…

Listening to Xiao Cui’s remarks, Bin Zi stunned. He did not expect a grass ring to lead to such a bitter story. He looked at the jump and was overwhelmed. He looked at him like this and said with sincerity. : “Husband, the ring can be edited with grass, the heart can not be faked, this moon grass is only available in our country, you should not lie to me!” Bin slammed his thigh and said: “Okay, Xiao Cuimei, I will take you to find Dongzi!”

In fact, Bin did not know Dongzi. He bought this ring in a jewelry store. He said that there is a counter in the local area. The shopkeeper with a big eyebrow is a winter child.

The shop owner is not a winter child. He saw someone coming to inquire about the grass ring. He looked proud: “Look, I know that this grass ring everyone likes it! Romance doesn’t have to be extravagant, and money may not be able to buy true love. Right now, there are no naked couples who have no cars and no houses. There are many people who are happy and happy! My grass ring is open to the public, creative and market…”

Bin interrupted the boss and asked: “Is these rings made by you?”

The boss shook his head and said, “Why do I have that skill, it is a folk artist delivered to the door, hey, I have a business card here.” Several people are talking there, suddenly, hit the street and run into a People come: “Boss, I am coming over again…”

“Winter son?”

“Cui Er?”

The coming person is the winter child. Xiao Cui is so happy that he can’t help but two people and four hands can’t help but fall together!

It turned out that Dongzi came to the city almost a year, just want to find Xiaocui by selling the grass ring. Right now, Dongzi holds Xiaocui’s hand tightly and says, “I shouldn’t give up our children at the beginning, and I shouldn’t give up so easily. Xiaocui, give me another chance, I will be good. Cherish you!” Xiao Cui tears her eyes, she said shyly: “I also blame me for being vain, this person, that is, should not take things that are not their own…”

A few months later, Dongzi and Xiaocui married, and the two opened a shop of hand-made handicrafts along the street. The business was quite prosperous. There is a special rule in the store. Anyone who comes to buy a grass ring must make it by himself. Dongzi provides materials and teaches them by hand. Dongzi said that if you want the grass to speak, you have to make love into a beautiful ring!

However, after jumping and jumping, he played a cold war with Bin. She said that if Binzi learned not to let the grass speak, he could not…