I just like you

  The note is the most popular language of the season, silently coming silently. The boy is also the brightest scenery of the season, the warm smile of the sun, the white teeth of the embarrassed, always fascinating, Mo Ming’s obsession, occasional gaze will touch, panic, and moments Pass the gentle broken hair and look at the lawn behind it. The blush slowly dyed on the cheeks, and bloomed beautifully, gently lowering his head, accompanied by a sigh of heart, gently rubbing his long hair with his fingers, long eyelashes hanging down, thinking Use it to cover the shy scorpion and the love that comes out of the scorpion.

  That spring afternoon, time was quietly flowing around. The note has been pinched on the palm of his hand and never opened. I close my eyes and feel the heartbeat, the plop, the powerful rhythm, and the clear and dynamic. The distance closest to me is the distance of the heart, and how long this distance is for me.

  Always in the sunny afternoon, follow the youthful figure with his eyes. On the playground, under the basket, flying like an arrow, swaying the sweat of passion, there is a hero in the middle of the hand, and there is an intentional or unintentional coming to this side. So, I was surrounded by this group of breaths, gentle and lingering to occupy the whole thought, or lost my thoughts. Beside the pond, under the willow tree, bow down and meditate, the music flows from the mouth, the moving melody, the flying youth, I hear a faint sadness. Perhaps it is the deep attraction of this sadness, the heart’s footsteps have been separated from the original track, a kind of cautious, a difficult step, a few more sorrowful and only clear. In the library, on the side of the bookshelf, I was so quiet that I only heard the sound of the pages flipping, and I could only hear my heartbeat. When no one sat in the evening, the thoughts of the sunset remnant in the night, how long he stayed, how long I waited, the books he had read, I also turned over, always hope to find surprises inside.

  In the magazine, there are always boys jumping in the newspapers, but I chose to be a loyal reader, silent and silent, reading one word at a time, thinking one sentence at a time. The girl’s heart is always slender and sensitive, those sad words, those warm verses, it is easy for me to get lost. I will keep thinking about whether the boy’s world has spring blossoms, whether there are insects flying, whether there are leaves and winds, and whether there are snowflakes and earth.

  The strip was soaked in the sweat of the palm of my hand, I still couldn’t calm down, and the pulse was still beating irregularly, just as those sadness spread out in front of my eyes. As if I saw the same woman again, I saw the same heart.

  The beautiful Jie confided to me, but it was a story that I didn’t want to hear. The boy’s excellence became the most sought-after scenery in that season, and only beautiful and generous, lively and lovely Jie can match it. I think so, childishly thinks that the boy and Jie are so perfect, what a perfect combination. There was a trace of uneasiness that passed through the heart, but it was erased by oneself. The strange thing is that after that, I can calmly face the boy’s clear eyes, and can boldly show a cute smile, which can be open to any occasion where the boy appears.

  Jie became my best friend and talked to me about her beautiful mood. I don’t want to hide my love and pursuit of the boy, even pull me down. I am hypocritical. I have always thought that I have buried all my thoughts in my heart, but I have helped you cleanly and tells Jie many things about boys. Therefore, I began to love sports from the unskilled cleansing. I always met with the boy in the early morning. Jie cleaned her lively and lovely, and heard the sound of silver bells everywhere, but I smelled the air. The smell of the diffuseness, the slightest into the bottom of my heart, can no longer be opened. At the party, Jie used me to teach her to dance with the boy’s harmonica. Bo came to the audience to cheer, and the fool-like I only applauded, a dead smile, swallowed the tears. There is always a clean figure in the library. The gentle and generous cleansing has a thick book-like atmosphere, like a wild lily in the spring, stretching in the direction of the beloved.

  If I were the boy, I think I will fall in love with it.

  I began to bluff and spread the message of love, even though I knew that there was no such thing. When I see that Jie is getting more and more beautiful and moving, I am getting more and more happy and intoxicated. What can make me not believe that she is a little sheep in love? What’s more, compared to Jie, he is so small, green, boring, even Cinderella can’t count, and what can be compared with the same outstanding Jie or boy? I am getting silent and getting quieter.

  Waiting is the best gesture of love.

  Jie still confided to me, saying that the boy is simply a piece of wood, do not know how to care for the gentle and delicate heart, do not know how to clean and unreserved. More words began to choke, I found a hint of sorrow and a hint of helplessness, so beautiful and so gentle, can not touch the boy’s heart.

  The sun is always warm on the body, and there is always a hot gaze behind me. When I turn back intentionally or unintentionally, I can always touch the clear scorpion behind the panic, just like the first self, I seem familiar. On the way I must pass, I can always meet the figure that makes me feel like my heart. More and more music is ringing in front of the window sill at night, and it is heavier than any time.

  The sunny afternoon winds up, the leaves are swaying in the wind, and in addition to the soft page sounds in the library, there is only a soft heartbeat left, which is the heartbeat of two people. Opposite the table was a boy’s sly smile. At the end of the table, I lowered my head and held the paper that had just passed from the boy’s hand, taking the temperature of the boy’s palm, but now I was soaked by the sweat of my palm.

  Be careful, spread out the note: just like you.

  Looking up, greeted the pair of clear and touching voices.