How to consume can feel happiness

  How to consume is happy? For this question, everyone must have their own answer.

  Money does speak, because the way we spend money tells the blueprint of happiness in our hearts—how can we use money for the greatest happiness for ourselves.

  To understand your “money happiness story”, please first analyze your two characteristics: the concept of money consumption and the attitude of material needs.

  The “money consumption concept” is your attitude towards consumption. People with a high money consumption view think that if they make money, they should spend it. They are usually generous, willing to spend money and enjoy consumption; those who have low money consumption views spend money carefully and carefully. “Material needs attitude” refers to our attitude towards possessing material. People with high material needs are keen to buy goods and think that the items they own are a symbol of identity and taste; those with low material needs are less tempted by material and believe that even if they have money, they do not need to pursue material enjoyment.

  This resulted in four distinct consumer styles and money happiness stories.

  1. “Value” consumers (low money consumption concept, high material demand)


  Linda likes everything of good quality, and her beautiful clothes are her heart. “Buy the highest value items with the least amount of money” is Linda’s shopping motto. Therefore, the discount information of major shopping malls is always well-known, and the hard-working goods are more impressive than the Taobao skills of the three.


  I want to save money and pay attention to material enjoyment. I think that shopping is more fun than shopping.

  After shopping, ability and self-esteem are fully affirmed;

  Tolerance delay satisfaction: Even if you encounter your favorite items, you can be patient, wait until the discount or save enough money to buy.

  2. “Material” consumers (high money consumption concept, high material demand)


  Mark is a high-level white-collar worker who values ​​life quality. He never spends money on leisure and entertainment. Most of his money is spent on material consumption. Recently, he changed the ride, the price of the car was high, and the loan was used to realize the desire to change the car. For home decor, Mark also does not count the cost, the most comfortable.


  Expensive and consider the high price as a guarantee of quality;

  I am happy to show my rich material life and seek satisfaction from the envious eyes of others;

  Unable to delay the satisfaction, even if the favorite items are expensive, they are willing to adopt the advanced consumption method of easy card swiping and first-hand enjoyment.

  3. “Following the money” consumers (low money consumption concept, low material demand)


  Jason is an unmarried man who is passionate about financial management and savings. He drives a second-hand car and always checks the bill carefully when he pays in the restaurant. Friends have never heard of anything he wants to buy, in a friend’s house. He is happy to receive digestion.


  Life is carefully calculated, and the price of the item is of particular concern. There is no special demand for quality;

  The “simple life person” who pays attention to personal feelings does not mind the discussion and evaluation of others;

  Superb self-control ability, never compare with people, completely immune to material temptation.

  4. “experienced” consumers (high money consumption concept, low material demand)


  Helen loves all the wonderful things, but possessing wealth and material enjoyment is not her life pursuit. For her, instead of shopping, it is better to enjoy food in a fine restaurant. Every year, Helen travels to different countries and enjoys the local cuisine and tastes unique culture as the greatest pleasure in life.


  Generously spend money to buy experience (vacation, entertainment, thoughtful service, etc.), even for material consumption, pay more attention to enjoy the pleasure experience in the process of consumption;

  “Single music is not as good as the music”, and is willing to give and share, and get great satisfaction from the happiness of others;

  Have a good sense of self-worth and life satisfaction, interpersonal relationship and harmony.