Hello actor, star goodbye

It is not an exaggeration to describe the industry with “twisting.” It is extremely rich here. Under the spotlight, some people enjoy the monetary reward of tens of thousands of yuan per minute. In some cases, the payer is paying for a full suitcase of cash. Money is more like a virtual chip in the game world.

It is indeed extremely poor, and the biggest cost is life. “A fool of thoughts, a thousand miles of sorrow.” Hu Bo, a 29-year-old young director, ended his embarrassed life with a rope in the stairwell of a rental house outside the Fifth Ring Road in Beijing. The sigh was left. More practitioners are still alive, but youth is awkward, and life is caught in a struggle without a spotlight.

After a long time, the balance of fate swayed. The superstar is falling from the clouds. The horn has just blown.

Complete collapse
Fan Bingbing, 37, has experienced the pain and suffering he has never experienced in the past few months. When he reaches middle age, his career is half-slope, and everything stops.

As a representative of China’s second-generation business actress, Yang Mi, a 5-year-old female actress, ushered in a miraculous transformation in 2018, starring Hou Xiaoxian’s feature film “Baby”, but only harvested it. At the box office of 24.71 million yuan, not only that, the watercress score is only 5.5 points. Someone asked, what did Yang Mi do wrong? A film critic pointed out directly, “She wasted a good subject.”

Not long ago, the 26-year-old Di Lieba won the “Most Popular Actor Award” at the Golden Eagle TV Festival hosted by the Federation of Literary and Art Circles. His starring work defeated “White Deer”, “The Year is Full of the Moon”. Siheyuan and so on become the best outstanding TV series. As a result of dissatisfaction with this award, many netizens rushed to Douban, and played a star for Di Lieba’s award-winning work, “Beautiful Li Huizhen.” The play only had a 4.6 fail score in the Douban. Fell to 2.9 points.

The traffic stars of the old, middle and young generations collapsed.

Also recognize the reality, as well as the film and broadcast platforms that bear high losses. The Chinese film and television industry once fell in love with the ultimate law of “big IP + traffic star = explosion”. In fact, since 2018, many episodes that conform to the law, such as Wu Lei’s “Break the Sky” and Yang Yang’s “Wu Dong” “Qi Kun”, Angelababy and Huang Xuan’s “Entrepreneur Times”, etc., both lost in word of mouth and play data.

The only explosion in the heat is the “Yanqi Raiders”. In this work starring by the newcomers, the investment of more than 300 million yuan, Zhou Xun, Huo Jianhua and other big-name “Rugao Biography” is particularly lost.

The value of the traffic star is no longer the same, and the era of “small fresh meat” is changing. Just as Xu Wei said to Ren Suzhen on the stage of “I am an actor”, “The spring of good actors is coming.”

The actress, who was recognized by the public for the small-cost movie “Wu De Shui”, has stood on the absolute opposite of the traffic star. Ren Suzhen is not outstanding, and there is no hot topic. The number of Weibo fans is almost 790,000. The value is mentioned, only acting is good. Following “Chengde Water” became the film with the highest rate of return in 2016, recently, she starred in the small-cost movie “The Nameless Generation” also defeated the two major Hollywood giants in the same period, ranking first in the single-day box office, and the total box office is expected to exceed 800 million. yuan.

The demise of the traffic era is not a single event. Since the middle of 2018, the reorganization of the film and television industry has been fully launched. Not long ago, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television once again stated that it will resolutely crack down on the behavior that disrupts the industry’s ecology, and continue to maintain the high-pressure situation of rectifying outstanding problems such as star-fighting stars, pan-entertainment, high-priced pay, and ratings (click-through rate) fraud, and increase disciplinary efforts. Increase public warnings, administrative penalties, and joint punishments.

Participated in the recording of “I am an actor” program.

In the past few years, the film industry has been stalking on the road, and the potential energy is getting bigger and bigger. Take the Internet capital that has been added in the middle as an example. According to Bohai Securities, only in 2018, Youku, Tencent and Iqiyi have three video websites. The total investment in content procurement is nearly 70 billion yuan.

From blindfolded to full awakening
In the summer of 2015, the big IP adaptation of the online drama “Tomb Notes” opened a new world door for netizens. On the positive side, “Tomb Notes” created a “members to see first” model, which is a successful business case; on the other hand, its content quality has been questioned by many viewers, “I have seen more idol dramas, so The rotten one is still the first time I saw it. The Douban netizen J left a star in the short review of Douban and left behind indignantly. In the end, the Douban score was only 4.1.

In 2016, “Tomb Notes” was mainly produced by Fang Huairui Century. It was clearly listed on the listing announcement. The single-set production cost of “Tomb Notes” was as high as 5.48 million yuan, much higher than the works of “Qing Yun Zhi” and “Sparrow” in the same period. Where did the money go? Some producers disclosed to the “Financial World” weekly magazine that “the main cost of “Tomb Notes” lies in the actor’s pay, which is a typical model of large IP + traffic stars.”

The value of the traffic star is no longer the same, and the era of “small fresh meat” is changing.

In the same period as the Huairui Century listing, there are constantly film companies sprinting to the capital market. In order to “speak a good story” to the capital market, “many companies intend to make their film and television projects ‘form quickly and achieve good sales.” A person familiar with the matter told the “Financial World” weekly that “big IP + traffic star” is exactly The only way to make a high company valuation in a short time.

The listing dream of the film and television company makes the company keen to make quick money and seeks quick-selling products. At that time, the enterprises allocated an abacus and paid a tens of millions of stars to pay. After all, compared with the secondary market, this is still only a “small number.”

This account is particularly cost-effective in the field of TV dramas. The products of the series are sold to TV stations or video websites. The latter’s profit mainly depends on the advertising revenue and the members’ new ones. At that time, the traffic stars can significantly increase the advertising revenue and the members pull new.

These secret things that have been kept secret in the industry have now been made public. On November 30, 2018, Chengdu hosted the 6th China Network Audiovisual Conference. The founder and CEO of Aiqiyi Gong Yu said frankly that in the past one or two years, some people spent a lot of money, manpower and material resources to make it big. IP has been adapted into a drama. “It seems that from the perspective of economic and social returns, there are fewer successes and more failures. This is the result of blindly investing and blindly worshipping IP.”

Ma Zhongjun, chairman and president of Ciwen Media Co., Ltd., has the same opinion. “Because of the IP fever, everyone has come to shoot, and some of them can’t be filmized, but the effect is not too good. There are still a lot of quick successes in the process, thinking that catching a small amount of fresh meat, and having an IP, will be hot at once, and the result is not like this.”

In the 2018 where traffic stars have failed, the market began to pay for the gambling of previous years.

On July 30, 2018, Shanghai, Yang Yang attended the publicity campaign of the TV series “Wu Dong Qian Kun”.

“The performance is relatively poor, even the so-called small fresh meat is not good, the price has been speculated very high, and even eventually led to the destruction of the work.” The end result is “the remuneration has skyrocketed in the past three years.” Gong Yu said publicly. Wang Leiqing, director of the SMG Film and Television Drama Center, also revealed that in the first year of 2016, the pay of first- and second-line actors increased by nearly 250%.

At the same time of the skyrocketing pay, the quality of film and television works fell in a cliff-like manner, and Douban witnessed this “scarred”. According to statistics from the media “Flowing the girl”, after 2010, the number of works with 8 or more domestic dramas has been greatly reduced. Between 2000 and 2009, there were 346 episodes with more than 8 points, but from 2010 to 2018. There are only 206 departments. Not only that, the number of works from 2 to 5 has increased significantly. From 2000 to 2009, there were only 41 works with a score of 5 or less. After 2010, this figure directly rose to 610.

Such as 3.6 points of “Entrepreneur Times”, 4.1 points of “Choice of Heaven”, 4.6 points of “Wudong Qiankun”, these works starring Yang Ying, Lu Han, Yang Yang is listed, is a typical “production is not enough, The stars come together.”

The most frightening thing is that there is still a lot of surplus in such works. “It’s just a network drama or a TV series. It’s already booted up or already finished, it’s late, it’s already in the film. If you don’t find the broadcast platform, it’s probably more than 100, and the investment amount is more than 10 billion, and maybe even more. Gong Yu told the public that these are only new works that have been born in the last one or two years, and they are not a historical backlog.

The debt owed by the entire industry in the past has become a huge challenge for the moment.

Traffic star becomes quicksand
The downstream broadcast platform with the main voice has begun to intentionally isolate the “traffic star”.

As early as August, the three video websites of Youku, Iqiyi and Tencent Video jointly issued a statement with the six major studios of Noon Sunshine, Huace Film, Nyingmeng Film, Ciwen Media, Yaoke Media and Xinli Media, claiming that they jointly Resist the artist’s “high price” pay. As an important promoter of the rise of this traffic star, the awakening of the online video platform means that the film and television circle officially said goodbye to the phenomenon of traffic stars.

The attitude is quickly reflected in the market. The “Financial World” weekly magazine was informed that when the next line of artists has few projects to start or start. A person familiar with the work of an artist said that “many star studios are in the taxation period and will not sign new contracts for the time being.” The tax payment regulations for the vibrating film and television circle will be officially implemented in January 2019, before then. Many stars simply choose to marry or take a vacation. “The big stars are not bad for this money, but the big projects are really a lot less. Everyone starts with small and medium-sized projects.”

The Hengdian Film and Television City in Dongyang, Zhejiang Province has begun to be bustling again, with a new attitude: since October, more than 30 dramas including “The Tomb of the Tombs Restarted”, “The Serenade” and “The Eight Great Cases of the Republic of China” The collections have been announced to start up, and there are no first-line traffic stars such as “Returning to the Four Nations”, Li Yifeng, Yang Yang, and Chen Weijun in the starring list. Instead, they are newcomers such as Zhu Yilong and Deng Lun. A producer told the “Financial World” weekly magazine that the difference between these two popular stars is that the latter’s acting skills pass through, and the popularity comes from past excellent works, and the water is very low.

The film circle also frequently sent new people’s news. Zhang Yu, who plays Huang Mao in “I am not a drug god”, once again entered the public eye with the new film “Unknown”, in the eyes of senior filmmaker and dream film and television CEO Liu Jun, “Good works need good Artists and entertainers also need the exposure of good works to continue to consolidate their status.”

Liu Jun analyzed that in the long-term development according to the current trend, in the future, the film and television circle may enter a polarization situation: one is to continue to use the big-line production of the first-line stars, which means that the content needs universal values, while The production level of production is high and the production cost is high. Only the first-line stars can match these resources.

The other is to enable the small-cost products of the three-line star. This product focuses on the content itself, the script will be more colorful, and the actors who need more “fit” must also match the content. “In fact, Hollywood is also the idea.” Liu Jun said.

When data dehydration becomes a business
Cao Yongshou got a windfall in this big shock. As a company executive focused on entertainment big data, he found that the industry is increasingly focusing on real data, which was impossible until a few years ago. Once, the data in the entertainment industry was too fake to be beyond imagination.

When traffic becomes an important consideration for the star’s business value, fraudulent projects are naturally born.

In April 2017, “China Film Report” broadcasted a special program called “Reporter Survey: “Fake Entertainment Circle” Behind Big Data of Click-through Rate”, which exposed the fraudulent situation of playing data in the film industry and in-depth mining The industry chain behind the interests. At that time, the former drama of Yang Youdong, the former president of Youku, “Sansheng Sanshi Shili Peach Blossom” was in full swing, hitting 33 minutes and 58 sets of 30.8 billion. When the data was most exaggerated, the play volume increased by 1.4 billion in one day. We must know that the number of Internet users in China at that time was only 760 million.

The virtual high playing data directly raised the value of the two stars starring Yang Mi and Zhao Youting, and then entered the next vicious circle.

It was at the beginning of this year that Ai Man Data Co. decided to start “dehydration data” and started with the stars. On the entertainment star page, the number of active fans, the proportion of fans of the water army, and the volume of the water contributors were directly given. Dimensions. Cao Yongshou told the “Financial World” weekly magazine that fake data stars will squeeze the living space of truly outstanding artists and have a bad long-term impact on the industry.

In 2017, Ai Man’s dehydration function was just launched. The social platform of “Deer’s Small Meat” showed a total of 30.74 million fans. After monthly dehydration, the total number of fans was 1.23 million. The number of active fans is 4%, which is the normal state of traffic stars. What really surprised everyone is that in the water force contribution volume list, the contribution of the water army has generally reached more than 90%. The other number of small fresh meats on the list ranked 99.6%, which means that when people see hundreds of articles on the web every day, when discussing him, there is actually only one real fan. Sounds. “In this way, fewer and fewer people will concentrate on doing content, which will eventually lead to bad money driving out good money.” Cao Yongshou said.

There are more than one concern, Cao Yongshou. “The actors like Cai Xukun and Di Lieba, I will not cooperate with them for the rest of my life. It is not that I am awesome (in fact, it is okay), mainly because they do not need scripts. Or just need a fake script.” Well-known screenwriter Wang Hailin shared an article on Weibo on Wu Weifan’s fake list, and the text is as above.

Another famous saying of Wang Hailin is “I miss the days when the coal boss is our investor.” In his opinion, the coal boss does not interfere with the intervention, or rarely intervenes in the creation, but after the Internet and other capital intervention, the production team Forced to chase traffic stars with IP.

“In the first half of 2017 to 2018, the industry’s fraud has reached a very serious degree.” Gong Yu said that in September 2018, iQiyi after several months of research, thinking and technical preparation, “out In desperation, but also actively respond and resist,” Aiqiyi turned off the front-end traffic display.

Local time, October 23, 2018, Los Angeles, USA, “The House of Cards” season 6 premiere.

Post traffic age
As winter has arrived, the capital boom and the backward speculators have both faded, and traditional film and television practitioners have nowhere to go. “I have been working in this industry for more than 20 years. Now let me change. What can I do?” The old producer Xu Bin told the “Financial World” weekly magazine that the current tax investigation has also given them pressure on the production process. Will be more cautious, not afraid to make money easily.

According to a screenwriter, the impact of “cold winter” on the creative company is not the biggest. “How much can the script development cost?”. The current rectification is mainly aimed at the production process. As the highlight of this link, the stars naturally bear the brunt. “The cold winter of capital can make the people who create the work start to concentrate on the script.” The aforementioned people said that some people who are not very professional will be filtered.

Wang Hailin may be one of the people in the eyes of the person. “The net drama should be upgraded as a new thing, but in the past I saw that many works are some relegated works, which are worse than TV stations.” Wang Hailin graduated from the Department of Drama and Literature of the Central Academy of Drama, and is regarded as the orthodox origin of the Chinese film and television creation community. During his more than 20 years of career, he has experienced the rapid development of Chinese film and television, and he has also witnessed the abnormalities that have arisen in the past.

“A film of 40 episodes, the actor said that I only give you 20 episodes of time, the normal director will say that you are going to go, I can’t shoot, but there are also such awkward directors, I will try to make him pose , cut to 40 episodes, she does not come every day, I am looking for a substitute.” Wang Hailin preached.

To make matters worse, under the development of malformation, the industry once faced a situation in which the type of creation was singular. The number of rich and varied dramas such as historical dramas and social dramas has shrunk, and there are various homologues of the theme shells, but only the core of love elements.

In the view of the platform side, the love elements have more selling points, and they simply put a label on the content of “female frequency”. “That is user thinking, not creative thinking.” Wang Hailin said that when the right to speak is in the channel, excessive reliance on “selling point theory” will greatly curb the creative environment.

Overseas, American dramas are purchased and sold according to the script. “People rely on scripts and story outlines, and scripts can be signed.” Wang Hailin explained that the producers signed the contract with the script, and there is no need to choose big stars to increase the cost. It is the fundamental to curb the star price.”

“The future film and television circle should focus on exploring content upgrades.” Liu Jun, senior filmmaker and dream film and television CEO, believes that content innovation is the focus in the post-traffic era. “I have also been researching some Internet platforms recently.” The recommendation mechanism, a content platform can grow rapidly today, must have its extraordinary, especially in terms of data.”

In 1990, HBO, the nation’s first cable TV network, began to introduce home-made TV programs. In the following years, several major paid cable TV networks in the United States successively joined the production of premium paid content. The concept of “American TV drama” was born: focusing on script creation. Using non-first-line actors to open the content payment era, “The Sopranos” and “Breaking Bad” are all representative.

The film creation big coffee has also joined the screen creation. In 2013, in order to enhance the content competitiveness, the US Naifei Company invited a first-line movie star to star in the American drama mode, and wanted to suppress the US cable TV, by James Frey, Big Directed by Wei Finch, the “House of Cards” starring Kevin Spacey became the masterpiece of this style of play, and the related creators also gained both fame and fortune.

There have always been ways, and the choice has always been there.