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Ding Keyian just bought a digital camera and is fresh. At three o’clock in the afternoon, he was idle, standing on the balcony of his third floor, holding a camera and taking photos. After far enough, he leaned out and shot down. At this time, there was a man and a woman in the viewfinder. They were on the first floor opposite and were heading towards the courtyard. The woman is very fat, wearing a pair of colorful pants and a white hurdle vest. She twisted her big butt, walked in front and helped the man open the door; the man was burly, strong and weak, and especially horrible, his right eyelid, along with the entire right temple, had a large black birthmark, which was daunting. It is a typical “black face”.

The fat woman opened the courtyard door, and before she went out, she took a palm on her fat butt and whispered something. The fat woman immediately smiled and licked the other side’s waist and punched. The black face walked out of the courtyard of the fat woman’s house, but suddenly stood still, raised her face, and raised her head subconsciously, looking up. Ding Keyian was on the balcony of the third floor. He was shocked. He brushed back and went back. He stepped back two steps and hid behind the balcony door.

For a long while, Ding Keyian carefully exposed half of his head and secretly looked at it. He saw that the black face was slowly walking away. As he walked, he kept looking back and looked back. Ding Keyian immediately shrank his head back. Take another voyeuristic look.

After a few minutes, Ding Kelian returned to the house to view the three photos just taken.

The first one is a fat woman and a black face face to the front of the courtyard; the second is a black face reaching out to beat the fat woman’s ass; the third is a fat woman Jiao smiled back…

This fat woman, Ding Keyian has the impression that she has a son in the middle school and only came back during the summer and winter vacations. Her husband is thin and looks dark. He is a buyer of a state-owned unit and has been on a business trip for many years. She and her husband, a unit, retired a few years ago, and this Kong Wu is powerful, like a fierce black face, never seen in the impression.

According to these kinds of signs, Ding Keyian judged: It must be that the black face and the fat woman have a relationship. Today they are quiet, and when they broke up, they were unfortunately photographed by their own camera…

Ding Kelian is in his thirties. He lived on the rent of two facade houses. He is single now. He is a man of honesty. Afterwards, he regrets why he has to do something. He takes pictures of him downstairs. Now the handle of others is inadvertently photographed by himself. Down, can people stop? How is this good?

Two times chasing

Three nights later, after dinner, Ding Kelian walked to the convenience store that rented his facade to collect rent. Received the rent, after the receipt of the receipt, he and the store owner are chatting, some people pushed in and Ding Keyian saw it, it was the black face! The two men took a photo, and Ding Keian was scared, and did not dare to delay, walked out of the convenience store, and quickly rushed home.

Walking, the whole street suddenly darkened, and it turned out to be a blackout. Ding Keyian had to stop and let his eyes adjust to the darkness. He looked back and inadvertently saw thirty steps away. One person was using a lighter to light the cigarette. By the light of the lighter, Ding Keyian was shocked: the man was a black face, he was tracking himself!

Ding Keyian speeded up his pace, but he was fast, and his black face was chasing faster. Fortunately, the community arrived, Ding Keyian rushed in. There is a large public toilet next to the community park, and the public toilet has two front and rear doors. Ding Ke was in a hurry and didn’t choose a road. He cut the road from the front door of the public toilet into the back door. The black face didn’t rely on it and chased the toilet… At this critical juncture, the call came out, the public toilet was lit, the street light was on, and the residential building was bright. The community was lit up, and this timely call saved Ding Keyian’s life, and the black face did not dare to chase it out.

Ding Keyian stunned his life. He walked on the side of the road and gasped for a long time before he dragged his feet and slowly walked home. From time to time, he looked back and looked at the black-faced face from the public toilet.

When I got home, even though I was scared, Ding Keyian was still unable to change the habit of growing up for many years: first write the diary and then go to bed. Before the break, he repeatedly checked the doors and windows.

Woke up from the nightmare the next day, Ding Keian thought before thinking, he thought that the family should not solve the problem, he felt that he should take the initiative to find a fat woman to communicate, so thinking, he took out a digital camera, hung around his neck, and immediately went down On the floor, I rang the doorbell of the fat woman’s yard.

The fat woman came out wearing slippers and pulled a slit in the courtyard door and asked, “Who are you looking for? What is it?”

Ding Kelian squeezed out a smile and said, “I am on the third floor of the opposite building. Can I go in and talk?”

“There is nothing to say here.” The other party was incomprehensible. Ding Keian had no choice but to stand outside the door. The words opened with a word: “Oh, this… is like this. That afternoon, I accidentally I saw you and…the man…the relatives’ actions, oh…this, I really saw it unintentionally…”

The fat woman’s face turned red and red, and she said with amazement: “What do you want?”

Ding Kelian pointed to the digital camera on his chest and said, “I accidentally took it.”

The fat woman suppressed her anger and opened her mouth: “Let’s say, what are you going to do?”

“I came to explain to you, I will delete the photo, and keep my mouth shut, never leaking out, please believe me.” Ding Keyian said in a sincere manner, the fat woman sighed and nodded. Say: “Can I see the photo you took?”

“Of course.” Ding Keyian called out the three photos and showed them to the fat woman. I didn’t expect to see it. The fat woman suddenly became furious and her arms were round and round. Ding Ke Nian gave a big mouth with earth-shattering, and then even scratched and shook, even kicked and screamed, crying and screaming: “I am not alive, the old lady is fighting with you… you are a croquet, rogue, hybrid ……”

Ding Kenian stunned, while holding back, while holding a squirrel.

The reconciliation failed, and Ding Keyian was frustrated to the extreme.

Two days later, this morning, Ding Keyian took an electric car to the bank and prepared to buy a stock fund. While riding, a broken gray little pickup truck slammed up, the driver was black face, he pointed to Ding Keyian, shouted: “Boy, stand, I am not killing you today. No!”

Ding Kenian dare to stand still? He screwed the electric door to the end and fled all the way. He was so angry that he slammed on the gas pedal and twisted the steering wheel. The small pickup truck screamed and screamed, and chased the electric car of Ding Keyian to see the posture, and it was necessary to kill people. Nothing.

Ding Ke was panicked, and the electric car slipped to the ground in the high-speed Mercedes-Benz. The man fell out five or six meters, his head hit the trunk of the sidewalk, and he was in a coma…

Nothing but three

Ding Kelian was in a coma for more than an hour before he woke up. Fortunately, it didn’t matter, the doctor agreed to let him go home. From the hospital, he made up his mind, must call the police, or his own life will soon be lost in the face of the black face. Ding Keyian went straight to the Public Security Bureau and received him a police officer surnamed Wei. Wei police officer listened to the situation in detail and promised to start the investigation immediately, and he was careful about himself. From the Public Security Bureau, Ding Keyian received a phone call from the Yinshan Cemetery Management Office to let him pay the management fee for his parents’ graveyard.

Ding Keyian thought, decided not to go home first, so as not to meet the fat woman or black face again, he “hit” to the Yinshan cemetery, paid the management fee.

Yinshan is a local earth-rock mountain that was developed into a cemetery. The parents of Ding Keyian were buried in the tomb area at the highest point of the cemetery, followed by steep cliffs. After paying the fee, he went to the top of the mountain along the winding mountain path to see the parents’ sleep. August is the most beautiful time of the mountain, the forest is green and the mountains are blooming. Ding Kelian climbed to the top of the mountain and stood in front of his parents’ graves. He overlooked the towering buildings of the city and the vast sea in the distance. He was relieved and relaxed, and left the troubles in these days behind.

Suddenly, Ding Keyian made a shock, and he saw a winding man on the winding mountain road, and he was quickly picking up the ranks. The man smashed the iron shovel, and the iron shovel headed up, and it was cold and shining in the midday sun.

God, it’s just a black face!

Ding Kelian was so frightened that he fled and fled, and he fled up and climbed to a boulder on the top of the mountain. He turned back and the black face had been chased under the huge stone. He shouted at him: “You come down, I have something to tell you!”

Ding Keyian was terrified to the extreme. He only felt black in front of him. He stood unsteadily at the moment and planted a cliff at one end…

At the same time, Wei police officer drove a fat woman and also rushed to the foot of Yinshan. The fat woman screamed at the black-faced mobile phone, but she was always busy. The reason was that the black-faced face was also desperately hitting the mobile phone, calling people to help and rescue Ding Keyian of the cliff.

After a busy conversation, people found Ding Keyian in the stream under the cliff. He broke his brain and burst into tears.

Fatal misunderstanding

According to Ding Keyian’s diary and investigations of relevant personnel, a few days later, the truth of the incident was restored by Wei’s police officer—

The black face is called Su Qirui. He and the fat woman are the twin brothers and sisters of the dragon and the phoenix. That afternoon, he went to his sister’s house to have something. When his sister came out to send him, he jokingly took a palm on her ass and laughed: “Hey you fat… you really should lose weight!” These happened to be the third floor balcony. Ding Keyian on the filming.

A few days later, Su Qirui walked down the street, and then went to a convenience store to buy cigarettes. When he came out, he encountered a blackout. However, at this time, his stomach hurts and it is convenient, so he threw his legs to the neighborhood where the nearest sister lived. The public toilet runs. He noticed that there were individuals running in front of him, but he didn’t think much. When he rushed into the public toilet, he just called.

Then the next afternoon, my sister cried to him, saying that there was a neuropathy called Ding Keyian who was looking for her to sneak up and photographed their brothers and sisters, smearing her for an affair. Su Qirui was very annoyed. He quietly recognized Ding Keyian’s appearance and prepared lessons. This was the scene of his driving on the road to chase Ding Keyian electric car.

After Ding Kelian fell off the car and stunned, Su Qirui was scared, reported 120, and followed the hospital until the doctor said nothing to leave.

On the morning of the same day, Wei police officer received an alarm from Ding Keyian and drove to find a fat woman to understand the situation. The fat woman took him to the Yinshan Mausoleum to find his brother. Su Qirui is the worker of this cemetery and is responsible for maintaining environmental sanitation.

When the police car came to the foot of the mountain, Su Qirui was holding the shovel up the mountain to clean the weeds in the cemetery. He saw Ding Keyian on the boulder, how could Ding Keyian be here? It’s strange, and I’m sorry for my own reckless chasing and intimidation in the morning, so Su Qili took the initiative to say hello to everyone, who knows that Ding Keyian has fallen off the cliff…

After clarifying the ins and outs of the whole incident, Su Qirui’s brothers and sisters were very embarrassed, and felt sorry for Ding Keyian, and at the same time complained about himself and felt guilty.

Wei police officer said to the fat woman: “There is only one thing I still don’t understand. – That morning, Ding Keyian took the camera to apologize to you, wants to reconcile with you, you began to accept, but see the photos in the camera. After turning your face, what is going on?”

The fat woman’s face was red, saying: “You don’t know what photo he took…” The fat woman didn’t say that Wei police officer didn’t know, Ding Keian’s shot was a black face and a fat woman’s ass. The woman is very annoyed, so she is so angry that this makes the misunderstanding deeper and deeper. In fact, there is something to say, what misunderstanding can not be eliminated?

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