Give it another five minutes

  One day, in the park, a lady sat on a bench in the playground, and a man sat on the other side of the bench.

  ”That’s my son,” she said, pointing to a boy in a red sweater not far away, who was slipping on the slide.

  “The more lovable children!” he said. “It’s my daughter who wears a white dress and learns to ride a bicycle.”

  After the speech, he looked at his watch and called his daughter. “You said yes, let’s go, Melissa?”

  The little girl begged: “Play for another five minutes.”

  The man nodded and agreed. Melissa continued to ride her bicycle happily. Five minutes passed quickly, and the man stood up and shouted to his daughter: “Now go now?”

  The little girl once again pleaded: “Play for another five minutes, Dad. Play for another five minutes,”

  The man smiled and said, “Yes.”

  ”Oh, you are a patient father.” The lady praised.

  The man smiled and then said: “She has a brother called Tommy. The driver who drunk driving a year ago was killed. He was also riding here on the bike. I didn’t take a lot of time to accompany Tommy. Now, I am willing to exchange anything for five minutes to accompany him. I swear, I can never have the same regret in Melissa. Five minutes is not long, but sometimes it comes to us. It will have a special meaning.”

  In life, you have to consider the priorities of your affairs. What is your primary and secondary affairs?

  Give your loved ones five minutes to accompany him or her!