Five people met in heaven

  A playground repairman named Eddie, on his 83rd birthday, in an accident, he lost his life in order to save a little girl. Eddie has been unhappy before his death, and his self-evaluation is very low: “My life is nothing, and there is no good job, that is, an amusement park repairman who has no interest.” In fact, when Eddy was young, he had his own life plan. He always wanted to wait until he had saved enough money to study and then become an engineer.

  The story began after Eddie’s death. After the death, Eddie’s soul went out into heaven. In heaven, he met five people in turn.

  A stranger, an acquaintance, a person who has hurt him, a person he loves deeply, and a person who has been hurt by him. They represent the five important stages of his life and represent the true meaning of life.

  The first stranger was the one who lost his life for Eddie. That year, Eddie was 7 years old and played on the street. The stranger, known as the blue skin, was driving the car. In order to avoid hitting Eddie who rushed to the ball, he urgently adjusted his direction and lost his life. This stranger let Eddie know that there are no random incidents in the world, and everything is interlocking. As the film says, “There are no strangers in this world. Strangers are just family members you have not yet known.” . It is because of the altruistic spirit of this stranger that we can see the story of Eddie later.

  The second person Eddy met in heaven was his captain when he was a soldier on the battlefield in the Philippines during World War II. When he fled the prison camp with his soldiers, he died in the unfortunate stepping on the mines. In the same time and space, Eddie sacrificed a leg. The captain who lost his life thought: “The true meaning of sacrifice is that you have not lost, but have been handed over to others. We have made sacrifices on the battlefield, but your mentality is wrong, you are resentful, and you are too persistent about what you have lost.” . Eddie, who lost a leg, always thought he was a failure. He attributed his failure to the lameness caused by the war, and the father who demanded him from a young age, despised him, and treated him rudely.

  Eddie’s understanding of her father is also in heaven. Through the guidance of a stranger, he realized that his father was a person who was faithful to love and friendship. At that moment, his resentment against his father vanished. In fact, he inherits and learns from his father not only with flexible hands-on ability and responsible attitude towards life, but also loyalty.

  The fourth person that Eddie met in heaven was his wife, Margaret, who had been thinking about for nearly 40 years. The appearance of his deceased wife made us know that Eddie was such a delicate, gentle and loyal husband. Her never-ending love has made his wife realize the best dream of all girls: “Have the greatest love in the world.”

  The fifth person that Eddie met in heaven was a little Filipino girl Tara who had been killed by him on the battlefield. Her appearance not only means forgiveness, but also the most meaningful thing is that she told Eddie his meaning: “Your life in the world is not white, you guarantee the safety of so many children.” Yes, we have all witnessed Eddie’s work. For decades, he has to play it every week – to be precise, to test all the rides, including roller coasters, which are definitely not suitable for the elderly. . Not only that, he always carries the iron wire wrapped in various animals, and I don’t know how many children bring joy.

  So, when Eddie’s soul returned to the playground, he saw so many people commemorating him, so many people were missing him. He heard people saying, “He prevented so many accidents and guaranteed that. The safety of many people, the children who have been protected by him have grown up, have children, and their children have children, just because of the things he does day after day.”

  Although Eddie believes that his life was ruined by his father and the war, although his self-limited life attitude limits his development, he is always responsible for his duties and duties. The sense of responsibility has made him a success in his life.

  If there is no such a harsh father, if there is no war, if it is not injured and maimed in the war, what will Eddie’s life be like? I think that with his attitude towards life, his different life will be the same moving and memorable.

  There is no detour in the life that you have carefully walked through. Even if you have not made the best of yourself, you may still live forever in people’s word of mouth!