Exchange housing

When the long November holiday arrived, Zhong Xingcheng and his wife Hu Ping were going to travel. They are going to take part in the “room-changing tour” which is very popular these two years. The so-called change-of-house tour means that friends living in both places go to each other’s homes to enjoy holiday life. However, this exchange of rooms tour is information that Hu Ping found through the exchange of rooms website. They are completely unfamiliar with the exchange of rooms netizens.

Before departure, Hu Ping packed the two men’s luggage and stacked them neatly in the suitcase inside. Zhong Xingcheng watched his wife pack her things coldly, and a slight disdain flitted through her heart: it was too late for this woman to want to save her feelings through this trip.

This trip was proposed by Hu Ping. The reason is very simple. The two recently had an emotional crisis and had a divorce. Hu Ping said, “Go out and relax. Maybe in a different environment, the mood will be different.” Zhong Xingcheng reluctantly agreed. Over the past few years, Zhong Xingcheng’s career has been smooth sailing. He has come into contact with many things and his vision has been broadened. He is always looking forward to a little more freshness in his life. He feels that Hu Ping’s carefully managed home is like a net that entangles himself.

After packing, Hu Ping began to clean the room again. Zhong Xingcheng could not bear it any longer: “Why are you so clean when you are all going out? People come to live these days, but they will not be allowed to clean it again after they come back. ” Hu Ping said, “People who come to our house are guests. After being cleaned up, people can live comfortably and respect their guests. ” Zhong Xingcheng mumbled, “In addition to cleaning, you can also What?.” Hu Ping gave him a white look and worked alone.

When Hu Ping finished cleaning, he found several more pieces of paper, wrote them down and pasted them on the furniture. Zhong Xingcheng looked carefully and wrote some notes, such as: “A key on the remote controller is broken”, “Please turn on the maximum gear if the range hood is not clean” … Zhong Xingcheng couldn’t help laughing: when others come to travel, they just borrow a place to sleep, who really takes charge of you here?

Finally set out, along the way, Hu Ping curiously asked this and that, Zhong Xingcheng simply read a book, hardly answering her. When they arrived at their destination, the couple opened the door and found each other’s house was about the same size as their own. They were both two-bedroom houses. The houses looked tidy up, but they still looked messy. On the tea table, there were streaks of dust that had not been wiped clean, and only one room could be used, while the other was full of debris. Hu Ping looked at the room and frowned, but Zhong Xingcheng was attracted by a wedding photo hanging on the wall. It seems that the owner is a pair of Husband, Wife & The Extra. His wife is very beautiful and has a face full of youthful vitality.

Travel is to go from the place where one is tired of living to the place where others are tired of living. Zhong Xingcheng realized this sentence deeply this time, and the change of room did not make him feel any joy. Although they agreed not to quarrel, they quarreled on the first night because Hu Ping had to tidy up the room before going to bed. When he left, Hu Ping insisted on cleaning the house before leaving, adding: “I don’t want people to doubt the quality of our family.” Zhong Xingcheng was speechless with anger.

At home, Hu Ping packed up his bag as soon as he put it down, and Zhong Xingcheng didn’t want to move as soon as he lay down on the sofa. All of a sudden, he felt something pointed at him and took it out. It turned out to be a mobile phone. With a slight press, the mobile phone was on, and a fashionable and beautiful girl appeared on the screen-the hostess of the house where the room was changed. At this moment, Hu Ping came out of the bedroom and said, “I think the couple are a little bit M’Dahna. Please see if they have left anything behind and give it back to the family when they find it.” Zhong Xingcheng subconsciously hid his mobile phone behind him.

Zhong Xingcheng hid the mobile phone but did not know what to do. He often took out his mobile phone to look at, mobile phone inside has many photos, all with girls as the leading role, she assumed various postures, or nifty, or dignified, or sexy … Looking at, Zhong Xingcheng heart suddenly more inexplicable expectations.

Two days later, Zhong Xingcheng decided to return his cell phone to the family. He was about to dial when the phone rang. It was the girl who called. Zhong Xingcheng was somewhat embarrassed: “I was about to call you back when you called.” The girl giggled with clear and melodious laughter. She said, “What a coincidence, it seems that we have a heart to heart.” The girl introduced herself and said that her name is Huang Jiayan. She likes traveling and making friends. The two chatted very speculatively. At last Zhong Xingcheng said he would send her his mobile phone by express. Huang Jiayan thought for a moment and said, “Don’t bother, I have already bought a new mobile phone. I am making this call just to see who found my cell phone and maybe make a friend. It is a fate to know you, just pass those photos to me. ” Zhong Xingcheng took the opportunity to ask for her QQ number.

Since then, Zhong Xingcheng often chatted with MIUMIU Huang Yan QQ. While Hu Ping was asleep, Zhong Xingcheng also closed the door to talk with MIUMIU Huang Yan. Gradually, both of them had some strange feeling. One day, Zhong Xingcheng poured out his anguish to Huang Jiayan. Huang Jiayan suddenly cried: “In fact, my husband and I have bad feelings. He doesn’t like my lifestyle. We often quarrel. Don’t laugh when you say it. I like you like this, mature and romantic. ”

Zhong Xingcheng has lived in Blue Veins.

Since then, their feelings have rapidly warmed up. Zhong Xingcheng lied to Hu Ping that he was on a business trip. In fact, he was dating MIUMIU Huang Yan. A week with MIUMIU Huang Yan was like riding a roller coaster. Zhong Xingcheng sighed with emotion: This is the life he wants, and all these years with Hu Ping are nothing!

At home, Zhong Xingcheng handed the gift to Hu Ping, but did not dare to look her in the eye. However, Hu Ping did not receive anything from him, but said calmly, “Huang Jiayan’s husband Zhao Lei has been here to find his wife.” Zhong Xingcheng almost jumped up in shock and said after half a day, “Let’s divorce.”

Soon, Zhong Xingcheng and Hu Ping divorced. Out of guilt, he left the house to Hu Ping. Soon, Huang Jiayan also divorced. Zhong Xingcheng was very happy and set out to get married. Huang Jiayan said, “I’m a little scared of marriage. Now trial marriage is popular. Let’s go to trial marriage first.” Zhong Xingcheng thought it was also quite exciting. In this way, the two lived together.

Looking for a beautiful woman several years younger than himself, Zhong Xingcheng felt that Beier had face when he went out. As soon as there is a holiday, the two travel together. Even on weekends, Huang Jiayan will have a party at home. At first, Zhong Xingcheng enjoyed this kind of life very much, but gradually, he was unable to stand it. First, he was very busy with his work. Second, he was old-he was eight years older than Huang Jiayan.

More importantly, Zhong Xingcheng felt that his life was in chaos. He often couldn’t find ties and socks. inside, the rented house, threw clothes everywhere, but few of them were clean. On one occasion, Zhong Xingcheng presided over a meeting and found that the people in the front row were looking at their eyes a little strange. Later, they found that there was an oil stain on their clothes.

Zhong Xingcheng thought for a long time and was ready to buy a house. He wanted to have a decent home. Huang Jiayan clapped his hands and cheered when he heard about buying a house. According to Zhong Xingcheng’s idea, it is enough to buy a two-bedroom apartment, but Huang Jiayan insists on buying a large one, preferably the one with a double balcony, which can be barbecued at home.

Huang Jiayan was defeated, and Zhong Xingcheng finally embezzled a sum of public funds and bought a large house. Although there is a house, Zhong Xingcheng still cannot find the feeling of home. The home is still a mess. Sometimes he doesn’t want to go home. He lives alone in the dormitory, but Huang Jiayan of inside came to “ward round” drunk in the middle of the night, shouting, “You are a good seducer of other people’s wives. I’m not at ease with you.” Zhong Xingcheng was disgraced. From then on, the quarrel between the two became a common occurrence.

One day Zhong Xingcheng went to work and found two people waiting for him in the office in inside. It turned out that the embezzlement had happened. Zhong Xingcheng cooperated with the Commission for Discipline Inspection to investigate for a day. Regardless of the final result of the investigation, his official career was completely destroyed.

After work, Zhong Xingcheng walked to the door of his house, only to hear deafening music inside. Huang Jiayan was having a party. Zhong Xingcheng turned and left. He bought a bottle of wine in the street and drank while walking. It was getting late. He did not know where to go. At last, half drunk, he came to a door in front of The Devil’s Messenger happily-this was his former home. Zhong Xingcheng hesitated for a long time, and finally rang the doorbell.

The door opened and the familiar smell of food came from the kitchen inside. At that moment, Zhong Xingcheng felt his nose was sour. “Come, come,” a person appeared at the door, Zhong Xingcheng stare big eyes, this person, turned out to be Huang Jiayan’s ex-husband Lei Zhao!

When he saw Zhong Xingcheng, Lei Zhao also paused. He asked coldly, “What are you doing here?” Zhong Xingcheng felt his voice was weak: “I, I’ll come back and have a look—”

Lei Zhao lowered his voice and said: “Two years ago, I knew Huang Jiayan was very angry after he cheated. I came to you with a knife in my arms. After you were not at home and knew what I had come for, Hu Ping received me calmly, just like I was a guest from afar. She cooked me food and chatted with me. Then I cried and she cried. I came to see you desperately, but after seeing her, I never thought of that again. In fact, I have been paying attention to her since the last change of room tour. As soon as I entered this door, I felt that this is the home I want. I have always wanted to find such a woman, a woman who can take good care of her home and let me do things at ease. This is my home now. Hu Ping and I are married. My career has been flourishing in the past two years. My relationship with her is also very good. I also know about you and MIUMIU Huang Yan. I don’t mind your being together. I hope you don’t bother us either. You go. ”

When he turned to leave, Zhong Xingcheng heard a familiar voice asking, “Have you come yet? Who is it? ” Lei Zhao replied, “No, it’s just a person who went to the wrong door.” At that moment, zhong xing had mixed feelings: maybe he really went to the wrong door? However, marriage is not like traveling in a different room, walking into someone else’s house and coming back …