Every bet will win

There is a saying that “there is no winner after a long time of gambling”, but it happened that there is such a person who, as long as he gambles, will surely win. Do you believe it or not?

Let’s start with a program on the county television station, which is called “folk expert”. The people on the program are all familiar with the things around them. It’s no wonder that they can attract attention. People who play with Four arts, sing and dance, open wine bottles, drill bricks, blow suona with their noses, and blindly pinch clay figurines are as lively as they are.

The program was on fire for half a year, and before long, the program group began to feel embarrassed: the entire county has been scoured. where are so many folk experts? The director said: “Insist that the first phase is the first phase, in case we cannot find foreign aid!”

Just then, reporter Liu came in dripping with sweat: “Boss, find one and bet … on God of Gamblers!”

Hearing this, the director was excited and said, “well, it’s not too late to go to the interview right away … by the way, what did you say and what did this person do?”

Reporter Liu said: “God of Gamblers, in Xiaozhuang Village of Wang Town, he is mute and famous for winning every bet. When I heard that the villagers nearby played cards, when I saw him coming, I immediately broke up.”

The director hesitated at the sound of gambling.

Reporters Liu quickly laughed: “don’t worry, they are not gambling. they are just playing games and killing time. the key is that the mute is not simple. According to my guess, the bread here contains deep scientific truth. You think, the dumb man can’t speak, the ear can’t hear, the two functions are lost, the eyes and head are naturally developed, and it is also possible that he has the ability to never forget anything. He is waiting for us to dig! ”

The director suddenly struck the table: “well, this topic is attractive and approved!”

This time it was a light bus and did not disturb the cadres in the town. After the car drove into the village of inside, I don’t know how to let the cat out of the bag, the village of inside cadres lined up to welcome. This is not a good posture and is not conducive to interviews. Reporters Liu was about to decline when they heard village head say, “The big reporters from the county town are coming. They are far from welcome. I heard that you are going to interview the mute? Suggested to avoid, lazy guy, why don’t you interview the changes in our village over the past few years … ”

Reporters Liu and a line of people smiled at each other and muttered in their hearts: You are not qualified enough. What’s the use of interviewing your village? We will be dumb!

Liu reporter thought so in his heart, but he could not say so on his lips. He pretended to be on the ground and exchanged a few commonplaces with the village party secretary, then said what he had come for. Hearing this, village head blinked and said, “Do you remember anything? Didn’t hear the dumb have this ability, said he would win every bet, is also nonsense, in fact, this is the way it is, I told you Iko Iko will understand, this dumb ah … ”

Reporters Liu know village head’s mind, but is to find some beginning, to set up obstacles for the dumb, and then let oneself interview their village inside’s “advanced deeds”, so he impatiently interrupted village head’s words: “Okay, okay, no matter what the matter is, we have to leave the audience a suspense, or let us interview in person, if you are willing to help, it is best to help us with the dumb strokes’ translation’.”

It was not difficult and was soon done.

Came to the dumb house, dumb is sleeping, woke up his sleepy, made him very uncomfortable. Seeing that the mute was on the verge of losing his temper, reporter Liu said to the translator: “please explain our purpose to him and tell him that there will be labor charges after the interview.”

With such a simple gesture, the mute grinned and counted the money while laughing.

At this time, the “translator” sent a message: “the dumb said, play two games and see, play to real gold and silver, don’t play empty.”

This is all right, being there is more telling. reporter Liu immediately ordered the “long guns and short guns” to be set up and ready to start shooting.

The dumb man’s mouth was not small enough for gambling. In order to shoot the program, Liu reporter gritted his teeth and took out a handful of money to show that “rice” was enough.

The game of poker is “run fast”. each player grabs 13 cards, with a big one and a small one. whoever runs first wins, and checks out after three sets in one game.

I don’t know whether reporter Liu was unlucky or nervous. after only a few minutes, he lost three sets in a row and the dumb man spread his hands. that means, “well, what you say counts, give money!”

Liu reporter had no choice but to give the money, but he added, no, another round is needed. The dumb man nodded and agreed, but suddenly got up and kept gesticulating. “The translator” laughed: “The dumb man said he wanted to go to the toilet.”

Reporters Liu waved and said: “ok, go ahead, we’ll wait here.” If the mute was granted amnesty, he ran away with a smile …

By this time, the bystanders in the village of inside were all bent over with laughter, confusing reporter Liu: “You laugh at What?.”

Village head couldn’t stand laughing. “You can call it a day. The interview is over.” Reporter Liu was stunned and asked, “We in Still Game, the mute went to the toilet, didn’t we?”

Village head said: “Where, the dumb man won the money and ran away. He will not come back until you leave. This is the secret of the dumb man’s” winning every bet “. When you first came, I was ready to tell you the secret, but you don’t want to listen, no wonder I … ”

“If you win money and run away, you won’t have to win every bet,” Liu asked incredulously. “What if you lose?”

This made everyone happy. village head said, “You can run even if you lose. You can run if you win, and you can’t lose if you don’t give. Isn’t this a must-win bet? A disabled person is also very pitiful. The people of inside in the village are very kind. Who will dispute with him? ”

Liu reporter heard this, and his heart began to heat up: oh, that’s what happened.