Double male

During the Anti-Japanese War, there were two coffin shops in Qinghe City. The old city was the old shop, the shopkeeper was Chen Xiong; the city west was newly opened, the boss was surnamed Wu, and the single name was also called Xiong. Wu Xiong originally used coffins in neighboring counties to buy and sell. I don’t know what happened, I fled to Qinghe, and I still do my job.

At the beginning, Chen Xiong did not put Wu Xiong in his eyes, but he did not expect that Wu Xiong’s shop had just opened for three months, and his business was deserted. I only know when I found out that Wu Xiong has a unique skill: never make a nail in a coffin. The coffins he built were all made of wooden teeth. The deceased was put into the coffin. As long as you covered it, you couldn’t open it with any method, unless you used an axe to open the coffin. Wu Xiong also released his words and said that he would use his coffin to ensure that the deceased would not rot in two years. If he found that the body was rotten within two years, he would compensate ten times.

Although no one will really look at it after two years, but Wu Xiong’s words are emboldened—the first coffin he built in Qinghe did not sell, but on the opening day, he was the face of the public. Immerseed in a large pool in the backyard of the store and marked the paint on the waterline. Three months later, the coffin still floated in the pool, above the waterline, and there was no watermark.

Wu Xiong’s move, Chen Xiong couldn’t stand it. The coffin he made was soaked in the water, not to mention three months. It is estimated that it will enter the water in three or five days. After Chen Xiong thought about it, he decided to follow Wu Xiong and make the coffin no longer using nails. It is easy to say and difficult to do. The coffin is big and small, and the whole has a certain curvature inward. If you want to be airtight and do not need iron nails, you can only have the same wooden teeth as Wu Xiong. In this way, each piece of wood must have a certain degree of curvature inward, the curvature is large, and the joints are not together; the curvature is small, and the coffin is not made. What is even more difficult is that Chen Xiong tried several times to make the coffin cover and the coffin fit together. It was not sealed, or it was stuck and could not be sealed.

Chen Xiong worked hard for a few months, and the technology never caught up with Wu Xiong. This morning, he looked at the deserted shop, sighed and reached for the plaque on the door, but was stopped by one person. Chen Xiong looked down and came to see his own cousin Chen Hu.

When it comes to Chen Hu, Chen Xiong is not angry with one place.

Chen Hu participated in the national army in the past few years, stationed in Qinghe, after the devils occupied Qinghe, Chen Hu surrendered to become the Emperor’s Allied Forces, and he followed the devil’s ass and cleared his way. At this time Chen Hu appeared, Chen Xiong coldly asked him what is expensive.

Chen Hu said with a smile: “I will give my brother a business and help you through the storm.”

Chen Xiong snorted and said, “Give me a business? You don’t give me the next set and burn it.”

In the face of Chen Xiong’s ridicule, Chen Hu does not seem angry. He said, “How can I harm you? How can we say that we are also cousins, can I watch you being run by a foreigner?”

Chen Hu’s words said that Chen Xiong’s heart was relaxed. When Chen Hu saw it, he lowered his voice and said that the Imperial Army attacked the Eight Roads of Erlong Mountain some time ago. As a result, it was not cheap, and six or seventy people died. After the corpse is cremated, it will be sent back to the country. The Imperial Army wants to find someone to make seventy caskets…

“What, do you want me to do the casket for the devil?” Chen Xiongyi heard this business, and suddenly he was mad. “The devils burned and looted in the Qinghe River. No evil, you let me do the casket for them. This is not to let others point at me.” Is the spine bone?”

Chen Hu didn’t expect Chen Xiong’s reaction to be so fierce. He said: “Isn’t it just an urn? The emperor’s casket for each of the four oceans is more expensive than the coffin you sell.” Unexpectedly, it was Chen Xiong launched the store in two or three times, and the “砰” was closed. Chen Hu said awkwardly outside the door and said, “Don’t think that only you will do it. I don’t believe that four oceans are not made, you just wait to close the door.” He said with a sigh of relief.

There are only two coffin shops in Chenhe and Wuxiong in Qinghe City. Chen Xiong does not do it. Chen Hu only went to Wu Xiong. Chen Xiong in the door couldn’t help but move: If Wu Xiong couldn’t help but tempted and promised to make a casket for the devil, then he could make a public opinion and let Wu Xiong stay in Qinghe City…

Thinking of this, Chen Xiong hurriedly followed Chen Chen. See Chen Hu entered the shop of Wu Xiong, he sat in a tea house opposite, and watched the movement while drinking tea. After a while, I only heard the noise from Wu Xiong’s shop. Then, I saw Chen Hu being pushed out by Wu Xiong. Chen Huyi was irritated and angered. He pulled out the box and the guns were going to fight. Wu Xiong had no fear, and he used his chest to resist the muzzle. He said, “Follow the devil’s ass and make a fortune. What is the skill? You have the ability to play the devil. Go!” Chen Hu sees more and more people on the crowd, fearing that the public anger is not good for fruit, so I have to leave.

In this scene, Chen Xiong saw it in the tea house, and he couldn’t help but feel mixed. He had both admiration for Wu Xiong and the loss of wishful thinking. He settled his account and went home. He closed the store door and sat in the store. He thought that his family’s family business had fallen in his own hands and could not help but burst into tears.

I don’t know how long it took to sit, and suddenly there was a sudden knock on the door. Chen Xiong thought that a customer came and was busy getting up to open the door. Just opened a seam, Chen Hu squeezed in. He “slammed” and slammed, and said with a cry: “Brother save me.”

Chen Xiong looked at him with a puzzled look. Chen Hu said with a sad face: “I took the errands of the Imperial Army, but no one wants to do it. The Imperial Army is very annoyed. I am bound to do this today. Otherwise, I will kill it.”

Listening to Chen Hu’s meaning, let yourself do the urns for the devils. Chen Xiong pulled his face down and said coldly: “Be yourself, don’t live.”

“Brother, do you really see death?” Chen Hu almost cried out. “When my parents died, you promised them and said to look after me.”

Chen Xiong lived. He was a big rounder than Chen Hu. His parents died of illness and have been following his uncle’s life. When his uncle died, he said that he would look after Chen Hu’s words. But how can Chen Hu be a traitor later?

Chen Hu saw Chen Xiong’s hesitant look and was busy repeatedly asking for assurances that no third person would know about it, and he also thought of a way to fight against Wu Xiong.

“Hit Wu Xiong?” Chen Hu said Chen Xiong’s pain. “What do you do?”

“You don’t care, I have my own way.” Seeing Chen Xiong’s tone loose, Chen Hu quickly climbed up, afraid that Chen Xiong will change. He walked and said: “I will give you money, you will wait for good news.” “”

Looking at the back of Chen Hu, Chen Xiong long sighed. In the next few days, he closed the store door, dismissed the helper, and made the casket of the devil alone. The night before the completion of the work, Chen Hu came to the store and said with excitement, he helped Chen Xiong to remove his nails. Chen Xiong knows that it refers to Wu Xiong, and he is busy asking: “What method did you use?”

Chen Hu proudly said: “I made some money, let a few devils go to his store to make trouble, break his right hand, and can’t work after the injury.”

Chen Xiong heard a big alarm and glared at Chen Hu. He said with anger: “How do you use the tricks of this three abuses! Isn’t this pushing people to death?”

Chen Hu did not take it for granted. He said, “Brother, you are the woman. You are living in the business field. Have you thought about your feelings when you run against you?”

Chen Xiong is speechless.

Two days later, out of jealousy, Chen Xiong went to visit Wu Xiong. Wu Xiong lay in a sick bed and said with a smile: “Chen treasurer, I almost squeezed your business, you still come to see me, let me feel helpless! The doctor said, I can fortunately keep this hand, business can not do It is.”

“How do you get rid of the devil?” Chen Xiong feared that Wu Xiong suspected that he was behind the ghosts and asked him first. Wu Xiong sighed and said helplessly: “It is not a blessing, it is a curse, but it is a retribution!”

Chen Xiong inexplicably asked: “Retribution?”

Wu Xiong nodded and said it. It turned out that his business in the neighboring county was very big. Last year, the devil asked him to do the casket. He didn’t want to, and the devil used the threat of his family’s life. Wu Xiong had to promise. Who knows that this smashed the horse’s nest, after he gave the urn a urn, the gang did not buy his coffin, and every day someone threw garbage at his house. He couldn’t stand such contempt, and he burned the caskets and escaped. I didn’t expect to escape the devil’s poisonous hands.

After listening to Wu Xiong’s narrative, I thought that I had done an urn for the devil. Chen Xiong felt a chill from the soles of his feet…

After Chen Xiong went back, he lost his soul for a few days.

On this day, Chen Hu came to his store again and asked him to make eighty urns for the devil. Chen Xiong was annoyed: “The last time was to save your life. This time I will not do it anyway.” Chen Hu listened, sneered and said: “Brother, do it once, do it twice. Do it, go to the thief boat, it is not so easy to think about it. If I say you to the emperor to do the casket, you will be like me!”

Chen Xiong was so angry that he said: “You are a wolf with a human skin. I look at the uncle’s face and kindly save you, you take a bite!”

Chen Hu sneered and said: “You are too naive, since I hit the Imperial Army, in the eyes of the Qinghe people, I have already recognized the thief as a father, a person who has not even ancestors, what can I do? Give you a night. Consider, if you don’t agree tomorrow, don’t blame me for not paying attention.” Then I turned and walked away.

Now, Chen Xiong’s intestines are remorseful. After calming down, his first thought was to escape like Wu Xiong. At this moment, the sound of knocking on the door was heard again. When the door opened, it was actually Wu Xiong. His right hand has not healed, and he used a bandage to hang on his neck. When he came in, he asked: “Chen treasurer, Chen Hu has just been here?”

Chen Xiong lived: “How do you know?”

Wu Xiong lowered his voice and said: “I just saw him on this street. In the past few days, the devils have lost in Erlongshan. It is estimated that someone is going to do the casket. Do you promise?”

Chen Xiong did not dare to look at Wu Xiong’s eyes, his face twisted elsewhere, saying: “No, no, how can I make a casket for the devil?”

Unexpectedly, Wu Xiong stared at Chen Xiong and said in a word: “You should promise.”

Chen Xiong was shocked: “What, you also let me do the casket for the devil?” Wu Xiong smiled and said: “You listen to me, I came up with a trick.” Then he whispered a few words to Chen Xiong. .

After listening to Wu Xiong’s words, Chen Xiong did not speak for a while. Finally, he whispered a question: “Can this method work?” Wu Xiong said: “No matter how bad it is, it’s better than running away. Now most of China is occupied by devils. Where is our place to live?”

Chen Xiong thought for a moment, and his teeth bite and promised to come down.

A few days later, the time for the agreed delivery arrived. Chen Hu went to the door of Chen Xiongdian and saw that the casket had been loaded onto the carriage. He counted the number and rushed to the carriage. When they arrived at the Devils Camp, the devils moved down the casket. Suddenly, a few devils felt that something was wrong. The casket was like something loaded. It was quite heavy. I wanted to open it. I couldn’t open it. I took a closer look and found that the casket was made of wood-toothed structure. The cover and the box body are tightly engaged. When a devil was in a hurry, he used a butt to go to the shackle, only to smash it twice, only to hear a loud bang, and the casket exploded! This explosion does not matter, other caskets like ignited firecrackers, have exploded, and suddenly, the entire military camp is full of fire. The explosion was not over yet, and the sound of the charge was heard outside the Devil’s Camp. An Eighth Route Army team rushed in. After a fierce battle, the remaining devils were also eliminated…

A few days later, people in Qinghe City were surprised to find that Chen Xiong’s coffin shop was replaced by a plaque, and the new plaque was “double male”. Chen Xiong and Wu Xiong stood on both sides of the store and smiled and said hello to the passing pedestrians.