Couples who don’t watch TV

If you don’t want your parents to press the “change channel” button when watching TV news later, then young people, please press the “pause” button before making an impulse …

Wang Xiang is a high school student. He is about to take the final exam. Instead of staying in inside, he ran to Dashan inside and lost his way. Because he was not used to walking on mountain roads, Wang Xiang turned his feet and it was very difficult for him to take every step. moreover, he had not eaten for two days. Now he just wants to go out of the mountain forest and find a place for people to eat.

In the evening, Wang Xiang finally walked out of the mountain forest. He saw a lonely house nearby and limped to the front of the house. Seeing the light on in the room, Wang Xiang knocked on the door twice, and someone came to open the door soon.

Inside the door was a middle-aged man, about the same age as Wang Xiang’s father. The man was surprised to see Wang Xiang and asked him where he came from. Wang Xiang said that he came to climb the mountain with several classmates and lost his way. He got separated from his classmates and sprained his foot … Hearing this, the male host helped him into the house. After entering the room, Wang Xiang saw that there was still a hostess in the room. The hostess was also very enthusiastic about Wang Xiang and soon brought him a bowl of hot noodles.

Wang Xiang has been hungry for two days, also didn’t mention it, Wolf down to eat. After the meal, the couple arranged for Wang Xiang to rest in a room. Perhaps he was too tired these days. He fell asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow. In his dream, inside returned home and was with his parents …

Wang Xiang’s sleep was too heavy. Opening his eyes again, he saw the sun rising so high that it was already the afternoon of the next day. Wang Xiang sat up from the bed and looked at the strange environment. It took him a while to remember where he was. He quietly got out of bed, opened the door and looked at inside in the living room. There was no one inside. It seemed that he was alone in the room. He saw a big TV set on the tea table and suddenly wanted to watch TV very much. He forgot his foot pain and ran to turn on the TV in three steps and two steps. To Wang Xiang’s disappointment, no matter how to press the button, the TV has no response at all. Is there no electricity in this mountain? No, the light was clearly on in the room yesterday.

Wang Xiang frowned and began to check the TV. He really wanted to watch TV, but after checking for half a day, he didn’t find out what was wrong. In the end, he found that someone seemed to have touched the interface between the signal line and the wired receiver. Wang Xiang thought for a moment and opened the interface, only to find that the cable inside was broken. He wanted to connect the cable well, but he had no tools. After searching for half a day, there was not even a pair of scissors in the room, so he had to give up.

Wang Xiang thought to himself, what a strange thing it is! The breaking of the steel cable should have been done by the couple. The purpose of their doing so was clearly to intentionally prevent people from watching TV, but why did they do it? Is it for yourself?

In the evening, the couple came back and said they had gone to work in the fields. When they saw Wang Xiang sleeping soundly, they did not disturb him. They asked Wang Xiang if his feet were better and said they would send him out of the mountain tomorrow. Hearing this, Wang Xiang suddenly remembered the TV and asked tentatively, “Uncle and aunt, why can’t the TV at home be turned on?”

The couple looked a little flustered. The hostess, Blue Veins, smiled and said, “We, we don’t like watching TV …” At this point, she could not continue.

The couple were silent for a moment, and the male host took over the words: “son, we don’t want to watch TV, we dare not watch it!” Speaking of which, unexpectedly also stuck.

Wang Xiang felt very strange, and was afraid of watching TV? At last, the male host seemed to have a lot of courage before he said, “A few years ago, we had a case here in which a young man named Zhang Lin stabbed someone to death because of a fight. Have you heard of it?”

The case was quite sensational at that time, and Wang Xiang certainly heard of it. The Zhang Lin was a college student who quarreled with his classmates over trivial matters and later developed into a fight. On impulse, Zhang Lin stabbed a person to death and was finally sentenced to death …

Wang Xiang looked at the couple blankly and tried to ask, “Are you …”

The couple looked dignified. The male host said to Wang Xiang, “We are Zhang Lin’s parents!”

Wang Xiang only felt a chill in his spine and rushed to the condemned man’s house! However, what does this have to do with watching TV?

At this time, only the male host said, “We used to love watching TV, and when we came back from work in the fields, the only way to relax at night was watching TV. But since something happened to our son, we have never dared to watch TV again. The moment we see the host of the TV news, we will think of our son, because … he broadcast the news that his son was sentenced to death. Later, my son’s case became a typical case of juvenile delinquency. TV inside often mentioned it, so we really dare not watch TV … ”

After hearing this, Wang Xiang couldn’t help thinking of himself. He could not help it any longer and cried with a “wow”. The couple asked him what was wrong. Wang Xiang cried and said, “Uncle, aunt, my parents will be like you in the future and will not dare to watch TV!”

The couple asked Wang Xiang why he said so. Wang Xiang was silent for a moment before he said, “I, I have killed!”

It turns out that Wang Xiang got lost in the mountains, not because of climbing. A few days ago, he had an altercation with his classmates in inside, the school canteen. In great anger, Wang Xiang also did not know where he came from. He even picked up a wine bottle and hit his classmates on the head. The classmate fell to the ground at that time, lose awareness, and shed a lot of blood on his head. It seems that he cannot survive. Wang Xiang was scared silly, he instinctively thought of running away. He ran out of the school at one go, stopped a taxi and arrived at the foot of the mountain in a muddle-headed way in inside. After getting off the bus, he went aimlessly into the mountains … After Wang Xiang finished speaking, he held his head in his hands and was silent.

After hearing this, the couple looked at each other. The host asked Wang Xiang, “Are you anxious to watch TV during the day? Do you want to know the situation outside?”

Wang Xiang nodded, and the host sat down again in front of Wang Xiang and asked, “Then, what do you want to do?”

Wang Xiang looked up, his face very painful: “I don’t know what to do. I’m so scared that my affairs will be on TV. I’m afraid that my parents will not be able to watch TV again. My father is a football fan, and my mother loves watching TV. When they turn on TV, they will think of me … ”

The male host asked again, “If you know the consequences, why kill people?”

Wang Xiang shed tears of remorse and said, “I, I was only on impulse and didn’t want to kill anyone!”

At this moment, the male host suddenly smiled. He patted Wang Xiang on the shoulder and said, “Son, it is good to know that you are wrong. After these days of torture, you must know the consequences of impulse, right? But I want to tell you, in fact, you didn’t kill anyone. ”

Wang Xiang suddenly stood there.

The male host just said that when he saw Wang Xiang yesterday, he felt something was wrong. Now is the time for the final exam. Which student is free to climb the mountain? Sure enough, last night, the couple had a good sleep. Wang Xiang suddenly cried out in his dream: “I killed someone!” The couple were awakened. This further confirmed the male host’s guess that Wang Xiang must have had something to escape.

The male host continued, “Today we went to the city to inquire. We read all the news in the TV newspaper. There were no reports of high school students hurting or killing people. That is to say, your classmates should be fine.”

Hearing this, Wang Xiang almost jumped with joy. The male host patted Wang Xiang on the shoulder and said, “Your foot is almost as good as it was. Have a good rest tonight and go home tomorrow.”

The next day, Wang Xiang said good-bye to the couple and returned to the city. Sure enough, the classmate was only temporarily knocked unconscious. After a while, he woke up and was all right after dressing. Back at school, Wang Xiang only received some punishment. After the event, the teacher asked Wang Xiang where he had gone these days. Wang Xiang thought for a moment and said seriously, “I went to the best class, about life and family …”