Conscience trading

It’s hard to find a job these days. Zhang Reasonable didn’t study any more after graduating from high school. He found a very special job-releasing chickens.

People nowadays pay special attention to the quality of food. They are also eggs. Some of them are placed on the stalls to talk about the quality of food. Others are labeled and sold in large supermarkets in inside. The price difference between the two can be several times higher. Eggs from chickens that have been properly stocked are the latter. The place where he works is called Jiwei Mountain. This is an undeveloped mountain area. green hills and clear waters has a pleasant scenery. It covers hundreds of inside and dozens of villages, large and small. Every family depends on raising chickens for a living. All of them are the old hen. Hens are foraging on the mountain, eating wild insects and grasshoppers, and laying authentic mountain eggs. They are purely natural and pollution-free, and can earn a lot of money when sold in the city. It can be said that without industrious hens, there would be no chickens surrounding the mountain.

To put it bluntly, Zhang Reasonable is a “chicken herder”. People herd cattle and sheep. He puts chickens. He gets up every morning to catch the chickens up the mountain and waits for the hens to eat and drink before rushing down the mountain. Although this job is quite boring, the monthly salary is also acceptable. At the end of the month, when the salary is paid, 10 kg of mountain eggs will be sent.

On this day, an old man drove a bullock cart to the village where Zhang reasonably worked. as soon as he entered the village, he shouted at the top of his broken gong, “folks, come out and have a look. sell the chicks!”

The old man sat in front of the car and shouted, and the hundreds of chicks in the car chattered incessantly, just like a choir. Although every family in Jiwei Mountain has several roosters, most of them are used to slaughter meat to entertain guests. Villagers buy chicks directly instead of hatching chickens themselves.

The old man shouted, and in a short time, all the villagers in inside came out, and Zhang Reasonable followed him to watch the scene of bustle. I saw the old man parked the ox cart on the side of the road and put all the chicks on the ground for the villagers to pick. The chicks are all in spirits, shouting and running, and don’t know how tired they are. Some villagers wanted 10 and some 20. The old man took out a small notebook and a ball pen from his pocket and recorded them one by one. Just over an hour later, when the old man’s chickens were sold out, he carefully tucked the notebook into his arms, fed the old cow some grass, whipped the old cow’s ass and shouted, “drive, drive!” He drove off in a bullock cart.

At this point, Zhang reasonably looked silly: after the old man sold all the chickens, why did he confiscate the money and leave? Zhang Zhengyi was surprised when he suddenly saw his employer, father Qian, carrying a cage of newly-bought chicks and rushing home slowly. He overtook him and asked curiously, “Father, is that old man Huo Leifeng? How do you sell chickens without charge? ” Dad Qian smiled and said, “Who said no money? He will come to collect the money in a few months. ”

Zhang Reasonable was confused: “Come back in a few months? Why not collect the money now? ”

Dad Qian put down the cage, pointed to the chicks in the cage and said, “now? Can you see the male and female of the chick now? Can’t you? The fairy can’t either, but a few months later, when the chicks grow up, they can see the male and female. As long as hens don’t want broilers, I will pay for a few of these chicks, inside. ”

Zhang Reasonable listened fresh: “What about the rest?”

“If there are any cockerels left, the old man will buy them back or exchange two chicks for a cockerel.”

Zhang Reasonable was shocked: “Did the old man lose a lot?”

Dad Qian shook his head and said, “how can he compensate? We helped him raise the rooster, and he could sell it when he got home and raised it for a while. Of course, what we do is also a business of conscience. For example, I bought 20 chicks. If 10 were hens and all of them were fed, I would say that only 9 were fed and 1 was dead. The old man would not investigate, but none of us in the village did so. Jiwei Mountain is far and wide. It’s not easy for people to come here. We can’t hide our conscience. ”

A few months later, the old man arrived with a bullock cart and a load of chicks. He parked the car at the side of the road, took out a small notebook from his pocket, and collected the money as he remembered last time.

The last time Father Qian collected 20 chicks, 2 died and grew into 11 hens and 7 cocks. The old man counted the money by 11 and then gave money father 14 chicks and took away the 7 cocks. The same is true for others. No family understates the number of hens.

The old man sold all the chicks on the bus and left happily. Zhang reasonably sees be sincerely convinced.

A few days later, father Qian was going to visit relatives. before going out, he told Zhang reasonable: “I contacted the carpenter from the neighboring village and asked him to come to our house to play three chicken coops. during these days when I went out, you should watch for me.”

As soon as father Qian left, the carpenter’s back foot came, picked up the tools and went to work. at the end of the day, the two chicken coops were ready. however, there was not enough wood left in the house to make the third chicken coop. Zhang Reasonable strolled back and forth in the courtyard of inside. He saw a dead old elm tree not far from the gate. The elm tree was very thick and could be cut down to make a lot of furniture. Seeing that the tree was closest to Qian’s father’s house, he knew that it was Qian’s tree, so he took an axe and cut down the elm tree with great effort. Zhang Reasonable was too tired to sweat. He said to the carpenter, “This is enough wood. You may as well make more chicken coops so as not to have to bother when there are more chickens.”

A few days later, father Qian came back. when he saw the elm trees beside the house being cut down, he was worried and asked Zhang yi, “why did you cut down the trees?” Zhang reasonably thought that he had done a beautiful job, but now he is very wronged: the elm tree has been dead for many years anyway, and it is useless. it can’t enjoy the cool in summer. isn’t it just right to cut down and make more chicken coops?

Zhang Reasonable muttered, “If you make more chicken coops, you can raise more chickens and earn more money.” Unexpectedly, father Qian said with a black face: “Miroca’s money, can’t patronize the money, forget Ben!”

Forgetting one’s origin? Forget what Ben? Zhang reasonable don’t understand, but he saw money dad cheek drum drum, really angry, had to no longer words.

The next day, father Qian worked hard for a day, made a big wooden board, and then found a reasonable one: “reasonable, I heard that you have studied for several years and can write many words?” Zhang Reasonable was embarrassed, grinning and said, “Look at what you said, I graduated from high school.”

Dad Qian nodded and said, “Well, I made a wooden sign, and you write a few words on it.”

Seeing that father Qian had already prepared the brush and ink, Zhang reasonably asked, “what is it?” Dad Qian thought for a moment and said, “just write” the original great elm tree. ”

Zhang Reasonable frowned. This is What Do You Mean? Qian Torre sighed, “Didn’t you cut down the Great Elm? I’m afraid that the old man selling chickens can’t find us. When he sold chickens, he wrote down the address of my family in his notebook, which said’ the first family by the great elm tree’. How can he find my house to collect money without this tree? We have dozens of villages, large and small, in Jiwei Mountain. Where does he remember? ”

Zhang Reasonable opened his big mouth and asked in surprise: “You were so angry yesterday that you were afraid that the old man selling chickens could not find us?”

Father Qian nodded: “Yes, our village is far away and birds don’t want to take a shit. If no one else sends chickens, we can sell mountain eggs to make money? If there is no one to send chickens, there will be no one to surround the mountain with chickens. I can’t forget my origin! ”

Dad Qian told Zhang Reasonable that because there were too many people buying chickens and dozens of villages had no house numbers, the old man selling chickens often wrote in his notebook: Liu Tou, the third in the village, 15. Zhao Dajie, the second house in the south of the village, has 10. Three fat men, red tile houses on the edge of a small river bend, 20 … Zhang Reasonable understood.

Soon, the wooden board was ready and Zhang reasonably took the initiative to insert the wooden board into the original growth place of the old elm tree. Later, father Qian told Zhang Reasonable that, in fact, the old man selling chickens could find his home by asking the way through his mouth, but he didn’t want the old man to take time and trouble, because he came a long way, and he wanted the old man to go back early after selling chickens and eat a hot meal made by his wife …