Childhood gimmick

  Today’s happy life makes me happy, but sometimes my heart will also have a bitter childhood.

  At that time, the mother pulled me and my sister, and the family was so cynical. I am at the Murakami Elementary School, five miles away. The six-year-old sister is cooking at home and cooking, carrying the bamboo raft that is half the height of her, and playing the pig’s grass. The mother gets up early and earns her work. The days are as poor as a string of dry air. Cage flowers.

  At the age of sixty-one, the school said it was to celebrate Children’s Day, and each student made three gimmicks. I am excited to say to my mother: Tomorrow’s hair, one sister, one mother, one of my sisters laughed, and the mother laughed.

  That day, the school really steamed. After the meeting, I had more lotus leaves in my hand, and three hot steamed buns in the lotus leaf.

  On the way home, I looked at the hoe in my hand, and the saliva swallowed again. I yelled at the stomach and ate it. I said to myself, so I ate my own three or two mouths and did not taste it. Taste, Shantou has disappeared from the fork for a while, saliva and stomach are repeated, and more powerful than just now. What?

  Simply, I will eat the one of the mother, and leave one for my sister. Mother usually does not give me the wheat and my sister, she only drinks? Mother said that she does not like Mai Hao!

  When I got home, I stared at the empty lotus leaf, and there was no star in the dandruff.

  I don’t know how I got into the door. How to avoid my sister’s eyes, my mother smiled and didn’t say anything. The two sisters in the same court came to the door, and the old man was jealous, Pingwa Niang, Pingwa Niang, did you bring your baby with a hoe? You look at our family, send three hoes, one is reluctant to eat, hungry belly brought me back. Mother raised her head from the stove. “No, my flat baby also brought the hoe to home, look!” said the mother, opening the lid, and the pot miraculously steamed five white-yellow gimmicks! “Look, the teacher said that my family is learning well, and I have rewarded two more!”

  Ernie Niang looked at me, I nodded in confusion…

  At noon that day, my mother took the hoe to me and my sister, and said faintly: “Eat, Pingwa, not a few gimmicks!” The younger sister bit his hoe, but I cried. Later, I discovered that it was that day, my childhood was over.

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