Change name

The name has to be chosen carefully, and it needs to be changed carefully. However, there are so many people that time after time changed the child’s name …

Mr. Lin studied languages and characters in a university in inside. Once, he was invited to visit a relative in the countryside for a few days. The local The director of the village’s name is Lee Mao-shan. I heard that Mr. Lin was a university professor and had to invite him to dinner. So Mr. Lin went with his relatives.

In when the wine has been round three times, Miss Lin suddenly heard voices shouting out of the window. The voices were high and low, long and short, as if deliberately trying to attract the attention of others. Mr. Lin did not hear what the man was shouting at the moment. Just as he was about to ask, he saw The director of the village and Lee Mao-shan face embarrassment and the look of relatives was a bit unnatural. Mr. Lin listened carefully again. The man shouted, “Lee Mao-shan, my son, go home for dinner!”

Isn’t The director of the village called Lee Mao-shan? Originally it was The director of the village’s father who was calling. Teacher Lin asked, “The director of the village, is your father looking for you?”

The director of the village didn’t answer, bowed their heads and took a sip of wine, face a red and white. Mr. Lin’s relatives gave a dry cough and changed the subject. The atmosphere of the meal was a bit awkward immediately, and soon it was over.

After banquet is over, Mr. Lin asked his relatives what had happened just now. The relatives laughed: “You don’t know, the man who shouted outside the window is not The director of the village’s father. He came to sick The director of the village on purpose.” Then, relatives said the reason in detail.

It turned out that the person who called the message was Li Dequan. Last year, he was taken advantage of by his neighbor two dog’s family because of the ridging of Tian inside and went to two dog to argue. At some point the two men started fighting and two dog wounded Li Dequan. This matter was handed over to the village of inside. The director of the village and Lee Mao-shan benefited from two dog, and it was not just. In a fit of pique, Li Dequan changed the younger son’s name to Lee Mao-shan, the same name as the village director!

Only then did Mr. Lin suddenly realize, asking, “Can The director of the village be willing?”

Relatives said, “No way, but the law does not say that it is illegal to use the same name. This Li Dequan came out and shouted when he was okay, deliberately calling The director of the village his son. In fact, his son didn’t go anywhere and stayed at home. ” Teacher Lin nodded and said, “It is no wonder that The director of the village is not doing justice.”

Relatives pulled Mr. Lin aside and whispered, “The director of the village also invited people to come and do some work, but Li Dequan didn’t take a reason. The director of the village’s meaning, want to ask you to help speak and say, you are a professor from the city, Li Dequan may be able to listen to your words, he is the most knowledgeable person. ”

It turns out so, just ate somebody else’s meal, miss Lin embarrassed refused, had to agree.

At noon the next day, Mr. Lin found Li Dequan. He was resting on the property. He was still shouting: “Lee Mao-shan, where are you The Bastard?”

Miss Lin stepped forward, handed a cigarette, and the two chatted. Teacher Lin asked: “fellow townsman, why are you alone? your children didn’t come to help you?” Li Dequan said: “The eldest son and daughter-in-law are about to give birth. They are busy. The younger son is at school.”

Teacher Lin asked, “What does the younger son study?”

“High school.”

Mr. Lin thought for a moment and then said that he was teaching in a university. When the child wanted to take the college entrance examination, he was welcome to visit the campus and asked the child what his name was. Hearing this, Li Dequan’s eyes brightened and smiled: “Oh, that’s good. My son’s name is Lee Mao-shan.”

Miss Lin let out a cry of “oh” and pretended to ask casually, “what does a child belong to?”

“It’s a cow, why?”

Miss Lin sighed deeply and pretended to say, “fellow townsman, naming is a science. People who belong to cattle pay attention to their names. inside has grass and water. This is called a lucky cow. The name of your youngest son has grass and mountains. This one is suitable for people who belong to tigers. The one who belongs to cattle is a dry cow. It is not good to work hard. ”

After hearing this, Li Dequan scratched his head, thought for a moment and said, “Yes, that’s the reason!” Mr. Lin smiled and handed another cigarette in the past …

A few days later, miss Lin returned to the city. This day, relatives called and chatted. Teacher Lin asked him if Li Dequan had changed his name to his younger son. At the mention of this remark, the relatives were furious and said, “if you change it, you might as well not change it!”

Teacher Lin asked why. Relatives replied: “After you left, Li Dequan changed the younger son’s name to Li Rongjiang. Now that’s all right, The director of the village won’t be scolded. But a few days ago, Li Dequan’s big daughter-in-law gave birth to a boy. Li Dequan heard a bullshit theory somewhere, saying it belonged to a tiger, and the name inside should have grass and mountains. This year is the Year of the Tiger. It happens that the name Lee Mao-shan has grass and mountains, so he put the name on his grandson. That’s great. For no apparent reason, The director of the village has descended another generation. His nostrils are fuming with righteousness! “