Call magpie bridge

Zhang Sheng’s family is poor and relies on collecting medicine for a living. On this day, he went to Liujiao pharmacy to sell herbs. He looked up and saw a notice in front of the door. He said that the owner of the drug shop, Liu Chengqing, had a serious illness. He needed the root of the iron tree to make medicine. Who can find the iron skin? The root of the tree, the woman’s silver medal is two thousand, and the man will give Liu Yan Xu his wife. When Zhang Sheng saw it, he did not sell the medicine. He unveiled the notice and said, “I know how there is a root of iron.”

When Liu Chengqing saw it, he took Zhang Sheng to the house behind the pharmacy. I saw that Miss Liu Yan was dying and could not speak. Zhang Shengdeng felt like a knife, in fact, he and Miss Liu Yan are not the first time to meet. Last month, Zhang Sheng came to the pharmacy to sell medicines, and Liu Yan went to the pharmacy to deliver the rice. This has something to do with the young men and women. Later, I saw a few faces by the past, and the two have long been deeply rooted.

At this time, Liu Chengqing asked Zhang Sheng: “The iron roots are rare in the world. Where are you going to find?” Zhang Sheng said: “My father is also collecting medicine. He left a booklet during his life, which records the growth of the iron tree. ”

Leaving the drugstore, Zhang Sheng went straight to the second finger of the 30-mile outside the city, and the iron tree grew there. The second finger peak mountain is sinister, Zhang Sheng has gone through all the hardships, and finally climbed halfway up the mountain, only to see the peak head divided into two, like two open fingers, in the middle is a large rift, the narrowest part is also more than ten feet wide . A piece of iron tree grows on the opposite peak, but the mountain on the opposite side goes straight down, there is no way to pass, and there is no bridge on the rift. How come? Zhang Sheng looked down the rift, only to see the black and the bottom of the bottom, a sulphur heat steamed up.

Zhang Sheng walked slowly along the rift valley. He could not find the way of the past. He thought that the dying Liu Yan, he was in a hurry, he would climb down the cliff. At this time, an old widower who cut wood on the mountain stopped him. Zhang Sheng told the old coward that the old coward had thought about it: “In fact, there is a bridge on the rift, but someone needs to shout. A shouting bridge will appear.” Zhang Sheng wondered: How could the bridge be shouted out?

The old widower said that many years ago, on the seventh day of July, there was a pair of men and women who had a private life and were chased by the woman’s family. At that time, there was a cable bridge on the Rift Valley. The man named Ayou first ran to another peak. The woman’s name was Zhimei, and she was about to go with her. Her brother caught up, grabbed her, and took the cable bridge. Cut off. Ayou was trapped on a lonely peak and wept with the weaver. The two were about to jump off the Rift Valley. Fortunately, the fairy goddess who practiced on the peak saw that she shouted a bridge and let Ayou cross the bridge. ……

Zhang Sheng smiled after listening and said that there is such a thing in the world. The old widower said earnestly: “Why didn’t you? You are still alive, and I will lead you.”

The old widower led Zhang Sheng away for a long time to come to a grass house. The old widower advanced to inform, not long after, a black-faced old woman came out, the old coward said, this is the 鹊仙姑. Zhang Sheng was dubious, but still said his own thing to the old woman.

After the old woman listened, she counted the calculations and said: “You can call the bridge when you are at the beginning of July of the seventh month of each year. It is this day after three days. Seeing your sincerity, I will call you once.”

Parting her, she is serious, and it is dangerous to cross the bridge. Remember to dig a tree root and run back. Otherwise, the bridge will not come back.

Zhang Sheng nodded and promised, but I was a little disbelieving in my heart. This time, Xiang Yu looked like an ordinary mountain people. Did she really shout out the skills of Yanqiao?

Shouting into a bridge

Three days later, Zhang Sheng came to the rift. At this time, the sky was dark, and Xiang Xiang and the old coward were waiting there. When Zhang Sheng came, Yan Xianggu leaned over and shouted at the Rift Valley: “Bridge!”

The rift is narrow and wide, and the voice of Xiang Xiang is rousing echoes, and it is endless. Suddenly, a golden light flew under the rift, and Zhang Sheng took a closer look. It was really a large group of magpies flying out! Those magpies are only a little smaller than chickens, and they have gold wires on their wings. As the golden silk magpies gathered more and more, the gaps in the rift were quickly filled in layers, and Xiangugu shouted: “Is it still a bridge?”

Zhang Sheng gritted his teeth and stepped on the back of the magpie. Although the steps were not stable, they passed quickly. On the opposite peak, there were more than a dozen iron tree trees, and Zhang Sheng hurriedly dug a tree root. After cutting it, he ran back. At this time, the magpie on the bridge was not as dense as it was just now, and Zhang Sheng quickly ran back.

When Xiang Xiang called the bridge, she quietly left, and only the old widower waited there. Zhang Sheng asked the old coward: “Since there is a precious iron root on the opposite side, why not bridge the rift?”

The old widower said: “After the cable bridge was cut off, some people wanted to re-bridge, but the ropes were just connected during the day, and the bridge was inexplicably broken at night. Later, no one dared to repair it. I guess it was practiced here. If you don’t want to be disturbed, you will cast a broken bridge. Right, you don’t want to go out today, beware of Xiang Gu’s anger.”

Zhang Sheng nodded and promised to take the roots back to give Miss Yan Yan a drug, and soon her illness would be fine. Zhang Sheng mentioned the matter of becoming a relative, Liu Chengqing promised, but said: “We Liu family is also a big family, marry a daughter can not be shabby, how can you also receive a gift? Then, you go to pick some iron roots, sell There is a gift for going out.”

Zhang Shengyi thought, this is not unreasonable, but Yan Xiangu said that the bridge can only be set up on July 7th every year, so I have to wait for a year. One year later, on the seventh day of July, Zhang Sheng prepared a bundle of ropes and once again reached the second finger peak. He prepared to tie one end of the rope to the tree on the side of the rift. After he stepped on the bridge, the other end was tied to the iron tree, so that he could take a basket of roots and climb the rope.

After Zhang Sheng went up the mountain, he went to the grass house to find the 鹊 姑 ,, but he was not there. Seeing that the time is coming, Zhang Sheng had to find a way. Looking at the big rift in the bottomless black, Zhang Sheng tried to break through the valley and shouted: “Bridge!”

In the echo of the echo, like the last time, a golden light suddenly flew under the rift, and the large group of gold silk magpies gathered more and more, densely layered with cracks in the rift, and the bridge was actually set up!

Zhang Sheng was overjoyed. He tied the rope and walked over the rift through the bridge. He soon chopped a full back. Then he climbed the rope back and slammed his back against his back.

Falling under the bridge

Zhang Sheng sold the iron tree roots, and soon changed back to the silver two, and set up a bride price. Unexpectedly, Liu Chengqing made a speech: “How can my daughter live in the grass house of your home? At least it must be a blue house. Anyway, if you know the place of the long iron tree, go for a trip.”

Zhang Sheng had no choice but to wait another year. In the third year of July, he was just about to leave. He suddenly thought that the cost of building a house was too big. He only dig a basket of trees, so he hired several workers and took several bundles of ropes and went straight to the second finger. Zhang Sheng plans to step on the bridge and put all the ropes on the two trees, that is, a rope bridge, and then take the workers to excavate.

Before coming to the Rift Valley, it was already awkward, and Zhang Sheng shouted under the rift: “Bridge!” The rift actually flew out a golden light, but the golden light was much more bleak than before. In the blink of an eye, the golden silk magpies set up the long bridge, Zhang Sheng lifted the legs, and did not expect to go out of the two steps, just stepping on the air and falling under the bridge! The workers just wanted to save him, only to see a yellow mist coming from the bottom of the valley, breaking through the blockade of the golden silk magpie, and rushing over to the crowd. Everyone “mother” screamed and ran away.

Zhang Sheng dropped off the bridge, but he did not die. He was supported by a big net and hung in the air. At this time, the moonlight was bright and straight to the bottom of the valley. Zhang Sheng saw a piece of white flowers at the bottom of the valley. I don’t know what it was. Then I heard that the smell of sulfur was heavier and hotter. Look at the two sides of the mountain wall, there are holes everywhere… When I was wondering, a rope hangs down the mountain, Zhang Sheng hurriedly grabbed and climbed the rope out of the rift.

Zhang Sheng climbed to the top of the mountain, and saw the old coward and the blindfolded Xiangu Gu stood in front of him. When the old coward saw Zhang Sheng, he sighed: “You have smashed the disaster, and the people in this area are going to suffer!” ”

Zhang Sheng did not understand, Yan Xiangu explained: “You just saw the white color at the bottom of the valley? It is a locust egg, because there is geothermal heat at the bottom of the valley, suitable for locust breeding, where the number of locusts is astonishing. Every year around the seventh day of July, the locust wings are long. Hard, keep flying out of the valley. If someone shouts a scorpion at this time, the frightened locusts will flock out. Fortunately, there are many golden silk magpies living in the holes between the mountain walls. When the locusts go out of the valley, the golden silk magpies fly out to capture. A small amount of locust escape is not enough. Because the sky is dark, most people can’t see the locusts. At first glance, they think that the golden silk magpie is coming to the bridge.”

It turned out that Zhang Sheng nodded, but he still had a question, he asked: “Why is this time I cross the bridge and will fall?”

The old widower sighed: “It’s not because you are greedy. I took so many iron roots last year. The iron tree is extremely delicate. Once the roots are damaged, it will not live. The dozen trees on the peak are destroyed by you. The golden silk magpies of the iron tree buds feeding the young birds have to migrate and leave the rift. The number of magpies is greatly reduced, and you can’t bear your weight. Fortunately, we have opened a big net under the bridge, you have nothing to worry about. However, the locusts have escaped a lot and will inevitably harm the nearby crops.”

Hearing this, Zhang Sheng also regretted it a lot. He sighed and said: “I was forced by the family. Now I figured it out. If I look down, even if I am, I will go down the mountain to help you.” After he heard it, he smiled and suddenly took off his face and revealed a scarred face. He said, “Look at your sincere repentance, I will help you. We two of them. Going down the mountain with you, will be Liu Chengqing of the Liujia drugstore for a while!”

Fairy truth

When I came to the Liujia pharmacy, I met Liu Chengqing alone. The two men cried for a while in the room. In a short time, Liu Chengqing, who was full of tears, came out and solemnly announced that her daughter’s marriage can be done at any time, not a big tile.

Zhang Sheng heard the words, and the surprises were mixed. Immediately, Zhang Luo’s marriage was over, and Liu Yanyu passed the door in a few days. In the night of the cave, Zhang Sheng was very impressed with the singer, and Liu Yan heard a smile and said the truth.

It turns out that Xiangu was the woven girl of the year, and the old widower was Ayou. In that year, the two men were not right because of the door, and the brother of the girl was caught up with the second finger. The two stood across the peak, yelling and yelling in a hurry, and screaming out the bridge. The two men met again through the bridge, but the brother of Zhimei still did not care, so both of them jumped off the cliff. The brother of Zhimei thinks that the two will die, no regrets. In fact, they were all blocked by the big trees by the cliff, and they climbed up again, but the face of Zhimei’s face was completely destroyed, and the face was covered on weekdays. Fortunately, Ayou does not leave, and the two lived in the second finger. The two saw the locust eggs and the golden silk magpie at the bottom of the cliff, understood the secrets of the bridge, and understood that the crops related to the people here were responsible for the protection. She is pretending to be a fairy, but she only wants to find her to call out the bridge. Ayou secretly destroys the bridge and does not allow people to arbitrarily cut down the roots.

Zhang Sheng finally understood, but he still did not understand, how did the woven girl move his old man? Liu Yanyi poked his head on his head: “The coffin skull, I have to call my sister aunt, do you understand? My father met his sister, what else did you agree? Then, my aunt came up with a statement. Ayu is still in the face of disfigurement, she is still alive, accompanied by a lifetime, it can be seen that feelings are the real bridge connecting the happiness of two people!”