Blow up a bridge

When Zhou Weimin received the assignment, he took the workers to the old bridge. It was a steel frame bridge built in an unknown era. The steel beams on the bridge were already rusty. The bridge deck is very narrow and can only accommodate one truck. Compared with the two-way six-lane new bridge they just built, it looks very shabby.

Is it not a piece of cake to dismantle such a Broken Bridge? Zhou Weimin spat into his hand and took the man to the bridge. An old man was fishing at the bridge head when he saw Zhou Weimin and them. The old man couldn’t help asking, “What do you do?”

“why? We built the bridge. ” Zhou Weimin pointed to the nearby Xinqiao and said proudly. The old man snorted, “who built the bridge? Then why are you here? “

The old man was very lenient. Zhou Weimin said impatiently, “The new bridge has been repaired. Of course, the old bridge will be torn down. We are here to tear down the bridge.”

“Dismantle the bridge?” The old man looked them up and down, shook his head, “with you? You can’t tear down this bridge. ”

Zhou Weimin listened, not angry and funny, he didn’t say two words, simply assigned the task, with people to do it. Only after this operation did I know that the old bridge looks rusty but it can be repaired firmly. A group of people banged on it for half a day, but only a few pieces of iron sheet were knocked down.

Zhou Weimin was so tired that he leaned against the railing of the bridge and gasped for breath. The old man gathered up his fishing rod and came up with a smile and said, “I said you can’t dismantle it, can you?” The old man’s smile made Zhou Weimin feel very uncomfortable. He didn’t want to lose this tone. He ignored the old man and discussed with the technician for a while. After the new division of labor, Zhou Weimin used all the tools he brought with him, but after a long time of work, the progress was still not great. Zhou Weimin was so angry that he threw down his tools and shouted, “If you can’t, you can’t blow up his mother. If you don’t believe this bridge, it won’t blow up!”

So Zhou Weimin called the foreman to ask for instructions. The foreman said that the decision could be made only after the above research. After a while, the foreman called back and said in a very excited tone: “the above agreed to blow up the bridge, but not now. I heard that some people have made a genius suggestion that the bridge should be blown up until the opening ceremony of the new bridge. when the time comes to blow up the old bridge, the new bridge should be opened with fireworks to increase the festive atmosphere.”

Zhou Weimin hung up the phone and ordered to call it a day. When passing by the old man, the old man looked at them with a smile, as if to say: “now believe what I said?” Zhou Weimin looked back at the bridge and said harshly, “I’ll pick you up in two days!”

On the opening day of the new bridge, Zhou Weimin took the workers to blow up the old bridge. He held back his breath and thought, if only the old man were still there, this time he would blow it up.

When I got to the bridge, Zhou Weimin couldn’t help laughing. The old man was still there. I saw him leaning against the railing of the bridge, looking relaxed and fishing.

Zhou Weimin walked up to the old man and shouted intentionally, “Clear the air!” The workers began to pull up the cordon. Zhou Weimin said to the old man, “Old man, we are going to blow up the bridge. Please leave.” The old man glanced at the team led by Zhou Weimin and said, “This bridge should be torn down, but you can’t blow it up like this.”

Zhou Weimin thought to himself: What, there are bridges that cannot be blown up by explosives? At this time, the old man is still bravado. So he said to the old man, “old man, we have special technicians, you can look at it.”

The old man shook his head, folded up his fishing rod and retreated outside the warning line.

Zhou Wei people and technicians studied it and soon found a good place to blow up the explosives. Moments later, the new bridge sent instructions that the bridge could be bombed. “Ten, nine, eight, seven—”As the countdown passed, Zhou Weimin pressed the initiation button, only to hear a loud “bang”. The old bridge was immediately enveloped in smoke. When the smoke dispersed, Zhou Weimin looked intently and was blindsided. The old bridge was still standing there.

Zhou Weimin asked the technician, “What’s going on?” The technician grimaced and said, “Maybe there is not enough medicine.” Just then, Zhou Weimin’s cell phone rang. It was the foreman who called: “What happened?” Zhou Weimin said hastily: “It may be that the medicine is not enough.” The foreman said: “I explained to the leader just now that to be on the safe side, we would conduct a test explosion first, which would cover up the past. I don’t care what reason you are, I will give you one last chance, only success, not failure! This side is still waiting for the cannon to open to traffic. No Broken Bridge can handle it. I think you should stop! ”

Zhou Weimin hung up the phone and decided to restart the blasting. This time the charge was doubled and must be taken down. The old man came over to say something, Zhou Weimin didn’t have time to talk to him, waved him back to the cordon.

The first boulder blasting started, with a “bang”, the sky shook, Zhou Weimin felt the earth shaking at his feet, and the distant Xinqiao seemed to shake. When the smoke cleared, Zhou Weimin froze again-the old bridge was still standing there, with the exception of a few steel frames that were deformed, almost intact. This is really weird!

At this time, someone patted Zhou Weimin on the shoulder, he return to absolute being to have a look, it is the old man. The old man said, “I told you earlier, you can’t tear down this bridge like this. When my grandfather built the bridge, he took great pains. Don’t say that you had this explosive. Even the Japanese bomb didn’t destroy it! ”

“Your grandfather?” Zhou Weimin was somewhat surprised. The old man nodded, “My grandfather studied bridge design abroad and returned home after the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War. He presided over the construction of the bridge. When building the bridge, Japanese planes often harass him, but he still lives and eats on the construction site. He often said that building a bridge is a project for future generations and should be done with heart. This bridge was the only bridge on Qingyuan River in those days. It did not break down after decades of use. My job is to maintain the bridge. Now the bridge is useless and I am retired. ”

Zhou Weimin asked hastily, “Then you must have a way to tear down this bridge?”

The old man nodded: “I still have the drawings of the bridge. The dots circled by my grandfather with a red pen are the fatal points of the bridge structure. They were used when the devils were afraid to attack and had to blow up the bridge.” Zhou Weimin held the old man’s hand tightly: “Old man, you saved my life. Please get the drawings quickly.” The old man said, “No, I have it all in mind.”

Everyone was just about to rearrange the bombing spots according to the old man’s orders when the foreman called again. Zhou Weimin compensate carefully and said: “Give me another chance, this time will be a success.” Only to hear the other end of the phone flustered and frustratedly shouted: “don’t blow up again! A moment ago, several big cracks appeared on the new bridge. Now here is a mess, you all hurriedly give me back-”

Everyone was shocked.