Blinking mansion

  The battle for space dominated by power and wealth has evolved into a fierce national war. House prices are involuntarily hanging on people’s lips. Waiting for demolition, or joining the drumming and flowering game, the focus of people’s lives is there.

  The house became gold, and the earth was filled with golden gold ornaments, and the heavens and the earth changed color. The earth is no longer breathable, our sights are filled with small pigeons, the wind from afar, weird and seductive.

  The road leading to the suburbs of Beijing is filled with houses under pressure, and the lush trees are uprooted. The sky is divided and the fields are deserted. The ever-increasing reinforced concrete monsters have simplified the city into supermarkets, clubs, coffee houses, Internet cafes, residential areas and office buildings. A destination with clear purpose and no space for leisure, people have fallen into lonely occupants. Everyone is active in a specific space, and the sense of unity is gone. We are deeply in love, and the rest of the city has nothing to do with us: we are the leaves of the same tree, but not the companions and brothers. Except for those useful relationships, the world has nothing to do with me.

  The streets and courtyards disappeared, and the city completed the process of defamiliarization. People have lifted all the constraints and become real atomic fragments, living alone and slyly in a sly way.

  The memory is erased. The new city and the day we are breaking the last trace of the relationship.

  The golden house planted everywhere is the reality of the devaluation of labor. The soaring of satellite-like Arabic numerals is a splurge and mockery of labor. Maybe, it won’t take long for a piece of bread to sell for a hundred dollars. Outside the mansion, the slums will multiply at a rapid rate and eventually surround them.

  The luxury mansion that you are lucky to be in is just a space, not a home. It is not a hometown, and those big trees are just decorations that comfort the prodigal son who lost the land. You can grow vegetables in the greenhouse, but the trees in the yard belong to the property, you can see it, but their pruning has nothing to do with you. Your relationship with the land is always a layer of chewy concrete. You step on the turf, but you can’t step on the ground, the turf is laid on the mixed soil where the road is unknown.

  The cheapest 30 million, the expensive one hundred million. With imagination, I can’t think of luxury life so far away from myself. The cowherd who misses the Weaver Girl has to cross the Milky Way to make a wish. Even if I put my legs into N 180 degrees, I can’t get to the other side.

  The marble is piled up, and the trees dug from all over the place are surrounded by them. They are squatting around the owner, the spring breeze blows up, and the stiff body is not used to rocking. They know that this is not the land they have rooted in. An ordinary tree, when viewed by trees, will end its free life forever and become a landscape overlooked by the rich. The 50-year-old Yuanbaofeng and the 60-year-old Inner Mongolian eucalyptus are all labeled with “from the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River”. The energy accumulated in time and the sensation of vicissitudes, the brush is arranged between the square inches, giving a strong sense of unreality. This is not true. You have the ability to mobilize trees into the palace, but you can’t let the trees feel that he is here anyway. His body language expresses his instinctive resistance.

  We entered the villa area outside the East Gate of the Summer Palace, and we were born and lost weight in a false time and space.

  A wall is separated by a bus outside, opposite the pink building of the low mysterious department. The tall trees transplanted in rows form a closed sky. Dozens of super villas are hidden deep. They seem to be hanging on the shelf, and they are very unconfident and lower their heads. The trees separate them from the world, and they peek through the windows throughout the spring.

  A series of radiant houses show a strange picture of life. The owner was transplanted in as a bonsai. Perhaps the designer wants to reveal a theme: successful life is so boring and monotonous.

  What developers can imagine is such a perfect life.

  The big shortcomings are obvious and empty. It is not a temporary task to pile up such a large space. The house is large and the owner is small. A successful person stays in such a huge space, and there will be a hint of coolness in his heart. Several visitors also found a shortcoming, that is, from the empty master bedroom to the large bathroom, there are nearly 20 meters away. If the owner is unfortunately diarrhea, can he hold the clip for so long? Pseudo problem.

  How do the rich become nobles? The proliferation of things. The imagination of those who build houses for the rich is so. Architecture is a solid music, but also a symbol of the spirit, which can exude the breath and taste of life. More and more formatted buildings and cities limit the living soul. In the established pattern, the souls that can fly freely cannot fly too high.

  Big and empty, it is the character of this era. Buildings that follow a grand narrative principle have strangled the vitality of the nation, and countless individuals hiding in the dove’s nest have been overwhelmed by huge shadows. Buildings without religious consciousness are themselves promoted to the earth and human worship. If there is God, his old man must hide in those things and snicker.

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