Best taste

When Lao Lin didn’t find a job after he was laid off, he took out the wife who planted the land in the countryside. The two together opened a street food stall. The wife was responsible for buying food and collecting goods. Lao Lin was responsible for cooking. In the past, Lao Lin had never been a fire leader. When he was at home, his wife was waiting for him. When he was in the factory, he was eating a canteen. To be honest, when the gear was opened, Lao Lin couldn’t even cut a potato, but the couple’s shop on the street had an unwritten rule: the man took the spoon and the woman collected it. Why? Because the spoon is a bitter and energetic, the food stalls are open from 5 or 6 in the evening, and at 3 or 4 in the morning, it is only ten hours. The average woman can’t hold back. Lao Lin had to catch the ducks on the shelves and opened his head with a hard scalp. Fortunately, Lao Lin usually likes to ponder things. After several years of cooking, he summed up the experience of making a big food stall. Gradually, his “Lao Lin Jia” stall business is booming, and every night is full of guests.

This evening, a mysterious guest came from a street: a tall, lean old man. He took a bottle of mineral water and went door-to-door. Perhaps because of the age, he walked through the dense stalls, and the steps were not stable. In the people who eat the stalls, such an old gentleman is definitely an alternative. Most of the food stalls are friends who are in the group, and who are in groups. It seems that older people like Mr. Lao should go to places like tea houses and tea houses. The old gentleman is very special. The way to order is also different. He didn’t stay in a stall to eat and drink, but strolled along the water. No matter which stall he went to, he only ordered one dish – potato. In practice, he has no requirements. Spicy stir-fry, stir-fry, vinegar slippery, and cold salad follow you. After doing it, he tastes one or two mouths, then takes out the mineral water bottle that he carries with him, drinks water, gargles, and then goes straight down. One, still come to a plate of potatoes…

Soon, the old gentleman came to Lao Lin’s stall and ordered a plate of potato silk as usual. The old three of the three, in addition to the second drum, pulled out a plate of vinegar and potato, and put it on the table. The old gentleman raised the chopsticks and took a sip, his eyes suddenly brightened. This time, he did not use the mineral water to gargle, but he tasted several more. After savoring the taste, the old gentleman finally spoke. He asked Lao Lin: “Is this dish fried?”

Lao Lin nodded. “Yeah, don’t you all miss it?”

“Why are you so fried?”

Why? This problem is still the first time that Lao Lin has encountered, and the food stalls are still asking questions? To make a living! Lao Lin is a real person, and he replied tangibly: “So speculation.”

The old gentleman smiled and continued to ask: “What is the taste?”

Lao Lin was asked about it. Is it something wrong with the dishes he made, and the old gentleman came to the scene? I can see the old gentleman’s smile, but it’s not like it. Lao Lin grabbed the scalp and thought about it. Then he replied: “The vinegar slips the potato, it’s a good thing, the key is the ratio of vinegar to pepper. “”

Lao Lin told the old gentleman that to eat the food stalls, the first picture is cheap, and the second is the picture “Tasteful.” The raw materials of the food stalls are mostly “marginal goods” such as mutton, sea bream, and large intestine pig lungs. These things are very embarrassing. The chefs in the food stalls put heavy oil and heavy weight in order to make them taste good. Salt, heavy hemp, heavy spicy, one bite, like a stimulant for the tongue of the diners, for a time, in addition to the stimulation of the seasoning, what other tastes can not taste, this is called “being “. However, Lao Lin’s understanding of “tasteful children” is a bit different. He pays special attention when cooking, how many peppers are used to control the smell of pigs, and how many peppers to use for the sheep’s head. Every time he cooks a pot, he has to try different amounts and do it step by step. Take this vinegar and potato, let’s get used to the big spoon and put the pepper and vinegar. Lao Lin thinks that the potato is not the same as the glutinous rice. You don’t need to use so much seasoning, so he did this. The dish, it seems that the seasoning is less than other people’s home, but it tastes more interesting.

When Lin Lin finished speaking, he felt very happy. These are his experiences in making dishes for many years. No one is interested, no one has ever asked him, and he has no chance to say it. I don’t know what happened today. Lao Lin said all the way to a diners. He vaguely felt that the old gentleman was a little different from other diners.

The old gentleman listened carefully to Laolin’s words. He just wanted to say something. Suddenly a snoring sounded, and he saw a man wearing a chef’s high hat and several men in suits walking to the booth of Laolin. The man wearing the chef’s hat grabbed the old gentleman’s hand and said with excitement: “Mr. Zhang Lao, we can find you! The banquet is ready for you. How come you come to this place? How unhygienic, If you eat your body, how can you get it?”

This series of words made the old Lin be stupid. He just wanted to defend his own dishes. The old gentleman waved his hand and then turned and said to the man wearing a chef’s hat: “General Chef Wu, thank you, I am already in the rice. I have eaten here. This gear is very interesting, come on, you can also taste this dish of potatoes.” Speaking, the old gentleman picked up the potato and handed it to the chef of Wu.

Lao Lin looked at the sly expression that Mr. Wu didn’t want to pick up and had to pick up. Suddenly, he felt that this “King Chef Wu” was a bit familiar, and then took a closer look. It was originally seen on TV. Isn’t this the Executive Chef Wu Shuming of Huamei Hotel? Don’t look at other people’s work is also a chef, Lao Lin and him, it is a heaven and earth. Wu Shuming also recently published a recipe, which was very popular in the market. The TV station interviewed him specifically for this purpose. This is a personal thing!

At this time, I saw Wu Shuming holding the potato silk, and tried to taste two, and said: “Not bad.”

“Not bad?” The old gentleman glanced at Lao Lin and said, “I see, this level is enough to sign up for the competition!” He said, he took out an application form from his arms and handed it to Lao Lin, and then he must go to Lao Lin. Sign up.

Lao Lin took the registration form and only felt confused: What competition did you participate in? What is the origin of this old gentleman, even Wu Shuming respects him? Lao Lin was thinking about it. When he turned his head, he suddenly saw Wu Shuming’s face sullen and his face was full of disdain.

2. Food Contest

After collecting the day, Lao Lin carefully looked at the registration form left by the old gentleman. It turned out that the game that the old gentleman said was the first “flavored cup gourmet competition” that was recently raging in the city. Lao Lin also heard before that most of the professional chefs who signed up for this competition were the restaurant chefs. He never thought that the game would be with his own stall chef.

After getting the registration form, Lao Lin began to care about this game. On this day, he saw the news of the food competition being played on the TV. The news said that this competition invited a number of famous judges to serve as judges. The most important one is the famous chef Mr. Zhang Ruoxu, who will serve as a judge in the final stage. .

The old Mr. Zhang Ruoxu is a local. He has been an apprentice in the restaurant since he was a child. He started from the lowest level of washing vegetables and completed the fruit step by step. He became a world-famous chef 30 years ago. However, after attending a local cooking competition, he was suddenly at the peak of his career and left the city. There are many reasons for his departure, but no one has ever given a convincing answer. The only thing everyone knows is that Mr. Zhang Lao has been a barrier to the city since then. Apart from returning to his hometown several times, he has never returned to his hometown. Several of the restaurants he opened are also in the field. It is extremely rare that he can come back this time.

At this time, Mr. Zhang’s shot appeared on the TV screen. Lao Lin jumped up at first sight: Isn’t this the old gentleman who signed up for himself? I only listened to Mr. Zhang Lao’s reporter who interviewed him. He has no children. This time, he came back and wanted to take a chance to compete in the hometown. He received an apprentice in his hometown and later inherited his family business… Seeing this, Laolin was excited. Of course, he didn’t think he could win the game. He was excited that a famous chef like Zhang Ruoxu could order a potato wire on his own gear and encourage himself to participate! Originally, Lao Lin was still hesitating to sign up. In this case, he had to participate in the competition in the favor of Mr. Zhang Lao’s knowledge.

The food competition quickly opened. The first stage was the preliminary round. The players were divided into several groups of 20 people each. Three freshmen’s dishes were prepared on the spot. After the judges scored, the top two scores were awarded.

Don’t look at Lao Lin’s cooking for many years, but after all, it is a big stall that doesn’t flow into the stream. On the day of the competition, he really saw the masters. Some players play with a knife. A one-foot-long cucumber is hard to cut into two hundred pieces, and each piece is connected continuously; a fist-sized tofu is carved into a jade rabbit in a blink of an eye. Some players are fighting for ingredients, and there is a player in the same group as Laolin. In a high-end western restaurant, he must use boletus and bamboo stalks for freshening, and must use the same fish sauce and foie gras. The steak of the main dish must have arrived in New Zealand by air… As a result, the game has not finished yet, and the host has sent a famous name “food stuff”.

The master is like a cloud, and Lao Lin looks at it. When it is his turn, the original “excellent ambition” has already been blown to the Java country. What kind of food is good? Lao Lin thought for a long time, and felt that the dishes he usually made were not on the table. He wanted to give up.

At this time, the judges are taking turns to walk through the booths of each contestant. At the table of Wu Shuming, the judges stayed for the longest time. Although Lao Lin couldn’t see what he had done, he could hear the praises of the judges. Suddenly, a judge said: “I heard that the first meal after Mr. Zhang Ruoxu’s return to his hometown was received by General Chef Wu?” Wu Shuming’s face changed and he did not answer. Another judge who knew the inside story laughed: The first meal after Mr. Zhang’s return, but full of legendary color! I heard that he ran to the streets of our city, did not say anything on the food stalls, and found a place there. Potential player, this player… should you come to the competition today?”

The old Lin, who was about to clean up the pots and pans, was going to hear this, and his face immediately rose red. At this time, an eye-catching judge saw the sign on his desk, “Lao Lin’s stalls,” loudly: “Look, not Where?” In a blink of an eye, a large group of judges came to the old forest table. A white-haired judge judged Lao Lin: “This player, what is your entry?”

Lao Lin blushes and stammers for a long time. Finally, he has to report his own “singularity” – that is, three dishes: stir-fried potatoes, spicy fried large intestines, and fried herring. When he had just finished speaking, there was a laugh on the field. Several judges were a little bit stunned. The white-haired judge smiled and said, “Well, the true color is good.”

After the judges left, Lao Lin quickly completed three dishes. He left the game without waiting for the judges to give points. He knew that he had no chance to play this game. On the way home, Lao Lin thought: Today, I saw the real master, even if I can’t advance, it is not a bad trip.

3. Advance to the semi-finals

After a few days of competition, the top 30 of the game was born. Out of the expectation of Lao Lin, he actually entered the quarter-finals, although ranked 30th among all the players, just enough to enter the final one of the rematch!

From now on, every game of the food competition will be televised. The competition system has also changed. Thirty players were divided into ten groups by three groups. The scores of the various judges were combined, and the top two of each group advanced to the top 20.

The rematch is scheduled to be held on Sunday. After the players entered the stadium, Lao Lin looked at it and immediately took a sigh of relief: the other two players in this group, one is the “food stuff” seen in the preliminary game, and the other is actually famous. Wu Shuming.

After the start of the game, the host introduced the rules of the game: this game is ready for a variety of ingredients, including ginseng, wings, abalone, shellfish and other mountain treasures, as well as ordinary pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks and geese, as well as some vegetables and fruits and other side dishes. . According to the results of the preliminary competition, the players select the ingredients they need. Wu Shuming is the best in the rematch and can be the first to pick. Lao Lin had thought that he would pick the most expensive ingredients. I did not expect that Wu Shuming only took ordinary pork. When it was the turn of the “food stuff”, there were still a lot of materials left, and the food brothers also happily picked what they wanted. s things. All the players have finished picking up, and finally it is the turn of the old Lin. He went to the table where the ingredients were stacked, and he immediately “squeaked” and screamed: Finished! I saw the table empty, the only thing left was a few long strips of eggplant, not even a bit of it. Lao Lin took the eggplant dejected and returned to the stove.

After selecting the ingredients, the competition officially began. Lao Lin did not know how to start, but simply watched the crafts of others. I saw that Wu Shuming was doing scrambled meat. This dish seems to be commonplace. In fact, it is the most basic test of the players, especially the grasp of the fire. To cook this dish, it depends on whether the chef can “grab” the pieces of meat in the best seconds of the heat. After “slipping”, they will “slip” them into the dishes in the most critical seconds. In this way, the meat pieces that are made can be crispy, smooth and not greasy. When the fire is over or the fire is not available, the meat is either old or raw, and the expert can taste it. As the saying goes, “There is no diamond, and I dare not take porcelain.” In the game, some senior chefs avoided choosing this dish, in case they were nervous for a while, and missed the fire, Wu Shuming took the initiative to choose this dish. The heart can be imagined.

Lao Lin looked at the “food stuff”. He made an innovative dish, selected high-grade food grouper and grassland lamb, and stuffed the lamb into the fish belly before baking. Obviously, it is the meaning of a “fresh” word. .

Looking at the performance of the two players in the same group, Lao Lin is completely easy to play, and compete with these masters, how can he still have a chance? He came to the pot and cut the eggplant three or two times. He hesitated when he went to the pot. He wanted to make a traditional flavored eggplant, but I thought that it was probably the last time I stood on this field. It was a bit unwilling to make a dish without any new ideas. Suddenly, he took the opportunity to think of the “fried green fish” in the “three dishes”. Why didn’t he make vegetarian dishes and improve a “fried eggplant”? Thinking of this, Lao Lin suddenly got excited. He applied a knife to the eggplant into a long shape of blue fish. Then he combined the practice of fish-flavored eggplant and fried herring. Soon, a plate of fried eggplant was on the table.

At the end of the game, the judges scored, Wu Shuming’s hand grabbed meat 9.9 points, Lao Lin’s fried eggplant 8.5 points, and the food brother’s “fish and sheep for fresh” turned out to be only 4.5 points.

Lao Lin is dumbfounded, and he has eliminated the food brother? People’s dishes are doing well, where are you stronger than others? After listening to the analysis of the judges, Lao Lin suddenly realized that the “fish and sheep are fresh” dish, because the characteristics of the fish and lamb are very different, the same baking time, fish and coke, and the two, plus the two The taste is too different, the mouth is chewed, and the taste is difficult to blend together. It is a big failure. Instead, Laolin’s “fried eggplant” is just right, with both creativity and taste. At the end of the evaluation, a judge said to Lao Lin: “In fact, we noticed you when we were in the preliminary round. I heard that there is a fried herring in the food stalls. Today you can make such innovations and turn the disadvantages into advantages. It’s really rare!” Lao Lin’s heart was beautiful, and he also had his own uniqueness!

After the score came out, the host announced the results of the rematch on the spot. What happened to Lao Lin’s dreams did not happen. His food stall chef actually entered the finals!

4. The battle of uniqueness

In this way, Lao Lin’s reputation can be counted as a fight. For a time, his food stalls were popular, and almost every table would be ordered with a “fried eggplant” to open the old Lin Le. However, there is one more thing that he has been worried about: the people’s competition organizing committee told him that the next final will be carried out in two stages. The first stage requires players to compete in each other’s strengths. . What is his “living” in his old forest, can he get the scene of this competition to show it?

The final day finally arrived, and the game was full of seats. One local chef was on the field with the apprentice and assistant. Only Lao Lin, playing with a small bag – all the ingredients in this game are provided by the organizer, I do not need to prepare.

In the first stage, the competition was great. Lao Lin’s opponent was the only white-case chef in the finals, specializing in pasta. His unique skill is to pull the noodles to the extreme, and five embroidered pinholes can pass through five noodles. See the roots of the noodles pass through the pinholes, not to mention the audience below, even the old forest is watching. When it was Laolin’s turn, I saw him take a piece of black cloth from the small bag and said to the host: “I don’t have any skills to do it. I’ve been cooking for the past few years, and my tongue has been trained. I’m blindfolding now, you’re on the scene. There is a dish, just let me have a taste, the main ingredient is 啥, the ingredients are 啥, I can split it.”

When he said this sentence, the audience under the “boom” laughed, this is called the ability? Even the three-year-old doll knows that the pepper is spicy, the pepper is peppery, the sugar is sweet, the apricot is sour, is it still useful for him to taste? However, several judges in front of the stage considered it more professionally. A foodie wearing glasses kindly reminded Lao Lin: “The same is acid, apricot sour and citric acid are mixed together, one tastes heavier, one tastes lighter, you can guarantee 100% Try it out? Think about it, change it.”

“No!” Lao Lin walked to the center of the stadium a few steps. “If you don’t believe it, then ask the ramen master to give me a question. Let’s compare it on the spot!”

Seeing that Lao Lin was so confident, the curiosity of the ramen master was also up. Soon, he made a tofu soup. In order to confuse the taste of Lao Lin, he threw some miscellaneous ingredients into the soup, like onion ginger, minced garlic, and even radish dumplings. The ramen master just had to give Tang Duan to Lao Lin. At this time, a finalist from the other group suddenly raised his hand and said: “The host, since it is a game, it should be more difficult. Can I add one more thing to the soup? ”

Lao Lin heard it, this is the voice of Wu Shuming. He suddenly got nervous, what did Wu Shuming want to add to the soup? After the moderator and the judges discussed, they agreed with Wu Shuming’s proposal. Soon, the tofu soup was brought to the front of Lao Lin. He tasted a bit, distinguished the different tastes, and slowly said: “Well, this dish is tofu soup, in addition to the main tofu, mushrooms, seasoning with broth, pepper, onion ginger, minced garlic, and still There are radish dumplings…”

The audience saw Lao Lin’s radish dumplings, which were even sprinkled into the soup, and they also tasted a round of applause. When Lao Lin heard the applause, he suddenly let out a sigh of relief. It seems that Wu Shuming added the soup to the soup. He was just about to announce the taste, and suddenly felt a strange scent on the tip of his tongue. Lao Lin quickly took another spoonful of soup and carefully touched it. This fragrance is something he has never tasted before, like fennel, but no fennel, like mint, and milder than mint. What is this? Lao Lin stammered and said: “Yes, there is still something in the soup. Although I don’t know what it is, I can describe its taste.”

After listening to the description of Lao Lin, a judge laughed and said, “What do you say in the end, is Basil?” Lao Lin took off his blindfold and asked sillyly, “Hey, Luo Yeye?”

The judge picked up a spoonful of soup and pointed to a few green leaves in the soup. He said, “This is basil. It is a kind of spice commonly used in Western food. The effect is similar to that of fennel. You have never touched Western food. No wonder. do not know.”

When the scores were judged, the judges disagreed. One judge said: “Although Lao Lin tasted the taste of all the spices, he did not even know Basil. Is it not a defect for the chef?” At a time when it is difficult to decide, Suddenly, there was a commotion in the audience. Lao Lin looked back and saw that Mr. Zhang Ruoxu appeared.

Mr. Zhang went to the judges’ seat and picked up the microphone and said, “I should have been the judge of the next stage, but the game is really wonderful. I can’t help but say a few words. Lao Lin doesn’t know Basil, it is a kind of Limitations, but he can take out a kind of spice that he has never seen before, and also describe the taste so well. Isn’t that the chef’s most precious talent?”

After Mr. Zhang Lao finished, there was a round of applause from the audience. It turned out that the ramen master’s unique skills, a lot of viewers have seen it on TV, but Lao Lin’s unique work is particularly fresh. In addition, some viewers don’t know Basil. When they look at it, they have a special resonance. It is a bit of a look at the “Da Ren Xiu” meaning – among the old people, the food stalls, and the fierce people!

Finally, Mr. Zhang’s opinion occupied the mainstream in the judges, and Lao Lin was promoted again.

The last ten winners – except Lao Lin, the other famous chefs – came to the stove again and the final sprint began. The host read out the requirements of the last game: each player uses the same ingredients provided by the organizer, freely mix and make a dish of his own best, judged by Mr. Zhang Ruoxu, and decided to fight in the first battle.

Before the official competition, the players had a ten-minute break. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lao Lin went to Wu Shuming and said with sincerity: “Is the basil in the soup just the last addition? I am really eye-opening this time. I can’t believe it, I will go to the final stage.”

Wu Shuming glanced at Lao Lin with a cold look and said, “I can’t believe that I will go to the finals with your food stall chef.”

Lao Lin was full of goodwill and was stunned by this sentence. I didn’t know what to say at the moment. Wu Shuming then whispered: “Do you think that you have come to today? In the preliminary round, if Zhang Ruoxu specifically recommended you to the judges, you can enter the semi-finals with your three stalls. In the rematch, the ingredients are lost, you mistakenly I accidentally made a fried eggplant, and I was lucky enough to advance. As for just now, Basil is the one I added. I just want everyone to take a look. You only know some of the most crude food materials in this stall, if it’s not Zhang Ruoxu’s strength. I am quite you, do you think you can go this way? I don’t know what is the relationship between you. I think most of them are old and old, and my mind is confused. Although he has the right to decide in the last game, if he The reason for the judgement is not over, the TV viewers in the city will not agree, and your good fortune can only stop here.”

After Wu Shuming finished, the rest time will arrive. Lao Lin’s eyes are not looking back at Wu Shuming’s head. The original good feelings are gone, and there is only one question left in my heart: I am really lucky because Zhang Ruoxu is old and confused. Going to the final?

5. See also potatoes

At this point, the two staff members pushed a car with a canvas and went to the stadium. Is the last battle of the food in the car? What will it be inside, scallops, sea cucumbers, bird’s nest? Look at the decoration of this car is so gorgeous, it is difficult to be inside the hump bear paw? The players were eager to try and stared at the car with wide eyes. Lao Lin was still immersed in the dialogue just now, and he could not afford to lose his spirit.

The canvas was unveiled, and the audience and the players saw the ingredients provided by the organizers, and they could not make a “snap” sound. It turned out that the car was neatly filled with potatoes!

Then the host went to the arena and explained: The organizer of the contest has already prepared valuable ingredients for the players. Who knows, just before the start of the competition, Mr. Zhang Ruoxu asked the organizers to provide the ingredients they brought personally. : A pack of potatoes, otherwise he will not be the judge of this game. In desperation, the organizer had to act according to Mr. Zhang’s request, and the scene that everyone had just seen happened.

The voice of the host just fell, and Mr. Zhang Ruoxu stood up from his seat and said in a word: “You, the main ingredient of this dish, use the potatoes I brought, other ingredients, you just use it, I have no restrictions.”

The fist-sized potatoes were sent to the player’s desk. After a brief thought, everyone started to get busy. There was only one exception, and that was Lao Lin. He was desperately preparing for the preparations, and he intended to make a dish of fried potatoes, but when he was shredding the potatoes, he suddenly stopped. He put down the kitchen knife, picked up a sliced ​​potato silk and smothered it on his nose. Then, he tried to put a piece of potato into his mouth. The greedy look seemed to chew what the sea was.

The players next to them are ready to go, and Lao Lin wakes up at this moment. He quickly cleans up the remaining potatoes and then throws them into a large pot full of water and fires. “Golly” was stewed. When the other players have handed in the rolls, the potatoes on his side are just cooked.

Is this old forest to abstain? The audience in the audience talked a lot. When the judges met, they did not consider Laolin’s “dishes” during the tasting, and only scored other players. In the end, Wu Shuming’s “Five Rats Spring” scored the highest.

The five rats are springing up, carving five potatoes into a mouse with a knife, then applying the prepared honey, hot sauce, blueberry sauce, bitter gourd sauce and salt water to them, and then baking them in the oven. After that, the five rats were divided into yellow, red, blue, green and white, which were sweet, spicy, sour, bitter and salty. Then, use the broth and spinach juice to thicken the glutinous rice, draw a spring scene of the grass, green trees, and vines on the tray. Finally, put the five rats in it, it is spring and full of life.

When Wu Shuming was ready to accept the medals, Mr. Zhang Ruoxu, who had been making a speech without a word, suddenly spoke up: “There is still one player who has not scored. Lao Lin, what do you think of this dish?”

The audience laughed with a bang, what is Lao Lin doing, and the four cooked potatoes are placed in the dish. Isn’t that a joke?

Lao Lin’s eyes swept across the audience and he said, “I also know that everyone is laughing, but let me say a few words.”

“To tell the truth, I have been doing the dishes for a few years. I have to wait for the potatoes. I will only cook them together. Today, I could only cook this dish, but when I cut vegetables, I found this potato and I used to be different.”

“Not the same?” The host showed an exaggerated expression. He walked over to the table, picked up a potato, looked left and right, turned and asked, “Is it different? I can’t see it.”

“It’s really different.” Lao Lin looked a little anxious. “Really, these potatoes have potato flavors!”

“Oh…” The audience laughed again, the potatoes had no potato flavor, what made it?

Lao Lin was not affected by laughter, and then said: “When I was young, my family was poor. I grew up eating potatoes. This thing, when I was a child, my mother cooked it for me every day. It tastes like me for a lifetime. But later, this thing The taste is getting lighter and thinner, not only potatoes, but also leeks. The materials we usually use for ordering dishes are all wholesaled from the market. For those things, I have to taste them every time I buy them. , cabbage, radish, potatoes… I tasted a batch and a batch, and I never tasted the taste of childhood. I asked people why this is because they said that the dishes are now from the seeds to the picking table. They are all inseparable from chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and ripening agents, so they are slowly boring. But when these things enter the kitchen, we start to desperately feed them inside, and the ingredients, MSG, let it be called a joy. I will I have been pondering, the taste of the food has faded, and then let these things go in, in the end, let the customers eat? So, I usually do the cooking and do not go too far.”

“The potatoes that Zhang Lao gave today, I didn’t feel embarrassed at first, but I cut it and I smelled it. It was the kind of taste I had eaten since I was a child. I haven’t tasted it for 20 years. Take a bite, I will remember when I was young, think of my mother. Such a good potato, it does not have to put on the seasoning, white water boiled to eat the most fragrant, since childhood has been incense until now!”

After the old Lin finished, the audience was silent. For a while, several judges took the stage and picked up the old boiled white boiled potatoes and tasted them. At first glance, this potato is really different. Everyone turned around and looked at Zhang Ruoxu. I saw him smile and said, “I will tell you a story.”

“I have been cooking in the primary school, I am under 30 years old. I have taken dozens of champions. I also feel that I am very great. Later, we held a cooking competition here. I entered the competition. The final opponent is a chef in a factory canteen. At that time, I thought, is there any other person in this championship? The designation is awkward. The title of the game is potato dishes. The five rats of Wu’s chef are in the spring, but this time I was specially created for the competition.

“The chef did the fried potato chips. When the judges judged, the judges didn’t even taste the dishes. They were all attracted by the five rats. After the award, I was still self-righteous. Going over and trying to comfort the opponent, but after taking a bite of his fried potato chips, I was stunned on the spot.

“That is the real taste, oil, salt, chopped green onion, potatoes, the usual four things, but through his hands, the taste of the dishes came out! He told me that there is no high-end goods in the factory canteen, It is potato cabbage in the end of the year, so when he is cooking, he is very dedicated, and he is single-minded, that is, every dish can be ‘tasteful’.

“I know that I actually lost. The five rats are saying that it is a flower shelf. Compared with this fried potato chips, it is nothing. I have even felt that I have been learning for a few decades. Let every dish be truly ‘tasteful’, this is the core of our chefs, but what have I been learning these years? These days, you chefs cook, do not use soup Fresh material, is this different from the heavy oil and heavy materials in the food stalls? In the past, I wanted to run over and tell the judges, let them taste the dish and re-evaluate it once, but vanity stopped me. In the end, I didn’t go out of that step. Since then, I have always had a voice in my heart saying: You lost, you actually don’t understand anything, and you don’t deserve that champion.

“Although no one knows about this, I still feel that I have no face to continue living here, so I left. For more than 30 years, I have never forgotten the day. I am coming back this time, I want to tell the game. Everyone, it has been bothering me for too long, only to say it will be reassuring. In addition, I also want to find someone who really knows ‘tastefulness’, accept him as my close disciple, and think about my years. I told him one by one, I didn’t expect it, I really found it today.”

Having said that, Zhang Ruoxu walked to Lao Lin and patted him on the shoulder and said, “You are right. These potatoes were grown in the country by myself. They did not use pesticides or fertilizer. It was probably more than 30 years. The taste of the former? The first sight of other potatoes to see these potatoes is to shape, to season, only Lao Lin alone, noticed the taste of the potatoes themselves…”

After listening to Zhang Ruoxu, everyone has fallen into meditation. After half an hour, the results of the game will be revealed. At this time, the host suddenly hurried on the scene and said to the audience and the judges: “Just Lin told me that after listening to Mr. Zhang Ruoxu’s words, he felt that he had to learn a lot. He decided to withdraw from the game, and Zhang Lao. Mr. went to his planting base to see, in the future, he must make more dishes for the people to eat with confidence and taste. Now, he and Mr. Zhang have left the game…”

The judges couldn’t help but face each other. I don’t know what to do. Silence for a long time in the audience, suddenly, a burst of applause broke out, echoed on the field, and prolonged…