Asymptotic iceberg

  There is a German professor who is invited to China every year to study groundwater problems everywhere. Last month, before he went to China again, he told me that he would not want to go again next year. I asked him why, he said, China’s water table has been very low and low, and in many years there are no groundwater in many areas. And every time I go to study and study, I have to spend a lot of money in China, and the proposed plan is not adopted, and it can’t solve the problem. It is too embarrassing.

  The professor gave me a bunch of numbers: If the resources that nature can provide to humans every year, such as energy, wood, drinking water, food, and naturally digestible garbage, set a fixed number, on December 19, 1987, humans The resources that are naturally provided to humans for one year are consumed in advance. For the remaining 12 days, human beings are overdrafting natural resources. By 1995, this day was advanced to November 21. In 2009, this day was advanced to September 24.

  This is the data published by the World Ecological Observatory. It shows that our humanity’s overdraft of nature has grown.

  The professor said that whenever he told the data to others, people would be shocked and say “God!”. Turned around, they have either forgotten, or thought that such a problem can only be solved by God. Therefore, people in the world continue to continue their lives in a consistent manner.

  It’s like the crowd on the Titanic who was drunk and night, and they didn’t know that the floating iceberg was approaching. They really thought that they had a huge ship that never sank. Therefore, the brightly lit sea palace slammed into the huge iceberg in the sound of string music…

  God! I can only scream like this and continue my life. Because I really don’t know what I can do?

  Is this the final tragedy of mankind?