A word makes people feel cold

  Having obtained a prestigious university, everyone congratulated you on saying, “What a unsightly.”

” Send his brother to school, the teacher smiled and said to his brother: “Your mother is so young ah!”

The boss asked you to go to the office and said, “You have a very strong business ability, but we can’t accommodate the great bodhisattva in this little temple …” Waiting with great interest to watch the World Cup, your wife picked up the remote control and said, “Great, the Korean drama is the end of the day.”

” The girl of Hearts finally asked you out to meet, she said with shame, “Can you help me make an appointment for the little king of your unit to come out for dinner?”

” Bought a beautiful pet rabbit to the girlfriend, the next day called to inquire, she said: “The taste is good.”

” With joy to the one months of salary to the wife, the wife counted, asked: “Why is this so little?”

” Got a call from Buddy, said come to the Riverside Hotel, just waiting for you. You hurriedly taxi past, Buddy see You, tears Ripples: “You finally came, we forgot to bring money, this meal you first help knot it.”

” Wife business trip, about Buddy at home party, drinking and playing mahjong, is mood, the phone rang, over there said: “Husband, I finished the matter, today came back early, you happy not happy ah?”

” Before the National Day holiday, the head teacher said to the students: “The first day after the holiday, the school organized the mapping test.”

(Referrer: Wang Yongsheng)

The knowledge of eating fish

Fish eye to the leader: Call look up a glance;

Fish mouth to friends: called Lip-synching;

Fish tail to subordinates: call the entrusted task;

Fins to future generations: called Soar;

Fish belly to new knowledge: called Heart-to-heart;

Fish back to the frustrated: called there is a houfu;

Fish eat at will: called more than year.

(Referrer: Zhao Ping)

Thunder Quotes

Your complicated five senses can’t hide your simple IQ.

Female chase man, diaphragm yarn; male chasing girl, diaphragm mother.

Because of your “sorry”, I decided to “never mind” with you!

I’m actually in pretty good shape, fat and not greasy.

Don’t yell around the world abandoned you, the world originally did not belong to you.

In order to cultivate the gas field, I often eat garlic, onions and turnips, and now I go up and down are full of air field.

In this world, look at me two people can become my friend, accompany me two people can become my best friend, than I two people can simply become a life and death.

Mo to the Sun sweet, do not want to bask in happiness, because common sense tells us that the sun is easy to lose moisture, and refrigeration is the best way to keep fresh. Are you tired? Tired is right, comfort is reserved for the dead.

(Referrer: History is smooth)

Network Three Kingdoms

Taoyuan three knot

Liu Bei: I got a new chat group called Taoyuan, do you two join?

Zhang Fei, guan Yu: ok, we listen to our brother.


Liu Bei: I’ve seen Mr. Wolong under.

Zhuge Liang hurried up from the bed, surprised: who leaked my net name out?

Blackjack overcame

Guan Yu finally in QQ with Liu Bei connected to the head: brother, today I add you as a friend, how did you send five verification, but also set up six passwords, I took great effort Ah!

Liu Bei: I didn’t do it. It must have been the virus.

Grass boat Borrowing Arrows Sun Quan opened a new “Grass Boat Blog”, very cold, Zhou Yu hurriedly asked Zhuge Liang to help.

Zhuge Liang found a few non-mainstream photos posted up, a few days later …

Zhou Yu: sir, all the arrows on the internet are scolding the Lord, and the Lord is drowning with saliva.

Zhuge Liang: Don’t you see the click-through rate?

Serial meter

The crowd asked Wangyun: Dong Zhuo and LV bu originally very compatible, you use what means to let them conflict? Wangyun: I sent them a mink Cicada 1.0, she and Dong, Lu Jun can be compatible, but will cause the version of conflict between them, hey, because I put some insect-like virus in it.