A P writes a web text

  These two days ah P very depressed, why? Originally this time, ah P family behind the construction of a new property, dark after the site is still very lively, cement truck, excavator, mixer, a louder than a voice.

Ah P put the doors and windows shut down, and found two groups of cotton stuffed in the ears, the results are still useless, every day to insomnia big in the middle of the night. This day, Ah P can no longer bear, he specially asked for leave, go to the Construction and construction panel to say. Just to the construction panel downstairs, ah P at a glance saw the neighbor Zhao Big, is about to say hello, Zhao first opened: “Ah P, you are for the night work noise thing to come, right?” Don’t go, I’ve just been there. It’s not going to be.

” Ah P do not believe: I ah P personally out, how can not be done? Zhao, he was eager to lead the AH P upstairs. Walk to the second floor of the Construction board office door, Zhao Big finger pointed to the door side of the wall posted on the announcement, said: “You see for yourself.”

” A P looked up and saw the sign read: “Honey, you’re here for the night site noise, aren’t you? Don’t be angry on the fire oh, we are checking the site night Construction certificate, soon can let you sleep a Bering, when you remember to praise Oh, kiss.

” Ah P know that this is the recent network on the fire of the “Taobao body.” In the past, Ah P opened an online shop, in order to and buyers close, but also such a mouthful of a “pro” to chat with each other, but, this network style how to use the announcement? Ah P see do not understand, Zhao told Ah P, now some departments in order to show pro-people, with this style to write notices. Ah P suddenly cry, he pushed open the door into the office, to the staff inside asked: “I am the owner of the Pearl of river bank, we have a construction site there, night construction nuisance, have you checked?”

” The staff replied slowly, “I said, man, isn’t there a sign all over the place?” It’ll take a while to find out, won’t it?

” Ah P angry: “You are fooling me, right? Did you guys go there and check it out?

” Staff see AH P red Neck, had to open the computer, retrieved after telling Ah P: “That site does not have night construction certificate, we have sent people issued a stoppage notice.”

” Ah P This just breathed a sigh of relief, thought, tonight can always have a good rest. Who knows at night more than 11 o’clock, ah P was awakened by the noise, he opened the curtains to see, saw the back of the site lights bright, not lively.

A P that annoyed Ah, he simply dressed up to leave home, straight to the site and go. Along the same, Ah P met more than 10 neighborhood residents, they are also noisy by the noise. A pedestrian came to the site, the site contractor happened to be there, ah P forward and repeatedly asked: “I went to the construction work during the day, they said you do not have a night work permit here, has sent you a stoppage notice, how do you continue to work?”

” The person in charge said, “stoppage notice?” I didn’t get it. “Suddenly, he thought of something, pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket, and asked,” Is that what you’re talking about? It did cover the official seal of the construction and construction, but I thought they were having fun.

” Ah P a look, saw that paper wrote: “Kiss, you do not have night construction certificate, can not be constructed oh.” To obtain a construction certificate, please bring a copy of your construction qualification certificate, the winning contract, and the construction manager’s ID card. Of course, but also to bring 1000 yuan Yo, so that the relatives can be assured of bold construction.

” A P pinched the piece of paper, his face green with anger. This is what is the suspension notice ah, is simply a disguised fee notice!

As long as people pay the money, the night construction must be even more unscrupulous. Ah P angrily back home, thought: You will write online style, I P can not write? Thinking of this, he simply did not sleep, picked up a pen to the community residents as a resident, to write a report to the construction and construction.

Early the next morning, a P held the report and stood in front of the neighborhood to collect signatures. Neighborhood residents see the report of the Ah P, will heart a smile, have signed a name. Looking at a piece of signature on the paper, Ah P is very satisfied, he took the report straight to the construction of the construction.

Sitting in the office or yesterday that staff member, see him, ah P will report handed over. The staff member took over the report, opened a look, saw above read: “Kiss, we are the residents of the Pearl of river bank, you issued a notice of the suspension of the site, but the evening is as usual construction, kiss, you will not expect us to call 110 in a row at night?” Or do you want us to send all this material to the TV station? By the, your very funny suspension notice, in fact, is a fee notice, take out but very persuasive yo pro.

After reading the staff, the face suddenly changed, he picked up the phone, dialed a number, panicked to the phone that head said: “Kiss, oh no, leader, something happened …” Looking at the staff tense look, ah P can’t help but “poof” smile …