A jar of jam

  A person is rich as long as he has the power to help others.

  I remember that one year, I lost my job. Before that, the factory where his father was located closed down. Our family lives on the income of their mothers who make clothes for others.

  One day, my sister came home from school and said with enthusiasm: “We will bring something to the school tomorrow, donate it to the poor, and help them through the storm.” Mom is about to rush out: “I don’t know there is more than us.” Poor people!” At that time, the grandmother was living with us. She quickly pulled her mother’s arm and frowned, indicating that she should not say so.

  “Iva,” said the grandmother. “If you let your child think of himself as a ‘poor person’ from an early age, she will be a ‘poor person’ for the rest of her life. She will always wait for help from others, how can such a person cheer up, how can she be On the ‘rich man’? Are we not having a can of homemade jam? Let her take it. A person who has the power to help others, he is rich.” Grandma did not know where to find a piece of soft paper and a section The pink ribbon wraps the last jar of jam in my house. The next day, my sister cheerfully and proudly took the gift to help the “poor”.

  To this day, the sisters of three hotels still remember the jar of jam. Whether in the company or in the community, when someone sees someone needing help, my sister always thinks that he should be a “send jam.”